Unlimited All-Stars Indoor Speedway Rd. 3

Salem, OR-   Salem Speedway hosted round 3 of the seven race indoor speedway series and with each event it appears is the series is getting stronger and stronger.  The Unlimited All- Stars had its largest turn out of the season and the SuperSport 200 Clones once again boasted high numbers and the Salem Speedway seems to be making some believers out of some dyed in the wool asphalt racers as well.

“I’m very happy with the way the season and the series is progressing” said Roger Freeborn  of Freeborn Racing Promotions.  “We were a little down on spectators at this event, but with the holiday, and the Oregon vs. Oregon State civil war game going we were expecting the numbers to be a little down…but entries remained about the same so we’re real excited about the direction things are headed.”

Sorry about the missing out on round 2, but yours truly was in Seattle, WA bidding for the upcoming asphalt season and working at getting the gig for the IKF 4 cycle Grand Nationals which will be in Tri-Cities, WA July 9-14th…hated to miss the action, but an announcers got to do what an announcers got to do to stay busy…

it was awesome seeing all the competitors after missing round 2…but here is a question…Where are all the Junior speedway drivers at?…because I’m wondering if there are any juniors that can beat the new hot shoe on block Austin Smith…this kid can really wheel…and for the third event in a row he has flat cleaned up on the competition…Bailey Story has been close and is working on it, and Tayln Roberts has been outstanding on a 4 stroke that runs like a house a fire, but young Austin Smith at this point my be on his way to an undefeated series…this kid is really looking good, if your a junior and want to come test yourself…you’ll get a real test running against this new up and coming super star…So with that said…Calling all Juniors!………

On to Yamaha Light & Heavy…in light action Corey Marcum open his point lead to 108 pts as he took the win in both heats and the main event over second place point holder Paul ‘Ish’ Aicher but that is not the end of this story because Aicher  really had to pull himself together after his daughter Melissa put it to him in the first two heats…Melissa Aicher can really wheel and she’s beautiful to boot!…Rick Jones who struggled early in the first two heats managed to get it together for the main and followed Paul Aicher across the stripe for third and Melissa Aicher grabbed the fourth spot…It is possible that Corey Marcum could well be on his way to clean sweep of light…so again, calling all Yamaha Lights!!!…In Heavy action Hadley Loveall made it two in a row as he beat a very stout heavy field…Loveall had em’ covered in the first two heats, but the main was a different story as veteran Fred Gibb who struggled in both the heats got things figured out and came to play…Gibb beat on Loveall’s door the entire way in the main event…I really had my eyes opened by the performance of Bill Story…this guy came to race as he really looked good in the heats and followed Loveall and Gibb across in third…Story is the sleeper in my book, so keep an eye out for this guy…he might just surprise some people and pull off a win before the series is over and is currently third in championship points…Darren Brown who came into the indoor season one of the hottest speedway drivers in Northwest struggle a bit and managed to salvage fourth, but no doubt is a contender for the heavy title trailing the leader Loveall by only 6 points…I believe Yamaha Heavy is going to come down to the last race, and the last main event. Darren Marcum finished 5th and is currently 4th in Unlimited All Star Championship points…

Boy howdy, one of the best classes of the series thus far is SUPERSPORT 200 Light.  Asphalt ace Dan Cahill tried to make it two in a row but  I believe a broken throttle cable in the main event ended his chances but some how he managed a fourth working the throttle with his off hand…Now THAT is wanting to win!…Cahill is a veteran driver who has really taken to the dirt…and they are still learning!….Cahill currently is Numero Uno in championship points and I guarantee will not go down without a fight…But the talk around the pits is about first timer Paul Weatherford who showed up and took the main… he was quick in the heat races and he kept it going in the main but had his hands full with one time winner Mark Wooten knocking on the door in the final 4 circuits…Wooten cleaned up on everybody in the season opener and always brings pristine iron to the race track…but in all racing the championship goes to the sure and steady and that is exactly what Mike Allen has been doing..Allen had second in round 2 and finished 8th this round and finds himself sitting in second place in championship points behind the leader Cahill….Another long time veteran Bob Millard finished fifth with a nice solid effort, and “the Todd” Todd Brown who came off of a nearly unbeatable asphalt  summer season and struggling the first two events finally got things going and finished 3rd behind runner up Wooten…Brown finds himself 5th in championship points and I believe will be a contender…but he is going to have to have some solid finishes from here on out if he has any hopes of capturing the title….Cam Baughman had a GREAT day finishing just out of the top five in the 6th spot and Austin Felch who is normally a top three finisher had a tough day finishing in the 7th spot…not a normal performance from the young hot dog now finds himself 6th in championship points and is really going to have to perform the final 4 events to make up the 198 deficit that he is now facing…..

SUPERSPORT 200 Heavy was once again won by Don Schrock making it two in a row for the crafty veteran…give an old guy some confidence and look out…but you cannot over look the young entrepreneur Jonathan Brown from Lincoln City, Oregon who followed Schrock across in second for his best run of the series…Brown is only 6 points out of second in championship points behind third place finisher Scott Baughman and only 14 points out of the top spot….Jonathan Brown will be a contender for the title…and this class here could very well end up coming down finish positions in the final main event….Great stuff, can the old guy rule by making it 3 in a row?…..We’ll find out this Saturday in round 4!…So stay tuned. 

In the newly established AKRA CLONES…this is a story of the race goes to sturdy and not necessarily the speedy…Chris Hatch once again used his speedway experience and captured the win…Hatch is the owner of Black Star Motorsports and builds some of the fastest 4 bangers around here in the NW….following Hatch across the stripe in the runner up spot is current point leader Greg ‘The Real Deal’ Normandin who currently has a  12 point lead in championship points and you have to wonder if that no show by Hatch may not have sealed his chances for a title when in comes down to the final event…Normandin is shrewd racer and master fabricator who always brings immaculate iron to do battle….here is the crazy deal…Hatch is the engine builder for all the competitors in the class, and Normandin just bought Hatch’s old chassis, Hatch had a new one shipped in and Steve King also purchased a new chassis from former standout Rick Grout…but rolled it in the second heat race and could not start the main can you say musical karts?….King is tied for third in championship points with Speedway ace Brian ‘the old guy’ Green…Green is a crafty veteran with all kinds of tricks of the trade up his sleeve and could be a hell of a poker player, cause you never know what Green has or is up to…He is a master competitor and always great fun to watch…..Skeeter Phillips was also on hand but had some growing pains and did not make the main event…but Phillips is already working on improving his stuff and will be a great addition the the AKRA Clone division.

The always fun and racy Mini-Stocks was won Janell Schlaht….Ladies this is an example that you can do it..Schlaht was good all day as was Travis Tolman who finished in the runner up spot….What happened to the Oylers you ask?…they were there with John finishing 3rd and Tim finishing 4th….Cliff Haines grabbed the 5th spot, Gentleman James Walker 6th, John Gartner grabbed 7th, the dastardly and despicable John Adams was 8th..( his nickname is meant with love and fun) and Russ Crein finished 9th…John Oyler is a top of the leader board in championship points 12 ahead of brother Tim and 14 ahead of gentleman James Walker…John Gartner and John Adams round out the top 5 in championship points…..

Young Scott Fox captured the 125cc Kage Kart division and Uncle Greg Fox captured the 250cc division….Scott Fox is going to be a heck of a racer watching the way this young hot shoe wheeled his way around the speedway….Nice work Scott! 

In UAS OPEN action, it was Renee Angel taking the win from current point leader Chris “the Italian Assassin” Passanante  with cool and calculated late race pass while working traffic…Passanante  went high and so did  traffic and Angel shot underneath coming out of turn 4 and did not look back and she went on to capture her first main event of the series…Eric Stansberry  finished 3rd and looked really good all day…and is third in championship points…and WILL be a contender…this guy has a some fast stuff…Fourth went to another guy that you better look out for his name is Shane Smith…this cat can really roll and is 6th in championship points and he has missed two events!….5th went to Rotax asphalt ace Aaron Neliton…once Neliton gets things figured out on this new surface, all I can say is look out cause this boy can wheel….you heard this HERE first…6th went to a guy who is always a crowd favorite and veteran of the dirt wars….”The Rocket” Ronnie Cox…Cox who won the second annual Buddha Memorial event…which has now become the largest dirt venue East of the Mississippi…had is BRC bad boy open stick in the first heat so Cox whipped out his old reliable Yamaha  piston port  and bolted it on to do battle…Cox is master on the dirt as well as the ice and has many championships on the dirt and was the world champ on ice in 2006…Superport clone ace Jim Pieschel was 7th and Will Champagne 8th and Wayne Felch 9th….just a note on Felch, not only is this guy a racer through and through…is one of the finest craftsmen I have EVER seen…his work is second to none, he has mind for fabrication that most of us would kill for….but importantly he is one hell of a guy….he had his inline dual clone entry going in the second heat race and boy was it ever impressive….once he gets that thing to live…he is going to be one to be reckoned with…all that said he is still second in championship points and has real shot at the title just 12 points behind leader Passanante…

Come join us THIS Saturday as the UAS series runs round 4 of the 7 race series at the beautiful Salem Speedway for slideways Saturday brought to you by the great folks at Knechts Auto Parts and Les Schwab Tire Centers!…Gates open at 7 and first practice is set to kick off at 9am…Come join the speed and fun !…For the Northwest Race Report, I’m Terry Bridges and thank you so much for reading!…See ya at the races!


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