The “HITMAN” Wins UAS West Coast Shootout

The UAS field coming to green

October 21, 2014- The first annual Unlimited All Stars West Coast Shootout was held Saturday at Dixon Speedway in Dixon California.  Hosted by the Nor-Cal UAS, the highly touted event was added for the first time this season to hopefully put an exclamation point to the end of the UAS race season.

Twenty of the west coasts best Unlimited All Star Race teams showed up to battle for bragging rights on the racy 1/5th of a mile Dixon Dirt. Teams from the NW Unlimited All Star and Nor-Cal series arrived on Friday ready to compete in the first “All Star” event including stand outs such as Shane “One Time” Smith,  S&W Racing’s Eric “E.S.7”


Stansberry, the “Ironman” Joe Stackman heralded as one of the finest closers in the business, and female phenom Renee Angel just to name a few…and from the south 2014 Dixon Track and UAS champion Ryan “The Hitman” Diatte, “Missile” Ron Bolles, aces Stephen Chase, Lonnie Tekaat, Scott Smith, Ford Cook, and former asphalt ace Scott Bohle returning for his re-debut after a 6 month lay off due to injury, and rising star Joe “the Jammer” Gibb…Gibb comes from good blood, his uncle Jason Gibb and his Dad Chris “The Real Deal” Gibb, both former greats in the speedway world.


The stage was set in fine fashion by the Dixon Speedway’s doctor of dirt Jeremy Prince…Friday night the track was just ridiculous, so hooked up and sticky that if your shoes weren’t tied…they were coming off. Nor-Cal  UAS administrator Ford Cook put up a “ten second bounty” for qualifying, offering the first driver to qualify under eleven seconds a fresh, crisp, Franklin.  Friday night that Franklin was starting inch it’s way out of Cooks wallet as E.S.7 Eric Stansberry from Battle Ground, Washington was

ripper right out of the trailer and in the late stages of practice was putting down consistent laps in the 11.0’s and had everyone’s attention, including current track record holder Stephen Chase and 2014 UAS and Dixon Speedway Champ Ryan “The Hitman” Diatte.

All the attention about the speed of E.S.7 turned to sorrow when Stansberry came off of turn two and his monster 428 CRF Honda literally tear the rear axle in half, sending him backwards into the backstretch wall.  Thankfully the Chassis was unharmed, but it meant a long night for S&W Racings crew chief Jan Wiard, who had a late night replacing the axle and straightening the bent brake rotor. 

“Horsepower, torque, and the Dixon traction…replacing a rear axle was definitely NOT on the list of what we had planned for our Friday night”   -Jan Wiard Crew Chief for the #7 of Eric Stansberry


Several other teams where getting things figured out as practice went on.  The Doctor Injector team of the “Ironman” Joe Stackman and crew chief Art Pipkin were busy

getting quicker and quicker as they re-tuned their chassis and the driver re-tuned himself for the new power plant loaned to him by OneTime Motorsports owner Shane Smith.

By the time practice was winding down Stackman and a host of other teams where right there, lapping in the low 12’s and some down in the mid to high 11’s made it look like Saturdays qualifying was going to be very interesting.

“I’ve watched Joe run for quite awhile with little motors…and he always did awesome, but was always just a little bit short…after last years BK6 when he finished second with a little itty bitty motor, I said I wonder how good he’d run if he had a big motor….So I hooked him up with my back up Jawa to see how he’d do….The Ironman is a great driver and I really wanted to see how he’d do with some real horsepower…It’s just on loan, that way if he get’s to fast I can tell him I need my engine back.” 

By the time practice was winding down Stackman and a host of other teams where right there, lapping in the low 12’s and some down in the mid to high 11’s made it look like Saturdays qualifying was going to be very interesting.


Eat beans, wear jeans, and work all night is the motto used by some, and it was one that Jan Wiard crew chief for Eric Stansberry used for Friday night finally getting it back together well after 1 AM, and it was off to shower and sleep for the early rise race day morning…a tough night of shut eye when your not really sure what to expect and only a brief race day hot lap/shake down session.  Racers arrived to another absolutely beautiful Dixon, California Indian summer day…Crisp early but giving way high 70 degree temps by the time hot laps got under way at 3:45…

Everybody was tuning up for the “10 Second Bounty” that was put upfranklin by Ford Cook Designs…A crisp 100 “dolla” for the driver that could qualify his ride 10.99.  No doubt that many thought E.S.7 had a shot with the way he rolled off the trailer, having never seen the joint, and putting down laps close to and even quicker than the current 11.081 second track record that is held by Stephen Chase.  The only question in some minds was it as good AFTER the axle break as it was before…but there were several race and I mean several very good race teams in which their driver could put together a 10.99 lap, Diatte could, Ron Bolles could because he was blazin’ quick and seemed to slip under the radar…For that matter current track record holder Stephen Chase could…Shane Smith could who thus far had been awful quiet and had many wondering just what he was up too. 

Renee Angel was in the same boat as E.S.7 as she had engine problems late in the going

Friday and the Angel Racing team, headed by ace tune up man Shane Biles, did an engine swap putting on the back up for race day Saturday…So the bounty was very much still up for grabs and game on…and speaking of quiet the “Hitman” Ryan Diatte was a no show for Friday nights practice and didn’t roll in ‘till race day Saturday…That’s some insane confidence right there.

Qualifying was a a bit on the different side, it was somewhat on the format of World of Outlaws where groups of 4 go out to qualify, personally I’m old school preferring the straight up 2 lap style…It’s much more of an art that way and much tougher. Who can’t get there best lap when you get 4 or 6 of them?…but that’s just me. None the less the drivers pill drew for for their qualifying spots and drawing the first qualifying spot

was Brandon Shaw…an interesting  story to say the least and I had to rub my eye’s at first…Shaw was rolling a F/A Sprint chassis with what appeared to be a PRD and it was in pure sprint form with everything just like it came right off the sprint track, only difference was he had brand new Burris treaded tires on…Pretty sweet, dude wants to race and so he rolls whatever is available…right on Brandon Shaw…I love it!…

Group 1 was Shaw, the “Hitman” Ryan Diatte, Ford Cook, and Tyler Weber.  Weber is a young up and coming hot shoe from northern Washington area and is in his freshman season with Unlimited All Stars…and has really done a  nice job.  It would Diatte setting number with 12.073…the track nothing like it was on Friday night, was

about .5 off and it was pretty obvious that the 10 second Bounty was not going to happen, unless somebody put up a miracle lap….Group 2 was Todd Sydara, the “Ironman” Joe Stackman, Scott Bohle who was rolling old school with a pair Yamaha KT100 Piston ports, and Shane “OneTime” Smith and the Jawa…..Sydara went a 12.550 good enough for tenth. Stackman who had Shane Smith’s back up Jawa for power put up a .481 which was ninth…Bohle and the twin KT’s rolled a 13.243 putting him fifteenth…”OneTime” had the Jawa rolling as he put down a 12.056 snagging the pole from Diatte.

Group three was  Stephen Smith, Ron Bolles, Renee Angel, and the “Jammer” Joe Gibb…Chase rolls a 12.156 that put him fifth…Ron Bolles who was just ripper quick goes a 12.106 putting him third quick…Angel now on her back up engine throws down a 12.293 putting her one out of the top five….and Joe Gibb who was probably on one of the smallest power plants in attendance, showed what you can do when you can roll, putting the little motor that could,a 100cc open rotary valve in the seventh spot

with a respectable 12.376Group four was E.S.7 Eric Stansberry, Shane Wiggins, Ed Christenson, Scott Smith, Lonnie Tekaat, and Gil Atkinson Everybody was holding their breath when E.S.7 and the rest of group 4 rolled out…it was “OneTime” on the pole with a .056, the “Hitman” second quick with a .073, and Bolles third with a .106, Chase fourth with a .121 and Angel fifth with a .293…Christenson goes a 12.900 putting him thirteenth, Wiggins goes 12.714 one ahead of Christenson, Scott Smith goes  12.678 one ahead of Wiggins and Lonnie Tekaat rips off a 12.394 putting him eighth…and E.S.7 goes a 12.121 putting him fourth quick.


First out were the first of two heat races for the Unlimited All Stars based on qualifying. Heat number one rolled out Joe “The Jammer” Gibb on the pole with track record holder and ace wheelman Stephen Chase joining on the outside…Row two was the “Missile” Ron Bolles and quick qualifier Shane “OneTime” Smith Row three was the “Ironman” Joe Stackman on the inside and the Scott Smith on the outside…Row four was Ed Christensen on the inside and outside was Scott Bohle and back in Row five was Gil Atkinson.


spots moving him to the second On the drop of the green “Onetime” wastes no time as he goes from his third starting spot and leads lap one just after crossing the stripe the first caution is out…Thirteen laps later we are back green with Gil Atkinson the benefactor of the first caution, as he gains six pot…On lap four the “Ironman” Joe Stackman wants to see the view from second as he rolls by Atkinson for second…the “Ironman” checks the view for a couple laps, until Ron Bolles who right now is blazing quick rolls by Stackman for second.

Stephen Chase meanwhile is doing just that chasing the number 19 all over the place trying to find some handle and in doing so falls to eleventh and eventually retires on lap 10 after the 450 stuffs an internal gear through the case…he would finish eighth.The “Jammer” Joe Gibb who started on the pole fades back deep and its ninth on lap six…but regroups and picks off a spot a lap and rolls to up fourth..Gil Atkinson the early caution benefactor fades to fifth…

Onetime” goes on to take the checkers .480 seconds over runner up Bolles, Stackman

is third, Gibb with a ripper late race salvage is fourth, Atkinson fifth, Scott Smith sixth, Scott Bohle and the twin KT’s seventh.  Ed Christenson who was caught up in the earlier cluster completes only two laps is ninth.  Ron Bolles who right now is the sleeping giant rips a 12.001 /59.557 mph for quick lap of the heat….055 quicker than Shane Smith’s 12.056 fast time.

The second ten lap heat race rolled out with Lonnie Tekaat on the point along with the fastest lady in the west, Renee Angel on his outside…Row two was E.S.7 Eric Stansberry on the inside and the “Hitman” Ryan Diatte…Row three had Todd Sydara on the inside and Scott Wiggins on the outside …Ford Cook did not start due to an emergency, his wife was involved in an accident and was being taken to the hospital…at the time of this writing no further details are known…just hope she is OK and wish Mrs. Cook and full Speedy recovery. E.S.7 gets a hole shot on the wave of the green…and it is all Stansberry the rest of the way…


Diatte from his fourth spot rolls to second behind Stansberry until on lap five, Renee Angel comes knocking wanting play as she takes over second from Diatte. The next four laps Angel on the bottom and the “Hitman” on the outside the pair battle it out side panel to side panel until lap nine when Diatte gets by for good. Lonnie Tekaat faded from the pole and fell to fourth where he stayed. Todd Sydara get by Shane Wiggins for fifth where he would finish…Stansberry crossed the stripe 1.317 seconds ahead of the “Hitman”, with Angel finishing third, Tekaat fourth, Sydara fifth, and Shane Wiggins finishing sixth…Tough luck for Tyler Weber as engine troubles kept him from running, but like the class act that they are the Baby Guard Pool Fences team of Stephen Chase, offered Weber the chance to run his 250, but had to take back his back up after the his 450 erupted in the first heat raced, Brandon Shaw also was a no start. 


Another Franklin was put  up by Ford Cook Designs for the winner of the dash…”Onetime” Shane Smith and the “Hitman” Ryan Diatte were on the front row. Row two was Ron Bolles and E.S.7 Eric Stansberry and Row three was Stephen Chase and Renee Angel…on the drop of the green, it’s the “Hitman” off from the outside of row 1 and he is blazing quick as he goes an 11.925/59.937mph on lap one….there would

be no lap two for Diatte as Stansberry gets by off of turn two, it’s a broken clutch for Diatte who coasts off back to the trailer to busy…and once again it is ALL E.S.7 the rest of the way. “Onetime” Shane Smith retires as well after only one lap after his JAWA got a little cranky…and got taken back to the trailer for a little time out….Its Stansberry, Angel, Bolles and Chase until lap three when Bolles turns up the wick and gets by Angel for second and that is how it would stay with Stansberry taking the win .803 seconds ahead of Bolles…Diatte’s first lap time held up for quick lap and Stansberry also ran a number better than he qualified, going 12.071 on lap 5.

Thus far E.S.7 was looking like he was guy to beat with rock solid consistent performances thus far…the pole was was the only thing that he hadn’t won and he was also due for a big win…those who didn’t know who Stansberry was before he arrived and Dixon, most certainly did now…as he was the guy thus far at the 1st annual west coast shootout.

11:47pm and the “A” Feature the 1st Annual UAS West Coast Shoot was set to begin here was the line up for the feature…Baby-Guard-Header


The line up was complete and the stage was set…the crew chiefs and crews had done their jobs…the set up was the set up, and if it wasn’t right the drivers would have to will it where the wanted…It was all in the hands of Lady luck and the respective drivers as E.S.7 Eric Stansberry and Ron Bolles led 15 very fine UAS machines down the back stretch and into turn three for the final time…(Before we go green, a note of interest…there were six cautions for 48 laps and it took 73 laps to complete 25.)


On the drop of the green it was Stansberry with a killer start and the lead as the field heads into turn one…as they cross the stripe Stansberry runs an 11.849 and it looks like the pace is going to be blistering…Renee Angel is Second, Diatte third, Bolles fourth and Shane Smith sixth…As Stansberry leads the field of bullets down the back chute, there is trouble in turn one bringing out the first caution which would last 8 laps…

Back green and its E.S.7 picking up where he left off with another sweet restart and rolling into turn one…Bolles shows a little speed as he rolls by both Diatte and Angel re-takes second…coming for lap three…Caution number two and this one would last six laps…under caution fifth place Shane Smith pulls into the hot pit to deal with his  cranky JAWA which was just dying at low RPM…dropping him to tenth… Chase and the “Ironman” Joe Stackman getting a treat from Smith’s buzzard luck trick, and Gibb looking like he might be the only smart one biding his time where he started in the eighth spot.


On the restart, Stackman moves around Chase for fifth…on lap four Shane Wiggins and Chase trade spots as Chase really had his hands full with his bucking bull falls to eleventh and Wiggins snags four and moves to seventh…Tekaat saying thank you very much, rolls up one to sixth…Back up front on lap five, it’s still Stansberry continuing his rampage and leading the way…mean while Diatte snags Bolles to take over second, and Renee Angel just cruising in fourth…While that was going on, “OneTime” Shane Smith picks up three spots putting back to where he started in the sixth spot…Move Tekaat, Wiggins, and Gibb all back one.

Ditto everything up front when the caution number three arrives on lap 7, Smith again dives into the pits to let his JAWA know that it is very close to a time out if the back talk doesn’t stop, once again dropping him back to the ninth spot….one man’s junk is another man’s gold as Gibb takes advantage of Smith’s stop and moves to sixth…This caution would last 8 laps….Restart and it Stansberry is ala Ron Hornaday with a another ripper restart…Smith once again jumps three spots back to sixth…until lap 9, yep, you guess it…Caution number four…this one would be for nine laps and would end the nights of Joe Gibb ( Broken drive belt), Shane “OneTime” Smith ( Time out for the back talking JAWA), and Stephen Chase who had had enough bull riding for one night (Handling)


Back green and Stansberry once again was money on the restart with the “Hitman” having issues and falling back to twelfth…Bolles is second and Angel third..Lap 10 is caution number five and would go 7 laps…Can you say fuel mileage?. On the re-start, like broken record is E.S.7 having his way with things….then on lap 11, nope no caution, Stansberry gets in to hot going into three ( the one and an only mistake he

made all night) allowing the “Hitman” to get underneath coming off of four with the lead…Stansberry regroups and falls back into second, Angel like a stealth bomber quietly rolls third, the “Ironman” Joe Stackman (who showed up basically blind when he arrived on Friday,with a zero laps driven new engine package, and first laps ever on the race track were Friday nights practice laps) fourth, Ron Bolles fifth, and Shane Wiggins who had “Willed” his machine to the sixth spot, by just plain ROLLING it…and I mean rolling…

The order would stay this way until lap 16 when Wiggins developed issues and retired, tough luck for the show that he put on…and most definitelyDiatte wins dixongets ProSoundAudioServices hard charger of the race….the sixth and final caution comes on lap seventeen and would last for 9 laps…both the before the caution and on the restart, Stansberry was absolutely relentless in his pursuit of the “Hitman” Ryan Diatte who’s right rear tire was giving up the ghost forcing the “Hitman” down into the gutter where there was still a small tack strip for him to get his left rear into…Stansberry at times was back pedaling to keep from drilling Diatte coming off…Getting there is one thing…and getting by is whole nother story rang true for Stansberry, who tried everywhere but the parking lot to find a way around the “Hitman”….but to no avail as the Diatte took the checkers 65 hundredths of a second over E.S.7.

It was a fun weekend here at Dixon, qualified fourth after and oil down, won the heat, won the dash, and came home second to Diatte in a hard fought nose to tail battle…I’m very proud of Eric for a great drive…He’s been fighting some health issues as of late, and I hope this encourages him.  Thanks to the Dixon crew and thanks to Tim Chase for his support of this event”     -Jan Wiard  crew chief of the #7 of Eric Stansberry

Special shout out to the Dixon Speedway for allowing me to call the action, it was an a honor to be a part of such a great event…and to ALL the competitors, without question you are some of the best at what you do! Looking forward to seeing all of you at the BK7 January 30th & 31st 2015 at the Salem Speedway.  Please stop by and and give me a review on my ProSoundAudioServices page on Facebook and please show your appreciation by liking or commenting on this article….Until next time, I’m Terry Bridges,and thanks for reading!

Fast Time: Shane “OneTime” Smith  12.056/59.285 mph

Dash for Ca$h:  1.  Eric Stansberry 2. Ron Bolles 3. Renee Angel 4. Stephen Chase 5. Ryan “The Hitman” Diatte 6. Shane “OneTime” Smith  Time of race: 4:27.637  QL: Diatte 11.925/59.937 mph

HEAT #1:   1. Shane “OneTime” Smith 2. Ron Bolles 3. Joe “The Ironman” Stackman 4. Joe “The Jammer” Gibb 5. Gil Atkinson 6. Scott Smith 7. Scott Bohle 8. Stephen Chase 9. Ed Christenson  Time of Race: 7:46.895  QL: Bolles  12.001/59.557 mph

HEAT #2:   1. Eric Stansberry 2. Ryan “The Hitman” Diatte 3. Renee Angel 4. Lonnie Tekaat 5. Todd Sydara 6. Shane Wiggins 7. Brandon Shaw 8. Tyler Weber 9. Ford Cook  Time of Race:  2:02.026  QL:  Stansberry 12.033/59.399 mph

1st ANNUAL WESTCOAST SHOOTOUT:  1. Ryan “The Hitman” Diatte (25) 2. Eric Stansberry (25) 3. Renee Angel (25) 4. Joe “The Ironman” Stackman (25) 5. Ron Bolles (25) 6. Scott Smith (25) 7. Lonnie Tekaat (25) 8. Todd Sydara (25) 9. Scott Bohle (23) 10. Ed Christenson (17) 11. Shane Wiggins (16) 12. Stephen Chase (10) 13. Shane “OneTime” Smith (9) 14. Joe “The Jammer” Gibb (9)  15. Gil Atkinson (DNS) 16. Brandon Shaw (DNS) 17. Tyler Weber (DNS) 18. Ford Cook (DNS)    Time of Race:  27:06.514  QL: Stansberry 11.746/60.850 mph  Cautions: 6 for 48 laps Total laps to complete 25: 73

Written By: Terry Bridges for the Northwest Race Report/October 2014

Photo’s By: Action Captured Images, Linda Martens Stansberry, Jan Wiard


Laughton & Gibb header

All you could say was Wow Wee! The high touted and anticipated sixth annual Buddha Kinser Memorial more than lived up to its name. “The most competitive & exciting indoor dirt race ANYWHEREPERIOD”  Since the inaugural BK event back in 2008, the Buddha Kinser Memorial Race has grown into a well respected and well known indoor speedway event and one that speedway competitors would love to capture.  It’s an “A” game only event and although all are welcome, the weary need not apply.  Just how tough?   Names like open wheel ace Michael Laughton, “Bad” Brad Berg, “Rocket” Ronnie Cox, Joe “the Ironman” Stackman, and Holiday Classic winner Ryan “The Hitman” Diatte just to name a few…in two words…DAMN TOUGH.

The anticipation buzz for this event was off the charts, and you could cut the competition in the air with a knife, it was just awesome.  That being said it would be real easy to get caught up in the hype, but organizer “Rocket” Ronnie Cox and Promoter Roger Freeborn of Freeborn Racing Promotions did an outstanding job making sure that all the competitors understood what the event was truly about..question was, did they hear it or did they HEAR it?..  Only time would tell.  A nice drivers meeting/opening ceremony in which those  who wanted to got a chance to tell a quick “Buddha” tale and pay tribute to their fallen comrade.

An awesome laughton with buddha editedundercard was in attendance as well with Kid Kart and Junior classes, Yamaha light & Yamaha heavy, AKRA clones, Super sport 200 light & heavy, and a UAS sportsman division.  As usual, doctor dirt Bob Leach had the race track in superb condition for the event, spending 7 full days before prepping and re-prepping the indoor dirt surface..the stage was set and it was GAME ON, starting with qualifying.

Qualifying was a far cry from Friday practice, with most of the teams using AM practice to fine tune their final set ups for qualifying.  First out was Lake Stevens, Washington’s Kevin White who put down a 12.261 to kick off BK6 qualifying.  In the prior 5 BK events, just MAKING the field is feat in itself and BK 6 would be no different with just .194 separating the pole from the fifth spot, .233 to seventh, and .645 to tenth. With the top three qualifiers separated my a miniscule .132 of second…yep, tough.

Madera, California’s Stephen Chase who also was BK5’s runner up, took the pole with a blistering 10.340.  Fellow Californian  “Bad” Brad “The Bergeyman”Berg was 2nd quick .065 off Chase with a 10.405.  Day two Holiday Classic Winner Ryan “The Hitman” Diattte was third quick just .067 behind Berg with a 10.472. Chris “The Italian Assassin” Passanante was fourth quick and another Californian, Michael Laughton rounded out the top five with 10.534 stop of the tickers. Inaugural BK1 winner Rene Angel was entered but did not attempt to qualify due to an healing broken collar bone that she sustained competing in a Ford Focus midget event several weeks earlier. 


Not sure about you, but you have just gotta love the heat races and consi’s… It’s put up or load up, and that consequence produces some the best ( or worst, depending..) racing on the planet.  It’s on the verge of animalistic trying to knock the gufelch-crop-cropy on the bubble out to get in…Personally?…I love it.  With only 14 spots open in the BK6 and 22 plus Unlimited All-Stars, with some putting up some big numbers miles and drive time wise,,,the heats and the consi’s were like lunchtime in grammar school…pushes, bumps, and cuts were happening everywhere trying to get in one of the 14 open spots.


Stansberry at speed

…but the surprises were everywhere as  Wayne Felch fans everywhere got a good scare when Felch broke while leading his heat race and had to use the last chance consi to make the BK6 field…I know right?…Who would ‘a thought.

Wanna hear another?…Eric Stansberry fans while cheering when Felch had to use the consi,  were quickly eating a bit of clutch, when Stansberry was relegated to the consi as well to get in…the Buddha, like quicken loans..never ceases to amaze.  For example tenth quick qualifier Curt Fosdick gets sent home on a late lap pass, but then you have Tim Lawrence from Boise, Idaho  (Lawrence Racing Engines) who’s power was a modified four stroke Animal engine tagged to start seventh in the feature…Seriously go figure, but that is truly the beauty of open motor racing; if your  mind can conceive it, it can achieve it…its all about the better mouse trap, and that is why this event is so amazing…besides being for Buddha of course.



With heat races and consi’s concluded it was time.  The most highly anticipated dirt of the winter had its stage set and gladiators set to do battle for twenty five laps on the fastest dirt indoor dirt track west of the Mississippi.  It was an awesome sight watching the crews pushing the machines to their front stretch starting spots, with the buzz of final air pressure, drivers gear adjustments and final race strategy discussions.  Drivers were introduced and the most famous words in motorsports given with the fourteen nasty beasts roaring to life. Let me just say there is nothing like the feeling you get when the command is given and the engines come to life and the way the butterflies hit your gut on the warm up and parade laps…it’s the best.


hitmanBad Brad Berg and Ryan Diatte paced the fourteen monster field off of turn four as Jeremy Means green flag turned all fourteen loose with the wave of his green Flag. It was the “Hitman” Ryan Diatte wasting no time instantly going to work taking the lead into turn one Berg falling into second on the inside, Stephen Chase in the middle and
“One Time” Shane Smith on the outside as they come off turn two three wide.  Smith somehow gets by Chase underneath and with a slick up and under by Michael Laughton he two gets by, dropping Chase to the fifth spot.  If you blinked you were passed that’s how quick passes were being made, absolute poetry.
Shane Smith tries to take second from Berg. Berg is having no part of it as the two go sideboard to sideboard through turns one and two and down the back stretch, Berg not going anywhere hanging tough on the outside until he goes around in the middle of three and four but somehow hangs on to it but still bringing out the first caution on lap five

…and it was probably a good thing as the “Hitman” Diatte was on his way to checking out with a five or six kart advantage and it was growing.  Diatte on the point, Berg sdiatte rolling2-cropsomehow gets his second spot back third is Smith, fourth is Laughton and Chase rounds out the top five.  Meanwhile, like a stealth defending two time champ Wayne Felch  was only two spots away from the top five in seventh.  On the restart Diatte goes immediately to work pulling a kart length on the field right out of the gate, Chase decides he no longer likes the view in fifth and goes under Laughton as they battle side by side…in turn four Chase spins bringing out caution number two on lap eight.

On the restart it is Diatte again with another killer restarts ( dude was ala Ron Hornaday on the restarts!) but this time Berg hangs in there. Felch and Laughton have a battle for fourth, Laughton goes around on lap twelve for caution number three…Lakewood, California’s Chris Gibb has mechanical issues and is done as well..two years in a row Gibb as been plagued with mechanical issues and has failed to finish..Tough break for the classy Californian.  Felch regroups and takes over fourth on lap fifteen and its off after Shane Smith in third who has  been working like a dog to get my Berg. The work pays off as Smith goes by Berg on lap eighteen…Berg stays third for two laps before something locks up and spins him in turn four.

pole sitter brad bergSo the stage is set on lap twenty…a five lap shoot out to the finish with Diatte leading, Smith in Second, defending champ Felch third, Laughton fourth and BK2 champ Rocket Ronnie Cox fifth.  On restart number one coming for green, Diatte gets loose off four and spins in front of the whole field…and with a huge break gets his spot back, at this point Diatte had lead every lap and basically was untouchable, he was absolute “Money” everywhere and put on a very impressive clinic.  On the second restart, Diatte goes ghost once again with Felch making a bold and sweet move to the inside of Shane Smith for second, the two get together and both are off into the turn two wall..both OUT spoiling any chance for defending champ Felch who looked like he  possibly might have a shot at a tri-fecta, but we will never know because Felch and “One Time” Shane Smith are done on lap 20.


shane smith 2

So its Diatte, Chris Passanante, the “Ironman” Joe Stackman, (the closer as he is otherwise known had come quietly from the thirteenth starting position) third, Cox fourth and Laughton recovering from his lap twelve spin fifth..Diatte once again off and rolling, off of turn four Diatte spins with no else around and is out…radiator spews on his right rear and the clinician is done…giving the lead to Passanante…Restart once again only this time its Passanante who is out running out of fuel giving the lead to the “Ironman” Joe Stackman, that is short lived however because during all the “hub bub” Laughton has gotten by Cox and  goes back Stackman on the outside of turn four with two to go….and goes on to take the checkers with Stackman second, Cox third, Mark Bryant fourth and Passanante was credited with fifth.  It was yet another free for all finish for the BK…stay tuned for BK7 I just know like Quicken loans…it will AMAZE.



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I have had the honor to be asked to be a field rep in finding prospective clients for the program…if your interested in more information, please contact Terry Bridges at or phone me at 503-851-3907.  Below is an outline of what K & Motorsports can offer you.  I encourage you to look this over, these are quality people that are offering a quality service. You owe this to yourself if you or your racer is wanting to “Take the next step”…So your great new journey starts with this one step!..Enjoy!…

Thank you for your interest in K & K Motorsports. The following outline provides an overview of our career consulting and driver development programs. K & K Motorsports is not a driver school or rent-to-ride program. Our goal is to provide racers an avenue to attract potential funding sources by assisting with Marketing, PR, Media, career guidance and Sponsorship management. We also provide driver development and field competitive race teams from USAC Ignite Midgets and Legends up through NASCAR sanctioned stock car racing series.

We understand all drivers are at different levels in their race programs. We offer several different types career consultation packages to accommodate the entry level drivers up to fielding our own race teams to develop professional racing careers. Our Career Consulting and Driver Development Programs are as follows: 

Taking the Wheel
Full Throttle
K & K All Stars
K & K Race Teams and Development Drivers

Taking the Wheel-
This program is perfect for the younger driver, driver’s just getting started in racing, or driver’s racing on a local level seeking small sponsorship opportunities. The K & K Team assists the driver to effectively brand their unique personality in a professional manner to fans, media, and potential funding opportunities. K & K assists with marketing materials, web campaigns, driver promotions, and public relation strategies.

Package includes the following:

• Discounts for K & K off-season training classes and workshops
Website Design and updates
• Marketing package to distribute to potential funding opportunities
• Driver resume
• Driver cards
• Newsletter template, content and distribution guidance
• Career Guidance

Full Throttle-
The Full Throttle program is for driver’s seeking marketing and PR assistance with their established racing career. Specifically for drivers ready to take their racing programs to the next level and begin developing long term corporate sponsorships. The K & K Team assists the driver with effective branding, public relation strategies, marketing materials, web campaigns, driver promotions, negotiations, deal closings, social media and trackside campaigns.

Package includes the following:

• Discounts for K & K off-season training classes and workshops
• Website Design and updates
• Marketing package to distribute to potential funding opportunities
• Driver cards
• Newsletter template, content and distribution guidance
• Press Releases
Social media guidance
• Apparel design (shirts and hats)
• Courses on marketing, branding, and managing a racing career
• Fitness Program
• Career guidance

K & K All Stars
This program is specifically for K & K team drivers and driver’s racing competitively in other series outside of our stable seeking direct assistance with corporate sponsorship management. To become a K & K All Star, you must submit a resume and go through an interview process. K & K All Stars receive all the same benefits as our team drivers and are featured in all K & K marketing materials, website, social media, and work closely with the K & K sponsorship management team. K & K Race Teams and Development Drivers
Our philosophy at K & K Motorsports is to train our drivers to become competitive racers and provide an avenue to a professional racing career. We assist them to build a resume that impresses teams. However, upper tier teams typically won’t look at a drivers resume unless the driver is bringing money or sponsors. K & K assists each driver to develop marketing partners and B2B relationships within the professional racing arena to get them to the next level in their racing career. We are the “racer’s connection” for teams and sponsorship.

The K & K race team develops drivers primarily in Legends, USAC Open Wheel, AND Modifieds & Late Model types of race cars and series, most successful drivers entering professional careers come from these particular areas.

K & K Motorsports – 2014 Racing Series (subject to change):
NASCAR K & N Pro-Series East (some West); alliance with Biagi-DenBeste Racing
Lucas Oil Series – Modifieds
NASCAR All American Series – NorCal Whelen Modifieds
USAC Ignite Midget Series – East Coast
Legends – Lucas Oil and Southern and Northern California

K & K works with the All Stars and team drivers to generate sponsorship. We have team sponsors assisting to offset our typical racing costs. Some sponsors provide in-kind product and some provide cash, or both. These funds are allocated to each driver’s programs accordingly.

All Star and Team Driver’s – Career Planning:
Each driver comes into our development program at a different stage in their racing career. We work with the All Star and team drivers to establish three and five year career plans. The K & K team monitors progress to ensure the driver is getting the training needed in all areas to succeed. All areas including, but not limited to: driving ability, speaking skills, interaction with sponsors, social media skills, people skills, and marketability.

Attracting Sponsors:
The ability to attract sponsors is imperative to a successful racing career. At K & K, our All Stars and team drivers develop a brand around their own personality. Each driver has something unique about them and we work to capitalize that uniqueness into a trait that appeals to sponsors. Corporate sponsors look for a story and a personality that fits their goals and company image.

Sponsorship Management and Promotions:
When managing sponsorship’s, the work doesn’t stop with a decal on the race car. K & K develops promotions and events for each or our partners and All Star and team driver’s sponsors. We work hard to create new business to business opportunities, increasing sales and bringing a measurable return on investment. This ensures continued relationships and marketing partner’s long term.

Seminars, Workshops and Cup Team Tours:
The K & K Team hosts seminars, workshops and Cup Team tours. We also provide marketing, sponsorship, and chassis tuning classes. The seminars and workshops are held in the off-season in January and February. Workshops focus on the following areas:

Driver Development/Sponsorship
• Proven strategies to land sponsors
• Connecting a sponsor with the right driver
• Transitioning from amateur to professional athlete
• Fitness training
• Driver interviews, speaking skills and public relations
• Working with a spotter
• Fan interaction and networking with sponsors
• Networking with key career contacts

Motorsports Marketing – Value to a Sponsor:
• Channels for business-to-business (B2B) networking
• Established methods to drive measurable sales to consumers
• Demonstrated ways to expand distribution
• Powerful brand building concepts
• Proven ways to engage company employees, customers, vendors & prospects

Racing Connections:
Bill Lyons (William Lyons Associates) and K & K Motorsports have formed a business alliance. Bill works with NASCAR and most of the major Professional race teams and has managed professional athletes for over thirty years. Bill also managed the Yellow Transportation award winning NASCAR sponsorship for over eleven years. Bill has the ability to make connections and manage corporate relationships with prospective teams, NASCAR officials, co-sponsors, the media, and much more. Bill monitors all of the All Star and team drivers. Bill provides guidance as our drivers make the transition from amateur to professional athlete. Bill will introduce a driver to a professional team when he feels the driver is the “real deal” and ready to make the next step in his/her career.

All Stars and Team Drivers – Media, Driver Marketing and PR Management:
The K & K team assists our All Stars and team drivers with managing existing marketing partners and attracting new sponsors, developing long term relationships and a brand identity for the driver. K & K manages and utilizes professional alliances and firm(s) to create a brand image and related marketing materials for our drivers in the most professional manner possible. This includes the following:
• Driver Web-site Layout and Design
• Web-site domains and hosting
• Driver Web-site updates and changes
• Professional Driver Resume
• Marketing presentation package
• Driver Hero card design
• Driver business card creation
• Press releases
• Press release web-site postings
• Social media management
• Monthly newsletters
• Team and driver apparel

Next Steps to become an All Star or Team Driver:
• Submit Driver Resume to Kim Walmer:
• Schedule conference call with Kim to discuss driver’s career path and goals
• Discuss options and determine if K & K Motorsports is a good fit for the driver and K & K race team, if it appears to be a good fit…
• Discuss series to race over next to three to five years, create marketing and PR plan, establish goals and milestones.