Lady “Hot Schlatt” takes Fourth UAS Main

UAS Round 4 & 5-Dallas, OR-  Freeborn Racing Promotions Unlimited All-Star indoor Speedway kart series was hitting on cylinders as round five of Les Schwab tire centers / Knecht’s Auto Parts “Slideways Saturday” was on tap at the Salem Speedway, and promoter Roger Freeborn couldn’t be happier.  “Just like our fine racers, we tweak & tinker adding and trying different show set-ups trying to make our UAS shows the best in the West!  We’re close and gaining on it, but we’re not going to stop till we get it just right”. The way each show has been improving, Freeborn has the series rolling and gaining momentum.“If you told me in September this years indoor season was going to go like this, I would’ve had some doubts, I contemplated not being back the way the economy has hit racing…I wasn’t sure it could support itself; but with the help of Ronnie Cox, the racers, and our quality staff rallying around and supporting the UAS…things are going better than expected, positive all the way around.”

Rounds four and five were scorchers, with round five getting the nod for best racing so far to date. Three very smoking hot drivers have been turning in some amazing performances Corey Marcum is undefeated in 5 UAS KT Light events (yes, I said undefeated)  as he swept Yamaha Light and Heavy.  Marcum has been (and still is) dialed & absolutely bolted down…(really though, pretty tough NOT to be on a race track that is prepped like Salem Speedway, Bob Leach has absolutely outdone himself giving the racers a track surface that has Elmer’s glue asking how does he do it?)…Young hot shoe Austin Smith has been tearing up the Junior ranks as he too is “lossless” in five UAS main events…Right behind Marcum and Smith with four straight UAS main event wins is Janelle Schlatt who right now is the hottest female driver  in the NW and possibly the West Coast….

Schlatt competes in Slideways Saturday’s Mini-Stock 4 cylinder car division and has been absolutely sensational wowing the crowd with her vast array of rim ridin outside groove battles with Mini-Stock Veteran Tim Oyler who right now has been scratching his head trying to figure out how to keep ahead of the female phenom.  Schlatt is all business when she straps into her lime green Acura Integra and is not afraid to mix it up with the boys and the back of her Integra says it all…”You just got beat by a girl!”…

Here’s the real head scratcher…Schlatt has won four straight and is still 5th 78 points behind point leader Tim Oyler. The season opening absence for Schlatt may very well come back to haunt the ‘Boy Beater’…Gentleman James Walker is currently second 18 pts out…proving to finish first, you must first not miss!…John Gartner and the despicable & dastardly Johnny “Rotten” Adams are using consistent finishes to hold down third and fourth…Schlatt may have to rub the ‘Buddha’s” belly to pull this one out.

KT Heavy with four different winners is also proving that consistency is a major factory in championship chasing…With five top four finishes Darren Brown holds a 94 point edge over Loveall…Brown won round four and Loveall regrouped after a nasty turn four exit flip to amazingly nab the third spot.

Absenteeism is going to be costly for both third place point sitter Bill Story and fifth place Fred Gibb.Gibb won round one, and Story has racked up four top five finishes…Loveall’s miss in round five has cost him the point lead based on his 4 out of 5 top three finishing efforts. For Darren Brown it’s all about staying out of trouble and finishing….Bill Story will have to win rounds seven and eight and hope Loveall has problems to finish better than third…It’s going to be interesting to see how things unfold in KT Heavy…

KT Light is for all intensive purposes O-V-E-R as far as  championship talk concerned…Corey Marcum has a dominated Light and holds a 308 point lead over  second place asphalt ace Russell Francis…Francis along with engine ace Doug Huggler returned to his roots after a looooong Hiatus concentrating on his asphalt program to stay sharp during the winter asphalt layoff and has three top four finishes…two behind speed demon Corey Marcum in KT Light and a solid fourth place finish in KT Hvy in round five, giving first time asphalt standout Joseph Schwagger a chance to try his hand planting potatoes…it didn’t take Schwagger long to get the hang of things rolling a third place finish in round five behind runner up Glen ‘Twin’ Tower…Francis has his work cut out however with a slim 4 point advantage over third place runner Paul ‘Ish’ Aicher and 6 point margin over Aicher’s daughter Melissa who is fourth.  Both Aichers were absent in round five regrouping after Melissa’s brutal turn three crash in round four that sent her for an ambulance ride and brief hospital stay…both Melissa and her dad Paul were in attendance for round five.

In SS 200 Light asphalt 4 cycle ace Dan Cahill has had no problem adapting to going left with five top four finishes, three of which were taking the checkers in the top spot…Cahill put his Rock Star Energy drink backed machine in victory lane in rounds two, four, and five…he looked like he was going to visit victory lane in round three until a broken throttle cable late in main event action cost him the win…Cahill still managed a fourth place finish transferring throttle control to his hand as he drove the last few laps working the throttle by hand…they don’t call him the ‘King’ for nothing…

Doing the math Cahill doesn’t quite have SS Light wrapped up but is looking like  the favorite with102 point lead over round one winner Marc Wooten…Wooten is on the hot seat as only 40 points separate him from fifth place Cam Baughman..Baughman has made huge strides as a driver this winter with his four top ten finishes and not for his absence in round one might have been contending for fourth with veteran Bob Millard who has returned to karting after a 20+ year layoff.  Millard has faired quite well in his first serious campaign only 2 points behind third place Austin Felch who is only 22 points behind second place Wooten…SS Light…coming down to checkers or wreckers….stay tuned.

SS 200 Hvy is has another great young versus old points battle going on between point leader Scott Baughman and second dirt sophomore Jonathan ‘Mean Green’ Brown…I could go on and on about what a great success story Jonathan Brown is and what super parents this kid has…they just don’t come any better than the Browns…They just get it…are they knock out fast?…No.  Are they glitz and glimmer?..No. What they are is what made racing what it is today and the very thing everyone is forgetting about…It’s the working man that made racing great…Friday and Saturday  night warriors giving their all to something that they love and truly enjoy…they are the type of people that make the race track for me other than home, a place I could never get sick of being…Jonathan Brown has come a long, long way… and is showing it now only 12 points behind Baughman in second spot..Here’s what I know…If there is anything that I can do to help Jonathan Brown be successful I’m leading the parade and doing all I can you feeling me?…Great people…and if he wins this deal..OMG!…ticker tape and confetti everywhere in Lincoln City, OR you can bank on it…Wiley veteran Dave Schrock is not going to go down without kicking and scratching you can bank on that deal…Schrock is a three time main winner this season other than his absence in round four…his worst finish?…Second.  Not to shabby I’d say…He’s got a serious shot…never, ever, count out a veteran…can’t wait to see how this one turns out…

AKRA Clones I feel isn’t really getting good look because of the growing pain numbers in it’s first season. Typically with only 4 to 5 entries it may be foolishly getting brushed off…I say it’s quality and not quantity..although quantity is fun, this class has 4 veterans and newbie and the competition is awesome!  8 points is all that separates point leader Chris Hatch from one of the most underrated 4 cycle drivers period in Greg Normandin.  Normandin is an easy going racer that has a poker face that would confuse even the best poker player reader…is coy and sly giggles often have you wondering just what he’s up too…He’s up to taking the title away from Hatch, if you know Normandin you don’t need to be a poker player reader to figure that one out.

From 8 points between first and second, we drop down to two points between second and crafty third place runner Bryan Green…this guy has more rabbits in his hat than Harry Houdini and he most certainly isn’t afraid to pull em’ out and use…He is an absolute master at positioning himself and using the race track to his advantage..don’t mistake that for dirty…cause dirty he’s not, one of the cleanest racers around but you are not going to get any more room than necessary…Here you go, this is all you get do with it what you will, but you aint gettin’ no more…Green’s no show in round three could be a factor…but both leader Hatch and runner up Normandin also have a no show…I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of stuff that makes racing SO awesome…you just never know what lady luck has in store…so stay tuned to this one, it’s gonna be a nail-biting barn burner for sure!…

JR. 2 & 4 Cycle has been a tad on the light side compared to prior seasons, but in 2011-2012 there have been five very talented and improving drivers competing hard and learning the racing game. In two cycle Austin Smith is five for five and looks at the moment the favorite to take the two cycle crown.

Bailey Story has four out of five top three’s and is in third spot 12 points behind another young phenom named Talyn Roberts…Roberts sporting a monster CMC prepared four stroke has really been tearing it up with three runner up finishes in rounds 1, 2, and 3 and a third in round 4, but the heat is on with only a 12 point advantage heading into the last two events…Poking around only 88 points in fourth is Kyle Roles with two runner up finishes and a third in as many tries…there is no way in this series that you can afford to have two no shows and still have a shot at the title…unless no one shows up…Justin Jones as well has a second in round 5 and a third in round 1…

Austin Smith and his fearless wide open pedal driving style and confident swagger make him very fun to watch…and his undefeated season thus far speaks for itself…So much so that Roger Freeborn series director has put a $5 buck bounty on his to any junior that come in a beat this hot shoe….Calling all juniors!….CALLING ALL JUNIORS….

UNLIMITED ALL-STARS is still anybody’s championship. Wayne Felch got some of the gremlins worked out of his custom Stor cars twin clone entry and took the win in round 4.  The thing was an absolute animal off the corners, Round 5 went deservingly to the sleeper fast Eric Stansberry who us definitely going to be a BK4 contender.

On top of the point leader board is the ‘Italian Assassin’ Chris Passanante.  The assassin has a 28 point lead over second place Wayne Felch, Stansberry is third, and BK2 winner ‘Rocket’ Ronnie Cox is fourth and Open Clone runner Jim Pieschel rounds out the top five.  The Ironman Joe Stackman made his debut appearance in round five with a monster stoked sudam and a new legend and was very impressive in his shake down run.  I guarantee you this much, I have watched Stackman for a few years now and if he does not have mechanical gremlins, the Ironman is always there at the end, he is one of the finest closers you will ever witness and one of the classiest racers you will ever come across.  Legend Phil Pfau brought out one of his classic monsters a Gary Hartman built Yamaha rotary valve “AS” motor complete with twin carbs and a Yamaha piston port jug this thing winds to the moon, but not satisfied with the power in stock appearing form and is looking for some tilotson HL alky carbs, so if you have or know where there is a pair, give the legend a call…It would be awesome to see him run that “AS” in the BK4.

Well with that, the NWRR  is going to call rounds four and five a wrap.  The next UAS series event  is the “Prelude to the BK4”  on Jan. 14th, UAS competitors will be getting their final tune- up before the “BIG ONE” the  4th annual Buddha Kinser Memorial Jan. 20-21. This year only 14 UAS monsters are going to make the field, so make you plans to be there early as up to 50 open monsters will be vying for 14 starting spots…I guarantee the action will be absolutely and totally insane…You DON’T WANT to miss this one…A special thanks to Doc’s Photo’s for the use his pictures…if you like what you see, please leave me a comment and for the photo’s check out  Stay tuned for the round 6 race report from the best in racing recaps in the NW…ProSoundAudioServices “Northwest Race Report” please sign up to follow & support the NW race report & please rate the the recap and comment at the bottom of the page…that’s how I know what to give and what you want…Thanks so much!  Until next time I’m Terry Bridges and thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Lady “Hot Schlatt” takes Fourth UAS Main

  1. Hopefully all of us racers understand the time and financial investment that Roger and Bob have made to run the Salem series. The Salem facilities are first rate, they also come at a high cost. Nobody is getting rich promoting these events. Eric Stansberry and I are talking up speedway karting to anyone who will listen, hopefully the UAS series and events such as BK4 will bring people out in increasing numbers. Thank you Roger, Bob, and Terry, we are enthusiastic supporters of your events, looking forward to a spring/summer series. Jan Wiard #7


  2. Hey Terry, any chance you can show the Dwarf cars a little love at the two day shows, the car count has been between 14-18 cars every race, fast car has been Nik Larson who moved over from karting.
    Thanks man your the best,
    Kevin Larson


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