April 21, 2012-  Pending post race tech and inspection Northwest drivers Joey Whimsett and Luke Selliken won their respective classes at the SkUSA springnationals.  Luke Selliken right now has got to be wuthout question the hottest Rotax Jr. driver inbthe nation!…

He has been winning everything in sight the past few weeks enough so that he was driver of tbe montb and on the cover of GO RACING magazine…Selliken has been like a rabid dog getting his first taste of meat working along side head tuner former national champion Mike ‘Rolli’ Rollison of RPG…

Whimsett as well won His division, which really should come as no surprize, as J.W. has proven himself by winning races all over the nation….

P.S.A.S wishes both NW drivers a huge congratulations.!!…these results are unofficial pending teardown and inspection….Dont forget race action tomorrow at PARC, as round three of the Oregon State Karting Championship series makes a stopvin Canby, OR…

With temps in the high 70’s forcast, racers and racing should be plentiful…for more information and complete series schedule and rules, go http://www.patsacres.com or portlandkarting.com.


Your thoughts PLEASE!, Thank You!

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