The“Quick 10” with…RPG’s Mike Rolison

 The off season for racers is a needed and busy time to regroup both the mind and equipment. As racers move up the level ladder, that off season regroup time becomes an even more needed and welcomed break.  Let’s face it, at times that break can become a little boooooring so to help ease the racers winter time blues, ProSoundAudioServices and the Northwest Race Report are trying out a little something called the “Quick 10”… it will introduce and give a brief background about different personalities from motorsports and then ask them 10 quick random racing questions…some serious, some not.

It’s just a little something that I thought might add just a little bit fun to ease and refresh the mind after crunching set- up numbers, motion ratio’s, and the like.  Hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think and suggest any improvements or idea’s you might have.  The inaugural  installment of the ‘Quick 10’ will be with Rolison Performance Group owner Mike Rolison…Hope you enjoy it!..

The ‘Quick 10’ is a ten question interview in which the selected guest is asked ten different questions according to their era and expertise in Karting…They have to answer with the first answer that comes to their mind without any long thought, hopefully this will turn out to be a fun and different way to for race fans to get to know a little bit more about their favorite racers and sports different celebrities..

Back in October PSAS cornered Mike at the Pumpkin Dash Endurance race at the Pat’s Acres Racing Complex and he was game enough to be the guinea pig for this first installment of the ‘Quick 10 with..’ PSAS wants to give a big shout out to Mike for manning up and helping me out…So with out further a do here is the inaugural installment of  ‘10 quick questions with RPG Performance owner  Mike Rolison’….We asked Mike these Quick 10 questions and here are his quick witted answers……

PSAS:   Back in the day, you used to be able to choose your own brand of two cycle racing oil…given the choice would it be Blendzall or Gold Label racing castor?

M.R:  Blendzall.

PSAS:  Do you prefer you chassis set-up tight or loose?

M.R:  Loose.

PSAS: Given an engine choice…would it be a REED or ROTARY?

M.R:  Reed.

PSAS:  In Karting’s 1980’s hey day, given the choice of drivers would Lynn Haddock or Rick Gifford be your pick?

M.R:  Lynn Haddock.

PSAS:  You’ve just received the white flag, would you rather be leading  or running second in the final lap?

M.R:  Leading.

PSAS:  Given the choice of a BUG or INVADER chassis, your choice would be?

M.R:  Bug.

PSAS:  Clutches…would you choose a BURCO or L&T?

M.R:  L&T.

PSAS:  Old school pipes…would it be a Gary Hartman or a Mayco?

M.R:  Gary Hartman.


M.R:  Dunlop.

PSAS:  And finally back to driver choice, who was the better driver Ron Emmick or Scott Pruett?

M.R:  Scott Pruett. 

RPG, Rolison Performance Group is available to help with driver training and chassis set-up from kids karts to Rotax Seniors and Masters…He is a wealth of knowledge and has the credentials to back up his expertise…He works with several of the top names in the both the I-5 Corridor and the NW Gold Cup series.  I honestly believe the way the sport is going, gaining an edge in the competitive world of spec racing is of the utmost importance…you’ve almost got to consider a trainer / tuner if your are to keep up with the race game. 

Mike Rolison is one of several quality driver trainers/ tuners operating here in the NW and comes highly recommended with ProSoundAudioServices 5 star “Thumbs up for Kart Racing” business rating which includes business integrity through service after the sale….As competitive as this sport is, you can’t afford to give the competitor an edge, so be the first to get the competitive edge and give  RPG and Mike Rolison the chance to help make you the best racer you can be.  RPG has several different training/tuning packages both by the hour and in package form, you can contact RPG and Mike Rolison on the web at for more detailed pricing!…Thanks so much Mike for stepping up and helping me out with my  inaugural episode of the ‘Quick 10 with…’

The season is just around the corner and  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the races!…It’s time to start getting your tune-ups on!  Thanks for reading and until next time…safe and happy racing to you all!  Got some idea’s of some questions?…PLEASE drop me a line at and we’ll get em’ asked and answered for you!


Your thoughts PLEASE!, Thank You!

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