Dallas, OR- The Northwest Gold Cup Rotax Max Challenge Series  made its way to McMinnville, OR for round number three of the six stop twelve race series.  The weather was perfect with partly cloudy skies and temps in the low 70’s…Day one started out kind of rough due to some unforeseen timing issues and several classes that had already qualified, had to “redo”.  A minor set back however, as Bam Racing did a fantastic job of getting the program back up and running and even made up the time lost by the end of the day…Great work by the Bam Racing crew…Now on to briefly let you know about how things panned out.

The slugfest continued between Sting Ray Robb and Justin ‘The Bandit’ DeMars in Jr 1 light and heavy, This is one of the classes that had to ‘redo’ qualifying, and the second time around DeMars lost a chain and did not get a qualifying time…this was after qualifying second the first time around…give light and heavy to Robb on DeMars home turf..DeMars has taken the first two events…This is going to be a great battle at the 4 cycle grands in just a few weeks.

Myles Pederson is a smooth, mature young driver and he used those skills to win Jr. 2 light and heavy over nemesis Mike Gutenberger. Gutenberger ended up losing a motor and had to go with his number two…I will be surprised if Pederson doesn’t come away with some hardware at this years IKF Grand 4 cycle Grand Nationals. Jr 2 World Formula was won by Andy Anderson and Eric Pfingston runner up.

In the Shifter division the word is FINALLY!  Corey Estell drove his Better Meat Inc/Somers automotive CRG to victory getting his first ever NWGC win… Estell got by Pole sitter Dana Ward at just over the half way point and went on to take the checkers…I don’t care how tough you think you are, it is always kind of emotional to watch racers get their first win. Skyler Benoit was really running Estell down in the late stages (Benoit was driving for new kart shop owner and Velox Chassis importer Jason G. Hall), but ran out of time.  There wasn’t a team or racer on hand that wasn’t happy to see Estell get his first win…It’s been long over due. Estell is one of the hardest working racers in the series and has a solid team behind him headed by tuner and Dad, Brian Estell. 80cc Shifter was won by Myles Pederson. In TAG/Iame Cup action it was Ethan Word besting Dad Randy to to take the win.

Nick Ferguson is an up and coming driver from Portland, Oregon and he showed why as he took the pole and won both World Formula Heavy and World Formula Medium.  Veteran Chris Hatch won Super Heavy and Animal heavy was won by female phenom Hailey Groff.  Brooke Poyner grabbed the pole, but could not beat dear ole’ dad Corey Poyner in F-200

Red Apple Racings Sting Ray Robb won Mini Max on day one. Day two it was the ‘Little Rocket’ Connor Robustelli taking the win for his sponsor Little Rocket Racing. Hunter Melahn showed signs of brilliance throughout the weekend including his front row qualifying effort on day one.  Micro Max continued its heated battle between Wicked Fabrications Conner Wick and Black Flag’s Jacob Hudson..Hudson snagged the pole, but it would be Wick taking the win with a wild, waaaaay deep two kart pass at the end of the back chute that had the crowd on their feet.

Rotax Jr was a battle between Rolison Performance Groups Jake Preston and Wicked Fabrications Kyle Wick.  Wick is a highly touted freshman in the class and so far has backed up every bit of the hype…but you can never count out Mike Gutenberger…This is kid is a no flash, seat of the pants, hard charger that is ALWAYS there…Gutenberger would take runner up honors both days as Preston would take day one, and Wick took the win on day two. You heard this here first, Cole Franchini will get a win before the seasons end, this kid has been so close and has had garbage for luck. Franchini is a solid runner and truly is not far away from getting that elusive first win. 

Rotax Sr had a packed field of talant… Phil Arscott, Scott Holmboe, Geoffery Roberti, Johnny “The Sliver” Blair, Kyle Byers, and Derek Wang just to name a few…CMC’s Phil Arscott took the pole both days…Day one both Wang and Arscott had issues and finished 21st and 22nd. Arscotts teammate CMC’s Scott Holmboe took the win, with Byers Custom Paints Kyle Byers in the runner up spot…Byers was solid taking two runner up spots for the weekend.  Day two had a wild finish with a relative newcomer showing that he is going to be something to contend with, Max Mulkey would finish third on day two.  Arscott took top honors. Derek Wang salvaged a horrific day one with a fourth place finish. Other notables were Paige Wallins seventh on day one and ninth on day two, and Hailey Groff who like Wang made up for a rough day one with a seventh place finish on day two. 

Can’t forget the real “Vets”, the gentlemen in Rotax MastersBlack Flags Tim ‘the actionman’ Moss took the pole and the win on day one with veteran engine builder Doug Huggler in the runner up spot.  Day two was reversed with Huggler taking the pole and the win and Moss having issues, putting former national champ Mike Daniels in the runner up spot. Tyson Burman had a solid weekend finishing fourth on day one and third on day two. 69 years young and still going strong karting veteran Dennis Ward was fourth.  A little race trivia for you…Wards last ride?….1962.  Amazing.

If this is notTHE, it most certainly is one of the toughest regions in the nation. With new style and old school true ‘Sprint’ tracks on the circuit, this series not only has some of the toughest race tracks to get around, but houses some of the finest drivers in the anywhere. The next stop for the Northwest Gold Cup Series is the track to tough to tame…Mountain High Raceway in Tacoma, Washington …Until next time I’m Terry Bridges and thanks for reading the Northwest Race Report.

NW Gold Cup round 3 FINISH RESULTS- Courtesy of My laps:

WF Heavy:

1 54 Nick Ferguson 
2 22 Luke MIlls 
3 9 Chris Hatch 
4 157 Bill Gulick
5 10 Craig Chiesa 
6 45 Bryan Green 
7 5 Chris Worley 
8 88 Scott Barley 
9 519 Gregg Wick 
10 14 Hailey Groff 
11 17 Justin Smalley
12 66 Greg Normandin 
13 15 Scott Holmboe

World Form Med:
1 54 Nick Ferguson

2 22 Luke MIlls 
3 15 Scott Holmboe

Super Hvy:
1. 9 Chris Hatch

2. 157 Bill Gulick
3. 10 Craig Chiesa
4. 45 Bryan Green
5. 5 Chris Worley
6. 88 Scott Barley
7. 519 Gregg Wick
8. 66 Greg Normandin
Gas Animal Hvy
1. 14 Hailey Groff

2. 17 Justin Smalley


1   316 Sting Ray Robb
2   95 Justin Demars 
3   17 Tyler Besuyen
4   15 Jacob Gulick 
5   24 Carson Kunz
6   75 Reece Carman
7   4 Austin Portalski 
8   5 Blake Portalski


1   316 Sting Ray Robb 
2   75 Reece Carman 
3   95 Justin Demars
4   14 TJ Madonna
5   24 Carson Kunz 
6   17 Tyler Besuyen
7   6 Noah Holloway
8   5 Blake Portalski
9   9 Joshua Holloway 
10   4 Austin Portalski 
11   15 Jacob Gulick 
12   86 Niki Johnston


1   12 Myles Pederson
2   24 Mike Gutenberger 
3   3 Spencer Kunz
4   4 Andy Anderson wf
5   2 Kyle Adams
6   1 Adam Smalley
7   05 Eric fingsten wf


1   12 Myles Pederson 
2   4 Mike Gutenberger 
3   3 Spencer Kunz
4   1 Adam Smalley


1   86 Tim Moss
2   13 Doug Huggler
3   614 Mike Daniels
4   519 Tyson Burman
5   521 Dennis Ward


1   13 Doug Huggler
2   614 Mike Daniels
3   519 Tyson Burman
4   521 Dennis Ward 
5   86  Tim Moss


1   51 Jake Preston
2   24 Mike Gutenberger
3   9  Kyle Wick 
4   18 Marco Eakins
5   14 Niko Pagones
6   5  Cole Franchini
7   42 David Manthei Jr 
8   63 McKay Snow
9   52 Brittney Zamora
10   8 Tyler Brown
12   67 Justin Taylor
13   3 Parker Portalski 
14   17 Bryce Peterson


1   9  Kyle Wick
2   24 Mike Gutenberger
3   51 Jake Preston
4   5  Cole Franchini
5   14 Niko Pagones
6   63 McKay Snow
7   18 Marco Eakins 
8   29 Laura Shearer
9   42 David Manthei Jr
10   52 Brittney Zamora
11   8 Tyler Brown 
12   17 Bryce Peterson


1   335 Scott Holmboe
2   155 Kyle Byers
3   46 Geoffrey Roberti
4   106 Darren Ward 
5   104 Johnny Blair
6   131 Artie Carpenter
7   117 Paige Wallin
8   6 Joey McGuire 
9   24 Jeremy Bolstad 
10   146 Max Mulkey
11   5 Ricky Worley 
12   21 Reny Follet 
13   14 Hailey Groff
14   74 Tony Sisco 21
15   26 Laura Freeman 
16  136 Paul Vaccaro 
17  10 Tiffany Brown
18   0 Bryce Choquer
19   92 Joey Miller 
20   93 James Baratto
21   167 Phil Arscott
22   188 Derek Wang


1    157 Phillip Arscott
2    155 Kyle Byers 
3    146 Max Mulkey
4    188 Derek Wang
5    104 Johnny Blair
6    46 Geoffrey Roberti 
7    14 Hailey Groff 
8    6 Joey McGuire
9    117 Paige Wallin 
10   74 Tony Sisco 
11   136 Paul Vaccaro
12   5 Ricky Worley
13   21 Reny Follet 
14   93 James Baratto 
15   0 Bryce Choquer
16   131 Artie Carpenter
17   10 Tiffany Brown
18   92 Joey Miller 
19   335 Scott Holmboe
20   106 Darren Ward 
21   24 Jeremy Bolstad


1   419 Conner Wick
2   453 Jacob Hudson
3   5 Jonathon Portz
4   7 Hayden Hochhacter
5   23 Ellie Musgrave
6   19 Cooper Becklin
7   33 Jordan Novota


1   316 Sting Ray Robb
2   418 Conner Robustelli 
3   67 Hunter Melahn
4   6 Mathew Morgan
5   7 Mason Morgan
6   2 Seth Apple
7   10 Edward Portz
8   75 Reece Carman
9  14  TJ Madonna

1   418 Conner Robustelli

2   316 Sting Ray Robb
3   6 Mathew Morgan
4   67 Hunter Melahn
5   7 Mason Morgan
6   2 Seth Apple
7   10 Edward Portz
8   75 Reece Carman

1   8 Kory Estell

2   1 Skylar Benoit
3   75Z Steve Purdue
4   51Z Justin Walsh
5   64 Jason Hall
6   76 Chris Cowthon
7   75 Brandon Scheiber 
8   23 Dana Ward

80 cc Shifter:
1 12 Myles Pederson

1   77 Ethan Word

2   71 Randy Word 


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