NWGC Rd #4 The Mountain High ‘Coaster’


Dallas, OR-  After two stops to the east and a stop to the south, the Northwest Gold Cup Rotax Max Challenge Series makes a two stop northern swing before making the final trek east, to Spokane, Washington for the final series event.  Spanaway, Washington will be the first of the northern stops as round four of series prepares to test the drivers TRUE sprinting skills on the hills of Mountain High Raceway.  Originally built in the late 1950’s during the infancy of the karting craze, Mountain High Raceway is a tight, narrow, thirty second, 8 turn, 1,972 foot road course with off camber corners, three different elevation changes and is the most technical  track on the series.


Mountain High Raceway ranks in the top 2 percent as one of the oldest privately owned kart tracks in the nation and is one of the few “true” sprint tracks left in existence.  It has gone through a small modernization to repair damage in the racing surface, but eighty percent or more of the original configuration is the same as it was when it opened in the late fifties…” The Rollercoaster’’ as it has been referred to, will for sure make your “you know what’s, go you know where!”


Enough already with the history lesson, here is how it ended up after close to one hundred competitors tested their skills on the “Coaster”…Shifters kicked things off and all eyes were on the series most recent winner Kory Estell as he tried to capture his second final in row…Hammer Nutrition’s Steve Perdue put his machine on the point with Dana Ward joining him on the front row…Estell wound up third quick….Ward, Perdue and Estell, along with Chuck Pierce and Justin Walsh raced hard.  When the checkers flew it was Ward crossing the stripe in the top spot earning his very first NWGC win and Perdue nipping at his nerf bars…Estell in another solid performance finished  in the third spot.


Jr. 1 Animal light and heavy have not been this interesting in a long time with on track rivals Sting Ray Robb and “The Bandit” Justin DeMars going at it… The first two rounds of the season DeMars had Red Apple Racing’s Robb and crew scratching their heads, as DeMars came out of no where and was dominate…In round three at McMinnville, Robb seemed to back in form as he swept both events…Robb would stay true to form sweeping both light and heavy with DeMars in the runner up spot.  It was DeMars first time at the “Coaster” and he adapted quickly to the tight, quirky  bullring. Notable was the performances of Reece Carman and the Portalski twins…all three had solid weekends with Carman capturing two podiums and the Portalskis  finishing fourth and fifth both days.


With the 4 Cycle Nationals just a couple weeks away, World Formula Heavy was a little on the light side, more like really on the light side with four entries total.  Veteran Bryan Green took the pole, while his grandson Nick Ferguson was trying to find himself in the restroom and missed qualifying all together.  As it turned out, Ferguson didn’t need to qualify as he ran away and was not challenged all day…Ferguson would also take Medium as well on day two…Day two for Green was  better as he snagged his second pole of the weekend in super heavy and went on to win handily…Defending Champ Canadian Scott Barlee was third on day one and runner up on day two.


Jr. 2 animal light and heavy was slice and dice all weekend long. Meridian, Idaho’s Myles Pederson took the pole in light and would finish third behind a totally improved Spencer Kunz…You northwest karting history buffs will remember the name Stan Owsley. Owsley has been over seeing the development of both Spencer Kunz and Adam Smalley, and has been doing a standout job as both drivers have improved tremendously over last season. Mike Gutenberger took top honors in both light and heavy along with a pole on day two in heavy…Did I mention that this kid is as tough as they get? Gutenberger is totally legit without question.


In Super Veteran, I mean Rotax Masters…HRE’s Doug Huggler would take the pole and the win on day one, with Black Flag arch nemesis Tim Moss in the runner up spot. Day two only qualifying would be reversed as Moss took the pole, but Huggler like a rabid dog jumped all over Moss early, got by at the top of the coaster and coasted on to the win.  Moss was runner up.  A huge shout out to 69 year old Dennis Ward, who looks like he is more in his mid to late fifties than he does sixty nine, for his outstanding job behind the wheel…all to go racing with his son and grandson. That alone is totally cool… A little Rotax Masters trivia for you…Dennis Wards last time in kart before this season?….1962.  Incredible.


Highly touted freshman Kyle “I’m so slick, I’m quick” Wick took the pole in Rotax Jr. on day one.  Mother Nature was playing a little game of now its raining, now its not which had teams scrambling and scratching their heads trying to figure out which way the lady was going to go…In the pre-final it appeared that  Mama Nature was going to play now its raining as she let lose not quite a rain, but a strong steady drizzle that had most teams switching over to rains…all but Wick who decided to go “slicks for slick”…and what a decision it was. Just as soon as the last team bolted down the final lug nut on their rain tire, the drizzle stopped, the sun briefly showed, and by the time the sun had gone back in behind the clouds, Wick had lapped everybody but himself. Yes, I said EVERYBODY. I don’t care if they were all on rains or not, to lap an entire field of Rotax Jr’s of this caliber, you gotta know how to turn the wheel…Once Even Steven however, it would be Jake Preston taking the win with Wick runner up.  Day two  Cole Franchini, getting a step closer to his first victory put his Kosmic on the pole and took the pre-final…In the final, it was again Preston under the watchful eye of expert driving coach Mike Rolison, proving to be just a bit better than Franchini in the set up department; allowing him to get by in the late stages to take the win…For Franchini it was once again so close, yet so far.  My prediction still stands, by seasons end Franchini will have a first win.


The day after his fathers death in 2010, Artie Carpenter “AC3” (the three stands for the third…) put together a drive to capture Rotax Jr. that will probably never be topped, it was absolutely that good.  Rumors floated around that he was only fast at his home track in Tri-Cities and that he wasn’t and probably wouldn’t be fast anywhere else.  Really? Are you kidding me right now? What ever it is, you had better share, because to make a statement like that you gotta be on something! Once again Carpenter was flawless all weekend in Rotax Sr. after what would be considered a decent performance for most in round three; it was by the “Carpenter Standard” not so good…and after watching his performance in round four you could definitely see why.  He took the pole on day one and was untouched taking the win.


Day two was interesting.  After a stellar and gritty third place performance in round three at McMinnville, radish farmer Max Mulkey from Monmouth, Oregon (which used to be until just recently, one of the few remaining dry towns still around…No, not methanol, alcohol like beer and booze) who took the pole.  It was Mulkey’s first ever pole in NWGC competition. When the rubber cooled and tech was complete, it was once again Artie Carpenter taking the win with another up and comer from the four stroke ranks,  Joe “I Can Roll” Criscione who had a picture perfect start in the day two final; taking the runner up spot. Mulkey tripped, and stumbled back a couple spots and finished on the podium in third.


Micro Max was all Wicked Fabrications Conner “I’m a Goner” Wick.  Wick took the pole, the pre-finals, and the final to capture his second straight Micro Max win…Arch rival Jacob Hudson of Black Flag Racing did some serious driving charging all the way from the back of field to get the runner up spot in the last pre-final, and followed Wick through the checkers in the final…Mini-Max saw Red Apple Racings Sting Ray Robb nab the pole and snag the final on day one only to be DQ’d because the wrong fuel ( with out oil and the thing lived to see day two…BBR must build em’ really right or really lucky. you decide) giving the win to MVP’s Matt Morgan with twin brother Mason in the runner–up spot. Day two the pole once again went to Robb, this time with the correct fuel on board and went on to take top honors on day 2.  Little Rocket Racing’s “Little Rocket” Conner Robustelli, drove like a little rocket and put his Wildkart entry in the runner up spot ahead of day one winner Matt Morgan who was third.


Iame Cup was won by Anthony Cina with Andrew Evans second, and 80cc Shifter was won by Myles Pederson.  The Northwest Gold Cup is idle now until mid-August giving the four strokers time to compete in their “Indy 500”, the IKF 4 cycle Grand Nationals July 12- 14 in Tri-Cities, Washington. The northern swing picks back up and heads across the border to Chilliwack B.C. for round number five August 17-19 at Greg Moore Raceway.


All the best to  those competing in the this years Grand Nationals…ProSoundAudioServices was once again chosen to announce this years Nationals and honored to be doing so…So until just after mid August I’m NWGC announcer Terry Bridges…Thanks for reading the Northwest Race Report! See you at the races, and remember always SUPPORT THE SPORT!


Rd #4 Race Results-Courtesy of AMB/My Laps-


* indicates Pole Winner




1.   26 Anthony Cina*
2.   27 Andrew Evans


IKF Briggs World Form Hvy:


1.   54 Nick Ferguson
2.   45 Bryan Green* 
3.   88 Scott Barley
4.   69 Mark Reece


IKF Briggs World Form Med:


1.   54 Nick Ferguson*


IKF Briggs Super Hvy:


1.   45 Bryan Green* 

2.   88 Scott Barlee 
3.   69 Mark Reece




1.   316 Sting Ray Robb*  
2.   95 Justin DeMars  
3.   75 Reece Carman 
4.   5 Blake Portalski 
5.   4 Austin Portalski  
6.   86Z Niki Johnston 
7.   24 Carson Kunz




1.   316 Sting Ray Robb*
2.   95 Justin DeMars
3.   75 Reece Carman
4.   5 Blake Portalski
5.   4 Austin Portalski
6.   86 Niki Johnston
7.   6 Noah Holloway
8.   24 Carson Kunz
9.   9 Joshua Holloway


Jr 2 Briggs Gas Animal Lt:


1.  24 Mike Gutenberger

2.  3 Spencer Kunz 
3.  12 Myles Pederson*
4.  2 Kyle Adams
5.  63 Dylan McKay
6.  1 Adam Smalley


Jr 2 Briggs World Form:


1.  05 Eric Pfingsten* 
2.  4 Andy Anderson




1.  24 Mike Gutenberger*
2.  12 Myles Pederson
3.  1 Adam Smalley
4.  2 Kyle Adams
5.  3 Spencer Kunz
6.  63 Dylan McKay




1   13 Doug Huggler*
2   86 Tim Moss 
3   519 Tyson Burman
4   20 Jim Nelson
5   521 Dennis Ward




1   13 Doug Huggler 
2   86 Tim Moss*
3   519 Tyson Burman 
4   20 Jim Nelson 
5   521 Dennis Ward 




1   51 Jake Preston
2    9 Kyle Wick*
3   42 Davey Manthei
4   18 Marco Eakins
5   67 Justin Taylor
6   5 Cole Franchini
7   14 Niko Pagones
8   4 Mike Gutenberger
9   52 Brittney Zamora
10  8 Tyler Brown
11  29 Laura Shearer
12  9X Job Kandris
13  17 Bryce Peterson
14  31Z Matt Nelson




1    51 Jake Preston
2     5 Cole Franchini*
3    42 Davey Manthei Jr.
4     Mike Gutenberger
5    67 Justin Taylor
6    14 Niko Pagones
7    18 Marco Eakins
8    9 Kyle Wick
9    52 Brittney Zamora
10   8 Tyler Brown
11   29 Laura Shearer
12   9X Job Kandris
13   17 Bryce Peterson
14   31Z Matt Nelson



1   131 Artie Carpenter* 
2    46 Geoffrey Roberti 
3    104 Johnny Blair  
4    146 Max Mulkey  
5    06 Darren Ward 
6    74 Tony Sisco
7    00 Joe Criscione 
8    14 Hailey Groff 
9    136 Paul Vaccaro 
10   92 Joey Miller  
11   24 Jeremy Bolstad 
12   10 Tiffany Brown 
13   117 Paige Wallin 




1   #131 Artie Carpenter

2    #00 Joe Criscione
3    #146 Max Mulkey*
4    #104 Johnny Blair
5    #106 Darren Ward
6    #4 Tony Sisco
7    #4 Hailey Groff
8    #117 Paige Wallin
9    #6 Joey McGuire
10   #46 Geoffrey Roberti
11   #50 A.J. Fugitt
12   #10 Tiffany Brown
13   #24 Jeremy Bolstad
14    #136 Paul Vaccaro
15    #92 Joey Miller




1   419 Conner Wick*

2   453 Jacob Hudson
3   7 Hayden Hochhalter
4   5 Jonathon Portz
5   23 Ellie Musgrave
6   14 Preston Anderson 1
7   33 Jordan Novota




1   6 Mathew Morgan 
2   7 Mason Morgan 
3   10 Edward Portz 
4   418 Conner Robustelli 
5   75 Reece Carman 
6   67 Hunter Melahn 
7   2 Seth Apple 
DQ- 316 Sting Ray Robb* (FUEL




1   316 Sting Ray Robb* 
2   418 Conner Robustelli 
3   6 Mathew Morgan 
4   2 Seth Apple 
5   10 Edward Portz  
6   67 Hunter Melahn 
7   75 Reece Carman 
8   7 Mason Morgan




1   23 Dana Ward 

2   75Z Steve Purdue* 
3   8 Kory Estell 
4   79 Chuck Pierce 
5   51Z Justin Walsh 
6   20 John Kabigting 
7   103 Travis Henson 
8   64 Jason Hall 




1.  12 Myles Pederson*

2.  27 Andrew Evans
3.  45 Dorian Ford




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SeattleKart Supply-All NWGC & Local Race Teams


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Coffelt Racing Engines-ProSoundAudioServices




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