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All you could say was Wow Wee! The high touted and anticipated sixth annual Buddha Kinser Memorial more than lived up to its name. “The most competitive & exciting indoor dirt race ANYWHEREPERIOD”  Since the inaugural BK event back in 2008, the Buddha Kinser Memorial Race has grown into a well respected and well known indoor speedway event and one that speedway competitors would love to capture.  It’s an “A” game only event and although all are welcome, the weary need not apply.  Just how tough?   Names like open wheel ace Michael Laughton, “Bad” Brad Berg, “Rocket” Ronnie Cox, Joe “the Ironman” Stackman, and Holiday Classic winner Ryan “The Hitman” Diatte just to name a few…in two words…DAMN TOUGH.

The anticipation buzz for this event was off the charts, and you could cut the competition in the air with a knife, it was just awesome.  That being said it would be real easy to get caught up in the hype, but organizer “Rocket” Ronnie Cox and Promoter Roger Freeborn of Freeborn Racing Promotions did an outstanding job making sure that all the competitors understood what the event was truly about..question was, did they hear it or did they HEAR it?..  Only time would tell.  A nice drivers meeting/opening ceremony in which those  who wanted to got a chance to tell a quick “Buddha” tale and pay tribute to their fallen comrade.

An awesome laughton with buddha editedundercard was in attendance as well with Kid Kart and Junior classes, Yamaha light & Yamaha heavy, AKRA clones, Super sport 200 light & heavy, and a UAS sportsman division.  As usual, doctor dirt Bob Leach had the race track in superb condition for the event, spending 7 full days before prepping and re-prepping the indoor dirt surface..the stage was set and it was GAME ON, starting with qualifying.

Qualifying was a far cry from Friday practice, with most of the teams using AM practice to fine tune their final set ups for qualifying.  First out was Lake Stevens, Washington’s Kevin White who put down a 12.261 to kick off BK6 qualifying.  In the prior 5 BK events, just MAKING the field is feat in itself and BK 6 would be no different with just .194 separating the pole from the fifth spot, .233 to seventh, and .645 to tenth. With the top three qualifiers separated my a miniscule .132 of second…yep, tough.

Madera, California’s Stephen Chase who also was BK5’s runner up, took the pole with a blistering 10.340.  Fellow Californian  “Bad” Brad “The Bergeyman”Berg was 2nd quick .065 off Chase with a 10.405.  Day two Holiday Classic Winner Ryan “The Hitman” Diattte was third quick just .067 behind Berg with a 10.472. Chris “The Italian Assassin” Passanante was fourth quick and another Californian, Michael Laughton rounded out the top five with 10.534 stop of the tickers. Inaugural BK1 winner Rene Angel was entered but did not attempt to qualify due to an healing broken collar bone that she sustained competing in a Ford Focus midget event several weeks earlier. 


Not sure about you, but you have just gotta love the heat races and consi’s… It’s put up or load up, and that consequence produces some the best ( or worst, depending..) racing on the planet.  It’s on the verge of animalistic trying to knock the gufelch-crop-cropy on the bubble out to get in…Personally?…I love it.  With only 14 spots open in the BK6 and 22 plus Unlimited All-Stars, with some putting up some big numbers miles and drive time wise,,,the heats and the consi’s were like lunchtime in grammar school…pushes, bumps, and cuts were happening everywhere trying to get in one of the 14 open spots.


Stansberry at speed

…but the surprises were everywhere as  Wayne Felch fans everywhere got a good scare when Felch broke while leading his heat race and had to use the last chance consi to make the BK6 field…I know right?…Who would ‘a thought.

Wanna hear another?…Eric Stansberry fans while cheering when Felch had to use the consi,  were quickly eating a bit of clutch, when Stansberry was relegated to the consi as well to get in…the Buddha, like quicken loans..never ceases to amaze.  For example tenth quick qualifier Curt Fosdick gets sent home on a late lap pass, but then you have Tim Lawrence from Boise, Idaho  (Lawrence Racing Engines) who’s power was a modified four stroke Animal engine tagged to start seventh in the feature…Seriously go figure, but that is truly the beauty of open motor racing; if your  mind can conceive it, it can achieve it…its all about the better mouse trap, and that is why this event is so amazing…besides being for Buddha of course.



With heat races and consi’s concluded it was time.  The most highly anticipated dirt of the winter had its stage set and gladiators set to do battle for twenty five laps on the fastest dirt indoor dirt track west of the Mississippi.  It was an awesome sight watching the crews pushing the machines to their front stretch starting spots, with the buzz of final air pressure, drivers gear adjustments and final race strategy discussions.  Drivers were introduced and the most famous words in motorsports given with the fourteen nasty beasts roaring to life. Let me just say there is nothing like the feeling you get when the command is given and the engines come to life and the way the butterflies hit your gut on the warm up and parade laps…it’s the best.


hitmanBad Brad Berg and Ryan Diatte paced the fourteen monster field off of turn four as Jeremy Means green flag turned all fourteen loose with the wave of his green Flag. It was the “Hitman” Ryan Diatte wasting no time instantly going to work taking the lead into turn one Berg falling into second on the inside, Stephen Chase in the middle and
“One Time” Shane Smith on the outside as they come off turn two three wide.  Smith somehow gets by Chase underneath and with a slick up and under by Michael Laughton he two gets by, dropping Chase to the fifth spot.  If you blinked you were passed that’s how quick passes were being made, absolute poetry.
Shane Smith tries to take second from Berg. Berg is having no part of it as the two go sideboard to sideboard through turns one and two and down the back stretch, Berg not going anywhere hanging tough on the outside until he goes around in the middle of three and four but somehow hangs on to it but still bringing out the first caution on lap five

…and it was probably a good thing as the “Hitman” Diatte was on his way to checking out with a five or six kart advantage and it was growing.  Diatte on the point, Berg sdiatte rolling2-cropsomehow gets his second spot back third is Smith, fourth is Laughton and Chase rounds out the top five.  Meanwhile, like a stealth defending two time champ Wayne Felch  was only two spots away from the top five in seventh.  On the restart Diatte goes immediately to work pulling a kart length on the field right out of the gate, Chase decides he no longer likes the view in fifth and goes under Laughton as they battle side by side…in turn four Chase spins bringing out caution number two on lap eight.

On the restart it is Diatte again with another killer restarts ( dude was ala Ron Hornaday on the restarts!) but this time Berg hangs in there. Felch and Laughton have a battle for fourth, Laughton goes around on lap twelve for caution number three…Lakewood, California’s Chris Gibb has mechanical issues and is done as well..two years in a row Gibb as been plagued with mechanical issues and has failed to finish..Tough break for the classy Californian.  Felch regroups and takes over fourth on lap fifteen and its off after Shane Smith in third who has  been working like a dog to get my Berg. The work pays off as Smith goes by Berg on lap eighteen…Berg stays third for two laps before something locks up and spins him in turn four.

pole sitter brad bergSo the stage is set on lap twenty…a five lap shoot out to the finish with Diatte leading, Smith in Second, defending champ Felch third, Laughton fourth and BK2 champ Rocket Ronnie Cox fifth.  On restart number one coming for green, Diatte gets loose off four and spins in front of the whole field…and with a huge break gets his spot back, at this point Diatte had lead every lap and basically was untouchable, he was absolute “Money” everywhere and put on a very impressive clinic.  On the second restart, Diatte goes ghost once again with Felch making a bold and sweet move to the inside of Shane Smith for second, the two get together and both are off into the turn two wall..both OUT spoiling any chance for defending champ Felch who looked like he  possibly might have a shot at a tri-fecta, but we will never know because Felch and “One Time” Shane Smith are done on lap 20.


shane smith 2

So its Diatte, Chris Passanante, the “Ironman” Joe Stackman, (the closer as he is otherwise known had come quietly from the thirteenth starting position) third, Cox fourth and Laughton recovering from his lap twelve spin fifth..Diatte once again off and rolling, off of turn four Diatte spins with no else around and is out…radiator spews on his right rear and the clinician is done…giving the lead to Passanante…Restart once again only this time its Passanante who is out running out of fuel giving the lead to the “Ironman” Joe Stackman, that is short lived however because during all the “hub bub” Laughton has gotten by Cox and  goes back Stackman on the outside of turn four with two to go….and goes on to take the checkers with Stackman second, Cox third, Mark Bryant fourth and Passanante was credited with fifth.  It was yet another free for all finish for the BK…stay tuned for BK7 I just know like Quicken loans…it will AMAZE.



As racers we all know that there is nothing in racing that is free…and if it is most of the time it is either wore out or no good…but K & K  Motorsports is a HOT, NEW, and Exciting racing driver development program suited for younger up and coming racers…No, its not free but if you are looking to invest in your racing future you seriously need to take a look at this program…it has all the bells and whistles that you need to be trained in as well as some answers to that 64 million dollar question we all have, how do I attract sponsors?

I have had the honor to be asked to be a field rep in finding prospective clients for the program…if your interested in more information, please contact Terry Bridges at or phone me at 503-851-3907.  Below is an outline of what K & Motorsports can offer you.  I encourage you to look this over, these are quality people that are offering a quality service. You owe this to yourself if you or your racer is wanting to “Take the next step”…So your great new journey starts with this one step!..Enjoy!…

Thank you for your interest in K & K Motorsports. The following outline provides an overview of our career consulting and driver development programs. K & K Motorsports is not a driver school or rent-to-ride program. Our goal is to provide racers an avenue to attract potential funding sources by assisting with Marketing, PR, Media, career guidance and Sponsorship management. We also provide driver development and field competitive race teams from USAC Ignite Midgets and Legends up through NASCAR sanctioned stock car racing series.

We understand all drivers are at different levels in their race programs. We offer several different types career consultation packages to accommodate the entry level drivers up to fielding our own race teams to develop professional racing careers. Our Career Consulting and Driver Development Programs are as follows: 

Taking the Wheel
Full Throttle
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Taking the Wheel-
This program is perfect for the younger driver, driver’s just getting started in racing, or driver’s racing on a local level seeking small sponsorship opportunities. The K & K Team assists the driver to effectively brand their unique personality in a professional manner to fans, media, and potential funding opportunities. K & K assists with marketing materials, web campaigns, driver promotions, and public relation strategies.

Package includes the following:

• Discounts for K & K off-season training classes and workshops
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• Discounts for K & K off-season training classes and workshops
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• Marketing package to distribute to potential funding opportunities
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Social media guidance
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• Courses on marketing, branding, and managing a racing career
• Fitness Program
• Career guidance

K & K All Stars
This program is specifically for K & K team drivers and driver’s racing competitively in other series outside of our stable seeking direct assistance with corporate sponsorship management. To become a K & K All Star, you must submit a resume and go through an interview process. K & K All Stars receive all the same benefits as our team drivers and are featured in all K & K marketing materials, website, social media, and work closely with the K & K sponsorship management team. K & K Race Teams and Development Drivers
Our philosophy at K & K Motorsports is to train our drivers to become competitive racers and provide an avenue to a professional racing career. We assist them to build a resume that impresses teams. However, upper tier teams typically won’t look at a drivers resume unless the driver is bringing money or sponsors. K & K assists each driver to develop marketing partners and B2B relationships within the professional racing arena to get them to the next level in their racing career. We are the “racer’s connection” for teams and sponsorship.

The K & K race team develops drivers primarily in Legends, USAC Open Wheel, AND Modifieds & Late Model types of race cars and series, most successful drivers entering professional careers come from these particular areas.

K & K Motorsports – 2014 Racing Series (subject to change):
NASCAR K & N Pro-Series East (some West); alliance with Biagi-DenBeste Racing
Lucas Oil Series – Modifieds
NASCAR All American Series – NorCal Whelen Modifieds
USAC Ignite Midget Series – East Coast
Legends – Lucas Oil and Southern and Northern California

K & K works with the All Stars and team drivers to generate sponsorship. We have team sponsors assisting to offset our typical racing costs. Some sponsors provide in-kind product and some provide cash, or both. These funds are allocated to each driver’s programs accordingly.

All Star and Team Driver’s – Career Planning:
Each driver comes into our development program at a different stage in their racing career. We work with the All Star and team drivers to establish three and five year career plans. The K & K team monitors progress to ensure the driver is getting the training needed in all areas to succeed. All areas including, but not limited to: driving ability, speaking skills, interaction with sponsors, social media skills, people skills, and marketability.

Attracting Sponsors:
The ability to attract sponsors is imperative to a successful racing career. At K & K, our All Stars and team drivers develop a brand around their own personality. Each driver has something unique about them and we work to capitalize that uniqueness into a trait that appeals to sponsors. Corporate sponsors look for a story and a personality that fits their goals and company image.

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Seminars, Workshops and Cup Team Tours:
The K & K Team hosts seminars, workshops and Cup Team tours. We also provide marketing, sponsorship, and chassis tuning classes. The seminars and workshops are held in the off-season in January and February. Workshops focus on the following areas:

Driver Development/Sponsorship
• Proven strategies to land sponsors
• Connecting a sponsor with the right driver
• Transitioning from amateur to professional athlete
• Fitness training
• Driver interviews, speaking skills and public relations
• Working with a spotter
• Fan interaction and networking with sponsors
• Networking with key career contacts

Motorsports Marketing – Value to a Sponsor:
• Channels for business-to-business (B2B) networking
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• Demonstrated ways to expand distribution
• Powerful brand building concepts
• Proven ways to engage company employees, customers, vendors & prospects

Racing Connections:
Bill Lyons (William Lyons Associates) and K & K Motorsports have formed a business alliance. Bill works with NASCAR and most of the major Professional race teams and has managed professional athletes for over thirty years. Bill also managed the Yellow Transportation award winning NASCAR sponsorship for over eleven years. Bill has the ability to make connections and manage corporate relationships with prospective teams, NASCAR officials, co-sponsors, the media, and much more. Bill monitors all of the All Star and team drivers. Bill provides guidance as our drivers make the transition from amateur to professional athlete. Bill will introduce a driver to a professional team when he feels the driver is the “real deal” and ready to make the next step in his/her career.

All Stars and Team Drivers – Media, Driver Marketing and PR Management:
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Next Steps to become an All Star or Team Driver:
• Submit Driver Resume to Kim Walmer:
• Schedule conference call with Kim to discuss driver’s career path and goals
• Discuss options and determine if K & K Motorsports is a good fit for the driver and K & K race team, if it appears to be a good fit…
• Discuss series to race over next to three to five years, create marketing and PR plan, establish goals and milestones.

2013 IKF 4 Cycle Sprint Grand Nationals ”Elite” battle for “Duffy” Supremacy!

Grand National Header1 

NW Race Report-  After a two stop Eastern Washington swing and a Northern California venture, the 2013 IKF 4 Cycle Grand Nationals returned back to the Pacific Northwest bringing it’s yearly elite event to McMinnville Raceway Park, home of the “Mac Track” in McMinnville, Or.  The Mac track is the home of the Portland Karting Association, which hosted the International Karting Federation’s most prestigious event in 2004, 2006, and 2008. At .7 tenths of a mile and nine turns, the ground thumping diggers were turning laps in the high 43’s low 44’s, with the some of the Juniors getting down into the low 43’s.

 wf mediumsponsored bybriggs and stratton




Briggs & Stratton Motorsports sponsored World Formula Medium & got things rolling on day one by putting up a 500.00 “winner take all” incentive.  That was incentive enough for nine time national champion Alan Cathey as he put his R & L karting Wild Kart on the pole putting down a 44.020 and taking the first of his two screaming eagles for the week.  Cathey’s brother in law Brett Lucas, made it a family affair joining him on the outside of row one. Cathey went bell to bell to take the pre-final, and sleeper Max Mulkey in the runner up spot. Tim Lawrence followed Mulkey across third. In the final it was once again Cathey taking the checkers and winning his tenth IKF Duffy and putting five hundred cool, crisp “hunskies” in his pocket to boot.  Boise, Idaho’s Terry Lawrence another ten time Duffy winner, followed Cathey across in the runner up spot, and Californian Tyler Agan third. Max Mulkey, and Brett Lucas rounded out the top five. 

2. Terry Lawrence 3. Tyler Agan 4. Max Mulkey 5. Brett Lucas 6. Pederson 7. Holmboe 8. Smalley 9. Worley


jr1 gas animialsponsored bykart orama  demars and jaime boxing stance3 GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPION:  ENRIQUE JAIME


Following World Formula Medium on day one was the start of what would be an epic battle between two up and coming young champions…Justin “The Bandit” DeMars and Enrique “Frio” Jaime.  War was declared when DeMars struck first by snagging the pole by .200 with a 45.543 to Jaime’s .743.  Austin Ray Chalman the hard charging countryman from Cheyenne, Wyoming was third quick, but a bit off the pace .932 behind the front row duo. In the pre-final it was DeMars out first on the drop of the green with Jaime, Chalman, Kunz, DeMars cousin Zach Franzke, and Cam Raymond in pursuit…give lap one to DeMars as Chalman and Kunz rage a battle back for third and fourth..Kunz gets by Chalman at the top of the hill on lap two and looks like he may have something for the leaders… On lap four, leader DeMars has his rear axle break in two sending him spinning off the front straight a way and into the Scribner barriers, handing the lead to Jaime…On lap five, Carson Kunz brings out the red flag when his brake rotor explodes under braking sending him head on into the back stretch Scribner barriers… Kunz walked away a little sore and his attention grabbed.  Jaime takes the checkers with the ‘Wyoming Whiz” Chalman second. Zach Franzke, Cam Raymond, and Kunz rounded the top five.

After taking full advantage of the long break, DeMars rolled out in time to make the grid for the final new axle and all.  Kunz would not return.  On the wave of the green it was DeMars rolling early picking up three spots in the first three quarters of a lap making sure that the Medford Missile Jaime did not get away.  On lap two DeMars gets Jaime at the end of the front chute and leads the next thirteen laps with Jaime working every angle possible trying to get by…at the end of the back chute with two to go Jaime digs deep and pulls a “Super Frio” quick and stick pass on DeMars on the exit of turn six and holds on to take the win with DeMars stunned, but right behind.  Give the Junior One UFC title bout round one to Jaime…Two rounds remain.  DeMars has trouble in tech with to long of a rocker arm and is DQ’d giving second to the “Wyoming Whiz” Austin Ray Chalman, Cam Raymond in his first ever grand national was third, and Zach Franzke also in his first ever grand national was fourth. Jaime’s 45.544 was quick lap.

2. Austin Ray Chalman 3. Cam Raymond 4. Zach Franzke DNS- Kunz DQ- DeMars (Rocker Arm) ** Enrique Jaime obtains IKF Expert Status**





sponsored byBRYAN GREEN CONSTRUCTION- Portland, OR




When it comes to four cycle racing, the name Bryan Green has become synonymous with passion, competition, and winning.

“I’m here because I like competition, I like to race people.  What I’m not, is here to just ride my kart around…that would be no fun for me, I Iove the challenge of trying to out think and be faster than the other guy…That’s why I’m here” —Bryan Green

Green backed up his statement by taking the pole from practice speedster Keith Foux by a mere .003 with his 46.227. Foux joined Green on the outside of the front row with his 46.230 and 7 time IKF national champion Roger Cathey stuck his R&L karting AMV ride on the inside of row two with  a 46.569.  Jeff Havens joined Cathey on the outside of row two and Richard James took the inside of row three, joined by Mike Schorn who was fighting gremlins and did not qualify.

In the pre-final it was Green on his Arrow Chassis handily took the checkers 1.247 seconds over runner up Schorn, who drove his CMC/Swiss Hutless all the way through the field from his sixth starting spot and put down a 45.996 quick lap, .231 quicker than Green’s Pole time…Cathey on an AMV chassis followed Schorn across in third, Foux had the handle of his ITAL chassis go away and he faded back following Cathey across

in fourth. Jeff Havens was fifth.  Come final time all money was on Green as the favorite, but after Schorn’s pre- final performance he was in the running and couldn’t be overlooked.  The real question mark was that of Foux who was blazing fast in practice, but fell off quite bit by the end of the pre-final…

It was Green controlling the majority of the final with Foux proving he could step it up as he stuck his Ital kart into second, Cathey third, and Mike Schorn fourth. Jeff Havens and Richard James were fifth and sixth. The moral to this story is you can run, but just

don’t win the class that your sponsoring, it will get you every time as Green has issues in tech giving up the win and the screaming eagle to Keith Foux and moving everybody up one spot.  Foux put down quick lap with a 45.855.

2. Roger Cathey 3. Mike Schorn 4. Jeff Havens 5. Richard James DQ- Green (Engine Tech)


 Jr 2 animalsponsored by  TRI-CITIES KART CLUB, Richland, WA




For some day one was all about getting rid of the pre national jitters and travel lag, while for others it was about getting right to work…and for Stafford Smith it was about going to work.  Right out of the gate, Smith rolled up his sleeves and got right putting his OTK/Lawrence Racing engines ride on the pole .538 of next best Canadian Kyle Adams on his Alpha Mondai/Interior Kart Center entry. Smith who regionally has been in a tight battle with arch rivals Tyler Besuyen and Jacob Gulick as well as IKF expert David Schorn who all were in attendance…First timer Adam Smalley put his Kosmic on the inside of row two a half second off second quick Adams.  Besuyen and his Dougherty Ford/Swiss Hutless joined Smalley on the outside of row two. Gulick and Schorn made up row three on a  pair of Gulick Trucking-CMC/Swiss Hutlesses and Dylan McKay and Smalley’s teammate Spencer Kunz made up row four.

The pre final it was ALL Stafford Smith as he demolished the field taking the checkers almost two seconds ahead of runner up Kyle Adams, and over six seconds ahead of the third place Tyler Besuyen.  Gulick was four seconds behind  Besuyen in fourth, and

Smalley rounded out the top five. Dylan McKay was sixth, David Schorn and Spencer Kunz were seventh and eighth.

The final was more of the same with Stafford Smith being the unit of measure as he continued  where he had left off in the pre final.  Smith set a blistering pace driving the rubber right off the tire for all 16 laps and taking the checkers 5.612 seconds ahead Canadian Kyle Adams.  Smalley and Gulick were both sent to detention for not passing tech which made the final order Schorn third, Dylan McKay who drove his best race of his young career fourth, Spencer Kunz fifth, and regional Junior 2 Gas Animal point leader Tyler Besuyen sixth.   Smith’s 44.307 was quick lap.

2. Kyle Adams 3. David Schorn 4. Dylan McKay 5. Spencer Kunz 6. Tyler Besuyen  DQ:  Adam Smalley (Choke Cover)  Jacob Gulick (engine)



wf superheavysponsored bykartcover1



In 2012 Scott Barlee won World Formula heavy and0 his first ever National Championship.  It was a win that was heart felt through pit area to anybody that knew Scott and his family…It was a win that came with a loss, a huge loss. The loss of his biggest fan…Mom.  A lot of wins come and go…even championships but this is one that will be there forever…and he was back at Mac on the attack, ready to duke to prove that 2012 was no fluke.  With just one race under his belt, a race just two weeks prior at Portland Karting Association’s annual regional stop, Barlee was all business and he wheeled his Ital-Kart to a screaming eagle with a 45.323.  Joining Barlee on the front row was Albany, Oregon’s Greg Normandin ( Crazy that his initials G.N. also stand for Grand National!) Normandin has had a solid 2013 and was fifth in last years

elite annual and he piloted his G.N.S./T-Plus Steel Fabricators entry .525 seconds behind Barlee with 45.848.  Another first timer, Mark Westcott who cut his teeth in karting by running a weekly rental kart series offered by the Pat’s Acres Racing Complex in Canby,Oregon stuffed his Birel/Westcott Motorsports into the inside row two starting spot and was joined by Idaho’s Glenn Young. CEO & Company president John Shearer of the class sponsor was fifth quick, Mark Reece Sixth, and Gregg Wick seventh.  Spencer DeGranpre was DQ’d as he forgot to eat breakfast and weighed in 1 pound shy of the minimum limit…This is SuperHeavy right?

In the pre final it was all Scott Barlee as he drove off and never looked back, finishing 3.392 seconds ahead of runner up Westcott who had gotten by Normandin early. Normandin was third and his 45.568 was quick lap of the race…Normandin had the question was could he beat Barlee’s experience?  Glenn Young and Spencer DeGranpre who picked up three spots from his eighth starting spot rounded out the top five….In the final it was once again Barlee in control and basically unchallenged as he

went flag to flag to capture his second straight “Duffy” and obtain expert status, Mark Westcott stepped up his game some in the final as he followed Barlee across second, 1.080 seconds ahead of third place Greg Normandin.  Spencer DeGranpre was fourth and Glenn Young fifth.


2. Mark Westcott 3. Greg Normandin 4. Spencer DeGranpre 5. Glenn Young 6. Mark Reece 7. John Shearer 8. Gregg Wick  Quick Lap: 5-Westcott 45.423


 DAY 2….FRIDAY JULY 19, 2013…..


brigss gas animalsponsored by scribner plastics



 Briggs gas animal kicked things off for day two…. Qualifying picked up right where the racing left off…It was close and with the top four separated by .208.  Tim Lawrence took the pole stopping the tickers at 45.291, just .131 seconds ahead off pole sitter Myles Pederson.  Pederson who has been literally leaving a path of destruction at just

about every track he has been this season, finally seemed to be back to form after being surprisingly quiet.  I’m sure most were surprised ( and honestly, probably happy) that Pederson had been as quiet as he was. The other surprise was that Alan Cathey qualified fifth quick .577 off of pole sitter Lawrence..Trust me Cathy very rarely is that far off…and I mean rarely.

Lawrence looks awesome and like the one to beat as he goes flag to flag with Lucas from his inside row two position .223 behind at the stripe. Pederson who started P2 fell to fourth where he stayed until he got by Agan on lap 8 for third, Justin Smalley would inherit fifth as both Alan Cathey and Keith Foux retired early. So it’s Lawrence, Lucas , Pederson, Agan and Smalley the top five. Foux would be credited with sixth and Cathey seventh.

On the start of the final, Lucas gets a great start getting by pole sitter Lawrence and leads the first four circuits…Lawrence wants a view from the front and takes a quick peak as he leads lap five.  Lucas quickly decides he likes the view better from the point and goes back by Lawrence for the point and stays there for then next four laps…meanwhile Agan does away with for third, and Cathey sends Pederson back one more

spot to fifth, then does away with third place Agan, second place Lawrence. Lawrence leaves a little to much daylight off of turn six on lap seven and Agan tries the bottom side under Lawrence and the two get together both sliding up and over the embankment in turn seven.  Lawrence has a man to man with Agan expressing his thoughts of the try and gets himself tossed the weekend.  All the while, Cathey has run down and gotten by leader Lucas and takes the point for laps ten and eleven…Lucas retakes the point on lap twelve where stays to win his second national championship with the “If it’s junk, I’ll WILL IT where I want it” Alan Cathey following his brother in law under the checkers second. Pederson salvages third, Keith Foux fourth, Smalley fifth, and Agan sixth.

2. Alan Cathey 3. Myles Pederson 4. Keith Foux 5. Justin Smalley 6. Tyler Agan DQ’d:  Lawrence ( Unsporting conduct)  Quick Lap: Alan Cathey 45.236  55.708mph


wf hevy sponsored by CMC



World Formula heavy was yet another class not only splitting hair close, but loaded with talent…Anytime you have not one, but two ten time national champions competing in a class well, let’s just say it don’t get much tougher than that.  The smooth and quietly quick Alan Cathey picked up another screaming eagle when the stopped the watches with a 44.348.  One of the toughest and fastest guys that you probably have never heard of ( but you will guaranteed) Max Mulkey took the outside of the front row .100 off Cathey with a 44.448…Terry Lawrence, the former Sodi factory driver took the inside row two spot with a 44.697, and Canadian Scott Barlee in only his second outing of the season took the outside row two spot and two cycle ace Scott Holmboe put his CMC/Swiss Hutless on the inside of row three with his fifth quick 44.836 effort.

In the pre final Ricky Worley had a rough go of things early falling from his seventh starting position to twelfth on lap one. Glenn Young picked up two spots and moved into the tenth spot, Spencer DeGranpre, a promising up and comer in his first grand national event also picked up two spots going from his eleventh spot to ninth. Mark Westcott picked up a couple to eighth, and both Greg Normandin and Myles Pederson  picked up three spots as they took over the fifth and sixth spots….Barlee lost three spots in the early going falling to seventh…and that is where the top seven would stay the rest of the way, except for Worley who drove the wheels off his newly acquired Veloux machine making up four of his five lost spots on the start to salvage eighth. It was Cathey going flag to flag finishing 1.567 seconds ahead of runner up Mulkey, with Lawrence, Lucas and Normandin rounding out the top five.

With the Mexican hat dance complete, it was final time with Alan Cathey and Max Mulkey leading the 15 ground pounders to the green…Cathey with another flawless start lead the thundering heard out of one up the hill towards turn two. Lawrence hitched a tow and followed Cathey up the hill second, Mulkey third, Lucas fourth, and Myles Pederson fifth. Lap two Pederson looks like he may be heating back up when he gets Normandin for fifth, then gets by Brett Lucas for fourth. Scott Holmboe who retired early in the pre final after some early contact, started well back in the field in the final and called it day on lap three. Scott Barlee and Ricky Worley swapped the seventh and eighth spots, and Mulkey gets by Lawrence for second on lap five. That’s way it would stay the rest of the way. Cathey with another dominating flag to flag win.

2. Max Mulkey* 3. Terry Lawrence 4. Myles Pederson 5. Brett Lucas 6. Greg Normandin 7. Ricky Worley 8. Scott Barlee 9. Mark Westcott 10. Spencer DeGranpre 11. Glenn Young 12. Mark Reece 13. John Shearer 14. Gregg Wick 15. Scott Holmboe   *Quick Lap: 7- Max Mulkey 44.487  56.646 mph


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Adam Smalley stood up and commanded attention as he grabbed his first ever screaming eagle on a last lap run to bump Stafford Smith out of the P1 spot. Smith looked like he might have things covered when he posted a 45.101 that held until Smalley laid down a 44.964 qualifying effort, and sent Smith packing to the outside of row one. Jacob Gulick, Tyler Besuyen, and Canadian Kyle Adams rounded out the top five.

In the pre final its Smalley out of the gate first tangled, as Stafford Smith gets caught up in a altercation and falls from the outside of row one to fourth. Smalley leads laps one and two Gulick is second for the first two circuits and then is relegated third where he

stays…Before lap one is over Smith has caught the field and is back to third. On lap three smith is back to the top spot and never looks back…Schorn is fourth for the first couple circuits, then falls to fifth on lap three when Tyler Besuyen gets by to take over fourth where he will stay.  Canadian Kyle Adams works his up from deep in the field and gets as high as fifth where he stays for three laps until Schorn arrives again to take over fifth where he will stay until the end…Adams is sixth until lap nine when Dylan McKay (who I might add by the way had one of the best races I’ve ever seen him drive) would take sixth away from Adams.

The final has Stafford Smith on the point and he is gone right from the get go but only makes it two laps and retires with an engine failure. That hands the lead to Smalley who leads until lap seven when Gulick tries his hand at the top spot for a one lap look…Smalley back on top on lap nine,,,Lap twelve when Smalley and Gulick meet in turn six with Smalley really taking the brunt going from first to sixth in one corner…Gulick, in the clear, motors on  to win his first grand national championship. Besuyen took advantage of the chaos and moved into second behind Gulick, but could not hold off the charge of Schorn, who got by in turn six and went on to follow Gulick under the checkers in the runner up spot.

2. David Schorn 3. Tyler Besuyen 4. Dylan McKay 5. Spencer Kunz 6. Adam Smalley  Quick Lap:  8  45.021 / 55.974 mph Jacob Gulick


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  Briggs and Stratton Motorsports put up the second of two $500.00 winner take all payouts for the competitors in the Briggs LO206 class.  Gas Animal Medium was the other, and Alan Cathey took home the ca$h for a nice little payday for hard days work.  One would think that with five hundred cold hard smackers for the taking that the class would be a knock down drag out, and the scurry and search for a LO206 hot and heavy…Not the case this time though, as five competitors vied for the for the prize. The “Instructor” Tyler Agan won the screaming eagle pole award with his effort of 46.434.  Veteran Mike Schorn was just a tic off the pole with his 46.630. Bryan Green and Jeff Havens made up row two and Terry Lawrence had some issues and was well off the pace qualifying 1.155 seconds behind Agan to take the fifth qualifying spot…

In the pre final Green followed pole sitter Agan through turn one up the hill and wasted no time going by Agan at the end of the back straight and lead the first two laps.  The “Instructor” regrouped and went back by Green at the end of the front straight and lead until lap seven.  Lawrence and Schorn rubbed pods going through the chicane, with Schorn getting the short straw as Lawrence shuffled him back to fourth…what goes

around comes around as Lawrence has issues and retires after 2 laps, and Schorn pedal down after the rest of the group…Flashing a little dough does wonders for the heart, as Schorn runs down the field and passes Agan on lap eight and goes on to the checkers with Agan, Green, and Jeff Havens following.

With five “Hunskies” on the line and the final to go, Schorn jumps out strong and leads the first ten of the sixteen lap feature..Terry Lawrence who you can never count out, especially when there is cash on the line, drives up from fifth to third…on lap five Surprises the “Instructor” Agan to take over second…the two trade places for three more laps, and then “The Instructor” decides that it is lesson time and goes around Lawrence for the last time, then gets by leader Schorn and never looks back on his way to a national championship and five hundred “Hunskies”…Schorn, Lawrence, Green, and Havens finish out the top five spots.  “The Instructor” gains his IKF Expert status with his second national title.

2. Mike Schorn* 3. Terry Lawrence 4. Bryan Green 5. Jeff Havens *Quick Lap: 13- Mike Schorn 46.448  54.254 mph 


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Round two of the “Battle at Mac” between Enrique “Frio” Jaime (pronounced “Hi-mee”)

and Justin “The Bandit” DeMars…It was DeMars again landing the first blow by taking the pole and the screaming eagle with his 45.617 54.998 mph effort. Jaime put his Birel on outside of DeMars..The ‘Flyin’ Wyoman” Austin Ray Chalman took the inside row two spot joined by freshman Zach Franzke…By the way in case you didn’t catch it before…(Franzke and DeMars are cousins)… Carson Kunz and another freshman, Cam Raymond made up row three.

The pre final is as basic as it gets…DeMars jumps out early with Jaime falling in second, Chalman third, Kunz fourth, Franzke fifth and Cam Raymond sixth….that’s how it stays until Franzke and Kunz trade spots on lap 9…otherwise, call it academic as DeMars is desperate for some hardware after his Thursday last lap heart breaker..


Sixteen laps of rumble for the final…once again its DeMars strong and swinging early and looks poised to score some bronze hardware as the “Bandit” leads laps one through thirteen. Jaime is trying every where outside for a way by against the defensive low line of DeMars. Jaime works his “Wheel-a-Dope” and surprises DeMars on lap fourteen with a quick inside stick and move.The two touch and rub, Jaime again surprising DeMars in the late going and taking the checkers for his second straight national championship. DeMars again is strong early, but stripped and stunned late. “He Rolls smooth like a butterfly, his moves sting like a bee…count em’ one, two and he’s going for three…remember the name Enrique Jaime.”  Also notable was the freshman performance of Zach Franzke who ran a strong third in the final.

2. Justin DeMars 3. Zach Franzke 4. Carson Kunz 5. Austin Ray Chalman 6. Cam Raymond  *Quick Lap: 4- Enrique Jaime 45.784 / 55.041 mph


DAY 3….SATURDAY JULY 20, 2013…..



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Day three got underway with Briggs Animal Medium…A different tinge in the smell of the morning air as the racers had their bowls of methanol and cornflakes to nourish their bodies for the day.  Terry Lawrence announced this would be his final grand national, and took the pole by just .026 over newly crowned IKF expert Brett Lucas. 

Max Mulkey, who most definitely now had the attention of all the front runners, worked a deal with engine builder Tim Lawrence and strapped on some LRE power for his day three outing, and he stuck his Mulkey Farms/Lawrence Racing engines machine on the inside of row two. Joining Mulkey on the outside was another newly crowned IKF expert, “The Instructor” Tyler Agan.  Agan’s nickname “the instructor” comes from his occupation as a driving instructor at the Skip Barber driving school.  Alan Cathy took the inside of row three, joined by Keith Foux who is one of the classiest and nicest racers that you ever want to meet.  Row four was filled by Myles Pederson who still was trying to get his mojo back. The pre final is uneventful with Lawrence going bell to bell along with the other six positions…where they qualified was where they stayed for the eleven lap pre final.

The final was a better show with Lawrence and Brett Lucas getting together early on the exit of turn six, Lucas getting the worse of it and retiring on lap 6.  Mulkey, Cathey, Agan, and Pederson raced hard for the remainder of the final, but in the end it was Terry Lawrence getting a storybook ending in his last grand national event. Lawrence will retire with an amazing eleven national championships, and to many regional and local titles to mention here.  A fierce and classy competitor, the sport loses a great representative and he will be greatly missed.  Mulkey with another strong and impressive showing took the runner up spot. Rolling over the scales it was discovered

the choke on Mulkey’s machine worked its way loose and was sticking in the open position and he still rolled second…Alan Cathey once again proved why he is a twelve time national champion, as he “Willed” his not quite perfect ride to a third place finish. Tyler Agan followed Cathey across the stripe fourth, and Myles Pederson just couldn’t find his misplaced mojo, but stilled salvaged a fifth place finish.

2. Max Mulkey 3. Alan Cathey 4. Tyler Agan 5. Myles Pederson 6. Keith Foux 7. Brett Lucas   Quick Lap:  14- Terry Lawrence  44.093 / 57.152 mph


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Tyler Agan captured his second screaming eagle of the week topping the timing charts with a 45.470, but it wasn’t by much….just a mere .088 of a second quicker than who else?…Alan Cathey.  Cathey was only .105 quicker than his brother in law Brett Lucas who stopped the tickers at 45.933. Ricky Worley was fourth quick .506 off of pole sitter Agan. Myles Pederson and Justin Smalley were fifth and sixth quick.

Showing just how important track position and how close the competition is, the pre final was pretty much uneventful most of the way.  It livened up a little laps six through ten as Agan and Cathey took turns swapping the lead until lap nine when Agan re-took the point for good, taking the checkers by .277 over Cathey.  Justin Smalley wound up third with a little help from Lucas who had issues and did not start. Pederson followed Smalley across fourth and Worley closed the top five.

Brett Lucas made it back for the final and from his sixth starting position improved three spots to take home the third. Worley, who now had switched chassis hoping to find something better, did find a little something as he followed Lucas across fourth. Leaders Alan Cathey and Tyler Agan took turns playing follow the leader, with Lucas early even poking around wanting to play.  Cathey got by Agan on a deep late brake at the end of the back chute to take the lead and the checkers for yet another national championship…it was an amazing twelfth national championship for the Boise, Idaho racer..Yes, I said twelfth!  Three national championship wins and two screaming eagle pole awards, pretty impressive for a single event. When you consider that’s more than most racers will ever get in a career it looks even more impressive. For you young racers out there, that shows you exactly what hard work and dedication will get you, if you have discipline and focus.

2. Tyler Agan 3. Brett Lucas 4. Ricky Worley 5. Justin Smalley 6. Myles Pederson  Quick Lap: 3- 45.478 / 55.411 mph Brett Lucas



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Mike Schorn aboard his CMC/ Swiss Hutless, grabbed the screaming eagle pole award in World Formula Masters by .065 seconds out dueling four cycle legend Bryan “Rowdy” Green. Right there to take the inside row two spot was newcomer Greg Normandin aboard his T-Plus Steel Fabricators entry.  Not often anymore do you see

a non factory chassis able and willing to run up front, but if its possible Greg Normandin is the type of racer that will make it happen. That’s the type of racer Normandin is.

Everything is tidy and in order for the pre final…Normandin follows Schorn through on the green leaving Green no other choice but to fall into third. From there its a pre final with everyone behaving and staying put with except for Mark Reece who decides he doesn’t like the view from fifth and goes up to see what

fourth place looks like moving around Glenn Young early. Reece decides he likes the view and enjoys it until lap seven, when Young decides Reece is right the view is not that good in fifth and goes back by Reece. Young decides it’s much nicer view and stays put….Meanwhile Gregg Wick at the same time decides to compare views and goes around  Havens…Wick enjoys the view until lap ten when John Shearer decides he wants a peek and goes around both Havens and Wick to take over the view in seventh,  Normandin wants a peek from the top spot, but that is all that Schorn allows is a peek as he rolls on to take the pre final.

In the final, Mike Schorn in impressive fashion taking some searing heat from both Bryan Green and Greg Normandin rolls green to checker to capture another national championship. Normandin did try  everything trying to get by Schorn..everything except for crashing him, you can bet the thought probably did cross his mind…but Normandin is just not that type of racer.

Green would finish third, Mark Reece with a great freshman performance was fourth, Glenn Young fifth. Another freshman, Kevin Keller looked impressive finishing sixth

2. Greg Normandin 3. Bryan Green 4. Mark Reece 5. Glenn Young 6. Kevin Keller 7. Jeff Havens 8. Gregg Wick 9. John Shearer 10. Richard James  Quick Lap: 2- Greg Normandin 45.198 / 55.755 mph



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Numbers can sometimes be misleading, especially when you have to read it and not there to witness it.  A bit of a run away, I’ll give it that…it had nothing to do with the talent level like it does in most cases. It was more missed set ups, and maybe some lack of experience…but nothing close to lack of talent, because all these young men are super talented and poured their heart and soul into each and every event.

I’m a total believer that you cannot always judge your performance by how you finish. Performance has a lot of different sub headers underneath it, in other words you can not win and still have a great performance that is the case with ALL these young racers. In the third and final round of the US Jr.1 heavyweight championship of the United States, it was Enrique Jaime drawing first blood by taking the pole by almost a half second over his rival DeMars….45.506 for Jaime and a 46.001 for DeMars. The Judges have it scored

two rounds Jaime, 0 rounds DeMars…Crazy how you can lead the most laps, capture two poles, and still come out on the short in end of the deal…DeMars has yet to lead the most important lap of all…Two weeks earlier, DeMars was a heavy favorite in my eyes…and that is nothing bad on Enrique Jaime, just hadn’t really seen him all year and never really gave it second thought…After witnessing what I did, I can assure you that will not happen EVER again.

Chalman was third quick…he was “there” all weekend, but that’s about it just “there,” never really finding the set up that allowed him to become with one with his machine. Sophomore sensation, (Freshman sensation grand national wise), Zach Franzke grew a bunch right before your eyes in just  three days of racing, and will be much better for this experience the rest of this season as well as next season. He qualified fourth. Carson Kunz and Cam Raymond were fifth and sixth.

In the pre final, Chalman uses his Wyoming wit and snookers Jaime on the start and leads the first two circuits…DeMars would follow him through putting pole sitter Jaime third just like that.  DeMars wastes no time and goes around Chalman on lap three with Jaime following DeMars through to second…Jaime making up for the poor restart, goes by DeMars to lead lap four…Lap five, it’s the “Bandit” DeMars going back around Jaime and leads the next two…Lap seven, Jaime goes back by DeMars to take the point…Chalman is third and Franzke goes by Carson Kunz to take fourth…Lap eight, DeMars goes back by Jaime to take the point once again, but on lap nine, Jaime retakes the lead from DeMars…DeMars not taking anything but a win, recaptures the top spot from Jaime, and takes the checkers if you can believe this…015 seconds ahead of Jaime….Believe me when I say these boys were ROLLIN’ and that is NO JOKE…It was a total nail biter the entire way…WOW!

In the final bout…it was DeMars striking first and Chalman once again using his Wyoming wit to snooker Jaime for second straight time on the wave of the green. This time however, Jaime instantly retakes second back from Chalman…Lap one is DeMars, Jaime, Chalman, Kunz, Franzke and Cam Raymond.  Kunz would hold to on to fourth until lap 7…When Franzke goes by and is there for good…Something about that lap seven for Franzke, as that was the same lap he went by Kunz in the pre final. As they cross the stripe at the half way point, it’s still DeMars, Jaime, Chalman, Franzke, Kunz, and Raymond. Jaime has been every where except off the race track trying to get by DeMars who now is in “win or blow” mode and has coolly and calmly handled everything Jaime has thrown at him.

This time however, DeMars will not be denied as he leads every lap of the final and after two days of heartbreak by Jaime, gets to return the favor as he crosses under the checkers for this third national championship in two years.. Enrique Jaime finishes second , the Wyoming Whiz Austin Ray Chalman third, Zach Franzke fourth in a fine freshman appearance (with much more to come without question), Carson Kunz climbing back aboard the bronco that tried bucking him off on Thursday was fifth, and Cam Raymond another first timer finished off the top six.

2. Enrique Jaime 3. Austin Ray Chalman 4. Zach Franzke 5. Carson Kunz 6. Cam Raymond   Quick Lap: 10-45.660 / 55.191 mph Jaime



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Stafford Smith captured the pole with a blazing 43.141 for another screaming eagle pole award.  Second quick was Canadian Kyle Adams with a very respectable 43.492. Adam Smalley continued his impressive performances taking the inside row two starting spot. IKF expert David Schorn joined Smalley on the outside of the second row. Tyler Besuyen who coming into the grand nationals is the current regional Jr. 2 point leader, along with fellow competitor and new crowned IKF grand national champion Jacob Gulick made up row three.  Spencer Kunz and Dylan McKay made up the fourth and final row.

In the pre final it is Stafford Smith GONE leading all eleven laps taking the checkers  7.385 seconds ahead of runner up David Schorn. The runner up was easy chore as Schorn patiently dealt with Canadian Kyle Adams going by on lap three. Then it was Smalley, and after running down the runner up, Schorn did away with Smalley on lap seven…Far to gone was Smith. Tyler Besuyen quietly from his seventh starting spot rolled his way to fourth behind Canadian Adams.  Jacob Gulick who was ripper fast, broke early on the start and watched the pre final from infield seating area.

The final…all I can say is oh my goodness!…after the go signal Canadian Kyle Adams in his Interior Kart Center/ AB racing engines Alpha machine leads the field into one.  Smalley gets by Tyler Besuyen for third on lap one… Lap two, Smith who once again had problems on the start, gets by Schorn for sixth…Lap four, Smith spins by himself and falls back to eighth…also on lap four Smalley gets Gulick for for second where he will stay until lap fourteen…Lap six, Spencer Kunz shows up from out of no where, and takes third away from a now wide eyed and surprised Gulick..Lap eight, both Schorn and Smith who are waging war go by Dylan McKay for sixth and seventh…Lap nine, Smith goes by Schorn for sixth…

Lap thirteen, all hell breaks loose…Smalley tries Adams for the lead with a deeeeep late brake and the two get together sending the leader Adams for a ride through the grass…Gulick goes by Smalley and Adams heading into turn seven…Adams, some how gathers his Alpha up off the grass and slide jobs Smalley as he goes into turn seven…Gulick on the entry of the turn eight chicane and Adams, dive bombing from downtown McMinnville, stuffs it in the inside of Gulick, (the crowd erupting like a bunch of frightened, screaming passengers on a crashing airliner)as the two pound pods…but somehow Adams (who for all reasonable purposes was done) manages a miracle recovery and goes on to capture his first grand national championship

Happy and stunned all in one was the feeling after watching that finish. Gulick was so close as he took runner up honors, Smalley also has a miracle finish some how finding a way to finish third,  Tyler Besuyen fourth, Stafford Smith who was the favorite finished fifth..Somehow.  WOW!  

2. Jacob Gulick 3. Adam Smalley 4. Tyler Besuyen 5. Stafford Smith 6. David Schorn 7. Dylan McKay 8. Spencer Kunz



On behalf of EVERYONE who attended the 2013 IKF 4 Cycle Grand Nationals, a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Ernie “Flags” Fisher and Richard “Mr.Karting” Kennedy and the entire gang of

vintage Kart club


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