RoadRacers Show Rose Cup Fans the “GO” in Karting….

Dallas, OR  June 24, 2011- The fans who were in attendance for the 2011 “Fluge Rose Cup” got a pleasant surprise last weekend as the Road Racing Karts were added to the racing venue, allowing 55 race teams to show these are no ordinary “Go-Karts”.  With 250cc Shifter & 80cc lay down machines to 4 cycle Sit Up Sprinters, the race teams showed those in attendance that they were and are KING.  When it became known that the 250cc “SuperKarts” were lapping the historic road course in the low 1:16’s, it definitely drew some attention.  When asked if a low minute sixteen was fast,  veteran Rose Cup announcer Bob Acamien replied “That’s faster than most of the cars that ran here today”.

Although they were at the tail end of the show because they were added late, the racers and race teams seemed to really be enjoying themselves.  Ffty-five race teams pitted together in the area was an impressive sight, it was like one big extended family.  “That’s karting” said John Sullivan event coordinator, “We all try to take care of each other racing or otherwise, there are a lot of great people in the sport”.  Discussion of gear ratio’s, chassis set-ups, and aerodynamics the buzz was nothing different than at any  “Big car” event. The other thing of note was how meticulous all of the race teams were in dialing in their set-ups, the term “Splitting hairs” should give you an idea just how committed and serious ALL of the racers are.

In race action the 250cc Superkart Division was won by Jason Perkins who inherited the lead when the Design 500 racewear machine of runner-up Tim Musch retired with a broken suspension. (Interesting note that the 1:16’s that Musch was running is an AVERAGE speed of over 92mph!)   SUMMARY: 1. Jason Perkins, 2. Tim Musch, 3 Sackville, 4. Storgaard

Next to cross the stripe were the Sit-Up 125cc Shifters with the Veteran brother drivers Chris and Ryan Hegar.  The Hegar name is a main stay in the Karting and Machining world making both racing and aircraft wheels and other quality parts The two brothers along with Troy Schultz and Mike Ray and newcomer Joshua Stanford fought a fierce battle throughout the duration of the 30 minute event with Ryan Hegar taking home the top spot and brother Chris Hegar runner-up.  Joshua Stanford finished a strong fifth aboard his NOS energy drink sponsored machine.  Summary: 1. Ryan Hegar 2. Chris Hegar 3. Troy Schultz 4. Mike Ray, 5. Joshua Stanford 6. Aaron Stanford 7.Francis 8.Bircher 9. J. Schultz 10. Hawkes

In the RotaxMax/Tag Division it was Father & Son taking the top two podium spots. Wiley veteran John Sullivan took home the top honors aboard his ACT sponsored machine, followed by Son Donnie in the second ACT entry.  The elder Sullivan was also the Rose Cup Karting event coordinator wearing many hats, before trading them for his  helmet. It was impressive the way he kept his race focus, while handling the minute by minute distractions that an event such as this can bring.   The other “Real Surprise/No Surprise”  was the final podium spot which was taken by Kirkland Washington’s Kory Estell aboard his Better Meat Inc, Summers Automotive CRG.  Estell, a sprint ace in the NW Gold Cup/RotaxMax Challenge Sprint Series, saw his very first laps around the facility on Saturday’s first practice. The smooth Estell handled it in his usual style adapting, handling things, and driving to the front taking third on a last lap draft pass, just another day at the office.  SUMMARY:  1. John Sullivan 2. Donnie Sullivan 3. Kory Estell 4. Bolster 5. T Schorler 6. Storgaard 7. R. Schorler

80cc lay down was one of the larger classes of the race weekend.  The legendary Russ Dyer battled Martha Morse to take the win. Dyer who along with another karting long timer Mike Gent basically invented the road racing shifter class, & both were known as shifter “Die Hards” for their unwavering loyalty.  Another long time veteran and quite possibly a legend was third place finisher Rick Holmboe. Holmboe, (whose brother Don is another decorated karting solider and business owner) has over 42 years in the sport!  Steve Birchard and Tom Plante rounded out the top five.   SUMMARY:  1. Russ Dyer 2. Martha Morse 3. Rick Holmboe 4. Steve Birchard 5. Tom Plante 6. Bowes 7. Zbylut 8. Peake 9. Buck 10. Moody

In what has to be one of the most competitive classes in all of the karting, the Briggs World Formula continued its competitiveness with 7 drivers going nose to tail in an exhibition of drafting that made even the “Good Ole Nascar boys” sit up and take note.  Lap after lap of the 30 minute event had people betting on who was going to be leading the next time around.  In a storybook ending, it was Vancouver’s Steve King taking the win over who many call the”Hershel McGriff” of karting, many time National Champion Bryan Green.  It was King’s first ever road racing win and it was his birthday.  “This one’s for my sponsor” piped King while reaching for something along side his chair.  “And she is the best” chuckled King while holding up the new pair of driving shoes that his significant other, known in close circles as “The Sponsor” had gotten him for his birthday.  “It’s starting to come together” beamed King with a smile so big it made you think you had just won the race. King came into the event on a roll, coming off a season best fourth place in the highly competitive NorthWest Gold Cup/RotaxMax Sprint Challenge Series and winning his first ever karting event back in May in an Oregon State Karting Championship Series event at the Pat’s Acres Racing Complex.  SUMMARY: 1. Steve King 2. Bryan Green 3. Nik Larson 4. Kevin Larson 5. Paul Weatherford 6. McKinney 7. Wick

Event coordinator John Sullivan was pleased with the event said that “Everybody involved did a fantastic job of representing the sport” and thought that the Rose Cup Committee was with it as well.  “I’ve been told that they want us back next year, and that we’ll be showcased as part of the main venue”.  Karting is a fantastic way for many to affordably try their hand at racing to see if it is for them.  There are two main race tracks in the Portland/ Metro area.  McMinnville Raceway Park in McMinnville, Or is on the grounds of the Yamhill County Fairgrounds and is managed by the Portland Karting Association ( , and the other is the historic Pat’s Acres Racing Complex which is in Canby, OR and is independently owned and operated by Chris & Lisa Egger (  The Pat’s Acres Racing Complex offers affordable rental karts and operate daily from 10am til Dusk.  Check out both for more complete information on the “How To’s”  involved in getting a start in Karting, both groups offer great information for those just getting started and offer complete race schedules for all the karting events around the Northwest. For more information on the Northwest’s premier regional racing series you can go to or


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