Italian Motors Clan to attend Tri-Cities Gold Cup

This coming weekends NW Gold Cup, just got word will attended by some of the Italian Motors group….Austin Debord and Michael Valiante will be there…Still uncertain if Remo Ruscritti and Scott Hargrove will be in attendance.  Hargrove, now a member of the JD Motorsports Indy team may have other obligations.

It will be awesome having them anttend rounds 3 & 4…they are an excellent addition to series. It will be very interesting to see what JR.1 4 cycle holds in store after Justin DeMars upset favorite Sting Ray Robb in rounds 1 & 2. Gonna be awful tough to back it up, but it is sure going to be awesome watching to find out….

What’s in store in Rotax Jr.???? As Kyle Wick set precidence he is the guy beat. He had the smoking hot “LS3” Luke Sellekin on the ropes hurt, but could not finish him off…I wouldn’t want to be Wicks next opponent that’s for sure!!!..Wick is just effortlessly fast, and it does not seem to matter what he sits in….he is fast in everything…and everywhere. He’s going to be the next SuperStud….

…and can AZ/DC come back from his loss to the Canadian Brian Glover who took round 1 and almost round 2 if Zimmer hadn’t been saved by the bell of Brittany Cusacks “over and under” in turn two …..Glover had gotten by Zimmer, but with the red flag & half way….scoring goes back to the last completed lap, which had Zimmer on the point giving him the win…

This I know…Zimmer will be in form and on task….after his loss to Chase Earle in Canada 2 years ago, Zimmer went on a terror the next 2 to 3 events and took the crown….

Should be an awesome weekend of racing….Horn Rapids Raceway Park…Richland, WA……Friday, Saturday, and Sunday…..BE THERE!


Your thoughts PLEASE!, Thank You!

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