”The Techman Giveth & The Techman Taketh Away” at the 2012 IKF 4 Cycle Grand’s

Dallas, OR-  The 2012 Core Construction & Development IKF 4 cycle grand’s returned to beautiful Richland, Washington for the federations “Grand Daddy” event.  The “Indy 500” of karting as it is sometimes referred, had racers from all over the states and Canada arrive to a perfect racers battleground. 

Hosted by the Tri-Cities Kart Club, the facility was absolutely immaculate with golf green groomed infield grass, roomy and spotlessly clean pit areas, and topped off with a drivers lounge that included showering facilities.  It is without a doubt a first class racing facility as is the Tri-Cities kart club. 

On Friday racers were treated to a FREE five star BBQ courtesy of the hosts that had REAL smoked brisket, coleslaw, and some of the best baked beans found anywhere, as all the racers and crews put aside competition for a few hours and enjoyed good food, music, and company.

The weather was Eastern Washington style, blistering hot with temps over the century mark!  Kicking off day one of the Grand’s was …



In qualifying veteran 4 cyclist Alan Cathey took the first “Screaming Eagle” of the event, stopping the clocks at 42.855.  Lawrence Racing Engines owner Tim Lawrence put down a 42.891 to join Cathey on the front row.  Brett Lucas was third quick, Joey Miller and John Luaces rounded out the top five.

In the Pre-Final  it was ALL Tim Lawrence from the flag who got the jump on Cathey in turn one.  Lucas, Miller, and Luaces followed.  Cathey held second until lap 8 when problems forced his retirement moving the followers up one spot.  Lawrence was untouched going flag to flag with Lucas, Miller, and Luaces second, third, and fourth.

Cathey’s crew went to work and were regrouped and ready come Final time.  It’s Lawrence again on the point for the first 7 counts.   Lap 8 Cathey pulls out and gets under Lawrence into one, and from there is in complete control.  Lawrence gets and “A” for effort but not enough to deal with Cathey, who was rock solid the last half of the final earning himself the coveted Duffy Livingstone hardware.

Brett Lucas followed Lawrence across the stripe to take the final podium spot, but issues in post race tech gave third to Joey Miller.  John Luaces who was fifth also was bitten by the tech bug and was disqualified.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:   #85 Alan Cathey 

2. Tim Lawrence  3. Joey Miller 4. Brett Lucas- (Tech DQ)  5. John Luaces- (Tech DQ)



Capturing the Screamin’ Eagle was hometown favorite Hailey Groff with a 42.083. Rotax standout “AC3” Artie Carpenter was on hand piloting ride number two for Groff Racing and joined his teammate on the front row with a 42.224. Ricky Worley, Brooke Poyner, and Joey Miller completed the top five.

In the Pre-Final, Carpenter takes the point as Groff has problems on the start.  Brooke Poyner follows Carpenter through to fill second.  Lap one is Carpenter, Poyner, Worley, and David Dean.  Worley puts Poyner back to the third on lap two where Poyner will stay. Worley sets off after Carpenter driving the wheels off trying to catch him but falls short.  AC3 (Artie Carpenter III) across first with Worley, Poyner, Dean, and Joey Miller for the top five.  Groff finishes sixth. Cory Poyner has mechanical woes and is done on lap 6.

Going green in the Final again AC3 takes the point, issues again for teammate and screaming eagle winner Hailey Groff as she falls to sixth. Worley is in pursuit of AC3 and pursuing Groff is Joey Miller.  Cory Poyner’s rough start continues with his final ending early, Groff and Miller fill the void. Miller sends Groff back to sixth on lap 9. Meanwhile Worley is still chasing Carpenter, while David Dean and Brooke Poyner go at it for third and fourth.  Carpenter showing two or four cycle, when you can drive, you can drive takes the checkers .081 seconds over Worley, David Dean sends Brooke Poyner to fourth, Joey Miller fifth, Groff sixth. But wait! The Techman giveth and Techman taketh away. The Techman taketh the win from Carpenter, second from Worley, and fifth from Joey Miller.  The Techman giveth the win and “Duffy” to David Dean, second to Poyner and third to Groff.  Lady Luck deals Luke Mills a did not start, and a DNF to Corey Poyner.  David Dean gets his first National Championship.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:    David Dean 

2. Brooke Poyner 3. Hailey Groff 4. Cory Poyner (DNF)  Tech DQ:  Carpenter, Worley, Miller



It was a Canadian and Californian occupying the front row after qualifying in super heavy.  Canadian Gabe Kajdy (Pronounced Koy-dee), was seeking redemption for the “Duffy” that eluded him after a dominating performance in 2010, put down a 43.541 to take the pole and Screamin’ Eagle award.  Californian Matthias Kattanek’s 43.545 gives him the outside of row one. Oregon veteran Chris Hatch qualified his BlackStar Motorsports entry third, local favorite Craig Chiesa (Pronounced Chee-es-ah) took the fourth spot, Oregonian Greg Normandin and his T-Plus Steel Fabricators machine was fifth. Both Willie Wilds and Jeff Havens have legal issues at the scales and do not qualify.

It was “Canadian Duo” Kajdy and Scott Barlee taking the top two spots in the Pre-Final.  Matthias Kattanek takes third from Hatch who finishes fourth. Craig Chiesa encounters issues and drops way back to eleventh. Fifth quick qualifier Normandin DNF’s to fourteenth giving fifth to Luke Pascoe, and Diane Perry with a strong run drives her way up four spots to sixth.

Kajdy wastes no time on the wave of the green in Final and goes to work leading the first nine. Barlee sends Kajdy to second on lap ten, Kattanek follows suit sending Kajdy to third on lap twelve. Craig Chiesa and Chris Worley send Hatch to sixth, while Luke Pascoe and Diane Perry occupy the seventh and eighth.  Quietly, Normandin has piloted his entry to tenth after DNF’n the pre-final. Barlee, who lost his mother unexpectedly in November had her in attendance watching over him as he lead the final laps in route to a bittersweet first ever national championship. The techman however, would taketh the runner up spot from Kattanek and giveth to Kajdy along with a spot each for the rest of the field. 

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:   Scott Barlee  

2. Gabe Kajdy  3. Craig Chiesa 4. Chris Worley 5. Chris Hatch 6. Luke Pascoe 7. Diane Perry 8. Robert Prince 9. Greg Normandin 10. Glenn Young 11. Gregg Wick 12. Richard James  DQ: Matthias Kattanek  DNF: John Shearer



0.605 seconds was the difference between pole and sixth in qualifying.  Myles Pederson’s 42.458 bested all attempts for the Screamin’ Eagle, but after rolling through the scales it was negated giving the pole and the Screamin’ Eagle to Brittany Zamora who clocked a 42.553.  Joining Zamora on the front row was wheelman Tyler Brown making it a Tri-Cites Kart Club front row.  Canadian Kyle Adams K&K chassis in the third spot, and two hard chargers Michael Gutenberger and Justin Faux finished out the top five.

Pederson was off and running leading the first five.  A mishap for Tyler Brown on lap two deals him to fourth, while Zamora and Gutenberger go second and third.  Lap five brings Zamora and leader Pederson together and Gutenberger sneaks by to take the point, Zamora gathers and keeps second with Pederson not so lucky as Brown, Adams, and Schorn all roll by.with Pederson going from leader to sixth in an eye blink. Pederson composes himself and sends fifth place Schorn to sixth, then picks off Adams sending him to fifth.  Brown sneaks by Zamora on lap nine but Zamora sends Brown back to third on lap ten.  Pederson on lap thirteen takes third from Brown, and is four tenths quicker than the leader but runs out of laps.  Gutenberger takes the Pre-Final, Zamora follows in the runner up, Pederson, Brown, and Kyle Adams finish the top five spots.

In the Final Zamora leads the first four circuits, on lap five Gutenberger and leader Zamora get together hanging Zamora out to dry and Myles Pederson follows Gutenberger through to secure second.  Pederson sends Gutenberger to second on lap seven and on lap eight Zamora and Gutenberger get together this time Gutenberger gets the short end and falls to eighth. Kyle Adams and Bryce Peterson are the grateful recipients. The gift is short lived as Justin Foux does away with Schorn and Peterson to take over fourth in the late stages. Pederson is puts down a 42.448 which is .01 quicker than he qualified in the late laps to win it, Zamora second, Canadian Kyle Adams third, Justin Foux who put down a 42.688 three tenths quicker than he qualified is fourth, Bryce Peterson fifth, David Schorn sixth and Gutenberger seventh.  In the tech barn, the techman will again giveth and taketh as Pederson gets the win taken away and Zamora is the beneficiary for her first Grand National win.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:  Brittany Zamora 

2. Kyle Adams  3. Justin Foux  4. Bryce Peterson  5.  David Schorn  6. M. Gutenberger 7. Adam Smalley  8. Tyler Brown  9. Hunter Thompson  10. Stafford Smith    DNS:  Dylan McKay  DQ: Pederson 



Boise Idaho’s Sting Ray Robb put his Red Apple Market Place machine on the pole with a 43.095 which was over a half second quicker than Enrique Jaime, and arch rival the Bandit Justin DeMars.  Issues in post qualifying inspection for Robb gave the pole and Screamin’ Eagle award to Medford, Oregon’s Enrique Jaime who ran a 43.609 which was just .121 quicker than now second quick Justin DeMars.  Daytona Arnzen (yes that is her real name), Wyoming’s Austin Chalman, and first timer nationals attendee Lucas Ashe completed the top five spots.  Jacob Gulick was fifth quick with a 43.221, but after inspection it was negated.

Robb gets a killer start in the Pre-Final and Chalman catches Jaime napping and Jaime catches DeMars napping and after one, it is Robb, Chalman, Jaime, and DeMars.  DeMars regroups and sends both Jaime back as spot and then sends Chalman back one.  Jaime now composes himself and gets by Chalman for third, then goes to work sending DeMars back to third.  Robb wins the Pre-Final by five seconds over Jaime, DeMars is third, Chalman fourth, and Gulick is fifth.  Lucas Ashe does a great job in first ever National Pre-Final and finishes sixth.  Arnzen has issues and finishes seventh.

In the Final it is a repeat of the pre- final for Sting Ray Robb as he rolled his Red Apple Market Place Express to the win by just under six seconds. The race was for second with the bandit Justin DeMars leading the first eight and half laps until Jaime gets by late on lap nine.  DeMars cool and calmly follows Jaime and then charges back by Jaime on lap fourteen.  Robb was untouched and unchallenged taking the checkers, with DeMars runner up, Jaime third, Chalman fourth, Arnzen fifth Gulick sixth and Lucas Ashes seventh.  The techman was again at work as after post race inspection, Robb’s win was taketh and giveth to Runner Up DeMars for his first ever national champion ship, Enrique Jaime who quicker than it looks is the runner up.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:  Justin “The Bandit” DeMars 

2. Enrique Jaime 3. Austin Chalman 4. Daytona Arnzen 5. Jacob Gulick 6. Lucas Ashe  DQ: Robb



Female phenom Hailey Groff was making a name for herself in the just the first day as she captured her second pole stopping the clocks with a 43.821.  CMC’s house driver Scott Holmboe joined Groff on the outside of the front row. Ricky Worley, Lloyd Mack, and Alan Cathey filled in the top five.

In the Pre- Final, Scott Holmboe leads the first five laps, Lloyd Mack moves by Holmboe and takes the point while fourth place Ricky Worley moves by pole sitter Hailey Groff for third. Alan Cathey moves by Lucas on lap three for fourth and Dustin Chiesa goes Tyler Agen for seventh, bringing Canadian Scott Barlee with him.  Terry Lawrence shows up to play as Lawrence moves by Agen who has problems and is out early and then gets by Barlee.  Lawrence will retire early with problems on lap eight. Lap twelve Worley moves by Holmboe for second, it’s short lived as Groff has also gotten by Holmboe and moves past Worley for second on lap thirteen. Mack is unchallenged  and takes the checkers 0.824 seconds ahead of Groff.  Worley is third, Holmboe and Alan Cathy finish the top five.

The green waves for the Final, and Mack leads the first three. Lap four Groff gets by and does not look back, Mack is second, Holmboe is third, Worley is fourth and Cathey fifth. Canadian Gabe Kajdy does away with Cathey for fifth on lap six.  Back up front Holmboe has gotten by Mack for second, Mack retries getting by Holmboe in turn two and the two get together with Holmboe staying second and Mack goes to fifth. Kajdy is now sixth and Alan Cathey has taken Mack’s vacated third spot and Worley takes Cathey’s empty fourth spot.  That’s the way it will finish Groff, Holmboe, Cathey, Worley and Mack the top five.  Once again the techman taketh the win from Groff, dismiss Holmboe, Cathey, & Worley and giveth the win and Screamin’ Eagle award to Lloyd “Daddy” Mack. Mack a two cycle ace with Indy lights experience, was driving for engine builder Terry Nash, and was awesome all week, and a Class competitor. During his media time after receiving his awards and accolades and thanking those that helped him, in a classy move ended with this.

“You hate to win em’ this way, but we’ll take it. Let’s not forget Hailey Groff and her performance, she had it covered and it’s to bad that it had to go down like this for her”-Lloyd “Daddy” Mack                

 2012 IKF Grand National Champion:  Lloyd “Daddy” Mack

2. Gabe Kajdy 3. Brett Lucas 4.Tiffany Brown 5.Keith Foux 6. Bryan Green 7. Roger Cathey 8. Scott Barlee 9.Keith Land 10. Terry Nash 11. Tyler Agen     Post DQ’s: Hailey Groff, Scott Holmboe, Alan Cathey, Ricky Worley.      DNS:  Terry Lawrence



Lloyd “ Daddy” Mack rolled onto the grid for qualifying looking for pole number two.  Brett Lucas gave a strong effort but was two tenths short when qualifying was over giving “ Daddy” Mack his second Screamin’ Eagle of the nationals with his 43.268 stop of the watches,  Lucas laid a  43.493 to grab the outside of the front row.  0.524 was all the separated Mack from seventh quick qualifier Joey Miller.

The Pre-Final was believe it or not uneventful, as Mack lead flag to flag with the rest of the field staying put the entire fourteen laps except for Joey Miller and Dustin Chiesa who swapped spots on lap two.  Sixth place Hailey Groff managed quick lap of the pre-final with a blistering 43.056 which was three tenths quicker than the winner Mack could manage.  Groff had quality help working with her as karting phenomenon Joey Whimsett was hired as chief tuner for the Groff camp

On the drop of the green in the Final, off pole Lucas got the jump on Mack and lead laps one and two, until Mack drove by to take over the point on lap three and would not look back the rest of the way.  Lucas however had some company on lap five as Tyler Agan went by to take over second bringing Hailey Groff with him.  Groff lasted a lap behind Agan when on lap seven when fourth place Tim Lawrence wanted to see what the view was like from third and Lucas wanted to check out the view from fourth as both went by Groff on lap seven.  Lap twelve ends Alan Cathey’s hopes as problems send him to the paddocks, Dustin Chiesa lasts another lap and on lap thirteen he too retires to back to the compound with gremlins which seals the deal.  “Daddy” Mack the new champ is going to have to carefully stack when the rack is packed so all his hardware stays intact when he heads back from the track.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:   Lloyd “Daddy” Mack

2-Tyler Agan 3-Brett Lucas 4-Hailey Groff
5-Tim Lawrence 6- Joe Miller 7- Dustin Chiesa 8- Alan Cathey

clip_image001[17]        SPONSORED BY: MIKE’S KART STANDS

Matthias Kattanek was the quickest of the veterans and took the pole and Screamin’ Eagle with a 44.224 effort.  Keith Foux was second quick with a 44.302, third was veteran Bryan Green who went 44.373.  All said and done pole through sixth was a difference of only 0.755.  Who says old guys aren’t competitive!

It was hot, way hot when the masters hit the race track for the Pre-Final, with temps well over the century mark.  Every one of the elder statesmen handled the heat like it was nothing.  Kattanek got the jump on the go signal and was in control the whole way, While Green and Foux traded spots from their qualifying efforts.  Meanwhile another veteran Roger Cathey who has been around well over a quarter century and engine builder Terry Nash used their experience to drive their way to fifth and sixth.  Schorn fell to seventh, David Dean was eighth, and Corey Poyner buzzard luck continued as he had issues and completed only four laps.

The Final was awesome with pole sitter Kattanek leading the first four laps,  on lap five Green gets by Kattanek going into one and leads the next nine laps.  Hard Luck Corey Poyner has found something and is flying working his way through the field. Lap fifteen Kattanek who might have showed his hand to early going back by Green for the lead.  Where is Poyner you ask? he has worked his way all the way to fourth from dead last, but lap fifteen will be as far as he gets before losing a chain coming out of turn six ends his day, Keith Foux is third.  Just after crossing the stripe on lap sixteen, Green goes back by Kattanek into one and that puts the dagger in Kattanek who follows champ Green across second.  Roger Cathey snookers Schorn on the last lap to take fourth Schorn is fifth, Terry Nash and David Dean are sixth and seventh.  Green and Kattanek ace tech, but third place Foux, fourth place Cathey, and fifth spot Schorn get tossed after tech, giving Nash third and Dean fourth.  Luck is finally looking Corey Poyner’s way seeing him through tech and giving him the fifth spot.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:   Bryan “Rowdy” Green

2. Matthias Kattanek 3. Terry Nash 4. David Dean 5. Corey Poyner  Tech DQ: Keith Foux, Roger Cathey,  Michael Schorn, John Luaces


Largest class entry of the nationals with twenty-five, Tigard Oregon’s Scott Holmboe grabbed the pole and Screamin’ Eagle with a 42.983.  The smooth Lloyd Mack was second quick and had everyone’s attention with his smooth, ,nothing fancy just get it done driving style,  Before these nationals, Mack had not been on a four stroke and was proving that when you can wheel, you can wheel anything., and wheel Mack did…

Mack backed up his second quick qualifying effort by taking Pre-Final against a field of solid performers. Mack went on to win the pre-final by three and half seconds over second place Scott Holmboe.  Canadian’s Bryce Choquer and Scott Barlee were third and fourth, and Terry Lawrence worked his way up to finish in the fifth spot.

In the final it was the “Mack Attack” showing that he wasn’t just lucky…but GOOD as he lead it flag to flag over second place finisher Bryce Choquer. Holmboe would finish third, Lawrence who had been struggling found part of the handle and drove to fourth,  Scott Barlee was fifth.  Veteran Burt Gasaway from Spokane, Washington filled the sixth spot.  Tiffany Brown had a great run to finish eleventh.  By now however, the worry had switched from beating the race track and competitors to beating and making it through tech, which had been referred to by some as the “race through tech”.  Post race tech would prove to be crushing for both Mack and runner up Choquer who  both did not make out alive, handing the win to Scott Holmboe, Terry Lawrence would be the new runner up.    

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:   Scott Holmboe

2.Terry Lawrence-(5) 3. Scott Barlee-(4) 4. Burt Gasaway-(6) 5. Ricky Worley-(10)
6. Craig Chiesa-(23) 7. Nick Ferguson-(14) 8. Tyler Agan-(7) 9. Brett Lucas-(9)
10. Joey Miller-(24) 11. Tiffany Brown-(25) 12.Glenn Young-(16) 13. Chris Worley-(8)
14.  Willie Wilds-(17) 15. Gregg Wick-(19) 16. Jeff Havens-(18) 17. John Shearer-(20)
18. Diane Perry-(15) 19. Richard James-(21) 20. Greg Normandin-(12) 21. Bill Gulick-(11).  DNF: Luke Pascoe-(13) DNS- Gabriel Kajdy-(22) DQ- Lloyd Mack-(1) Bryce Choquer-(3 )    **(0)= Start position**



Boise’s Sting Ray Robb once again drove his Red Apple Market place entry to the top spot in qualifying, stopping the tickers at a 43.665.  Another Screamin’ Eagle for Robb and believe me there will be more for this fine young driver before it’s all said and done, not only is Robb a quality driver but a quality kid as well.  Now the question is who is this Enrique Jaime?, Jaime just a tick off of Robb grabbed the outside of the front row.  Young female phenom Daytona Arnzen (and yes, I told you before it IS her real name) showed the boys a thing or two about qualifying third, DeMars and Chalman filled the rest of the top five.

The Pre-Final had Jaime putting down 43.596 for quick lap, but that was not enough for him to beat Robb to the checkers.  Arnzen would once again show the boys that she was for real by taking the third spot,, Chalman followed Arnzen across for fourth and Jacob Gulick fifth.  DeMars had problems and was out on lap three. Lucas Ashe in his first national continued to improve and looked much more confident and comfortable than in day one he finished sixth.

The stage was set for the Final, would it be Robb? or Enrique Jaime in an upset?.. What about DeMars?, can’t rule him out and Arnzen? she had been showing that she could hang with the boys and taken lightly had the speed to make them pay.  From the opening curtain, it was Robb leading the first 10.  On lap eleven, Jaime gets by Robb and leads eleven and twelve.  Robb puts Jaime back to second and leads thirteen and  part of fourteen until late in lap fourteen Jaime retakes the lead from Robb for good.  The “Bandit” Justin DeMars makes his patented late race charge and gets by Robb late in lap fifteen (hence is nickname of the “Bandit”) to follow Jaime across second , Robb finishes third, Arnzen fourth, and Chalman fifth.  The race through tech proves devastating for Jaime who doesn’t pass giving the another first ever championship to the  “Bandit” Justin DeMars, Robb moves to the runnier up spot, and Arnzen gets a well earned  third.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:  Justin “The Bandit” DeMars 

2. Robb 3. Arnzen 4. Chalman 5. Gulick 6. Ashe      Tech DQ: Jaime



AC3 Artie Carpenter after having  having issues in tech on day one looked poised and ready for redemption as he rolled out for qualifying and looked to have everybody covered as he was three tenths quicker than his teammate Hailey Groff won the pole on day one.  Everyone thinking AC3 had this one in the bag, were stunned when out of no where Ricky Worley trips the clocks on his final pass and takes the pole and earning the Screamin’ Eagle .by a mere .058 seconds over Carpenter.  The pits erupted when Worley’s time flashed up on the live timing monitor.  Groff was third, and Corey Poyner and David Dean filled the fourth and fifth spots.

In the Pre- Final it was ALL Ricky Worley as he went distance in the top spot basically unchallenged. Carpenter was second for the first three circuits and on lap four teammate Groff rolled by and never looked back leaving Carpenter third, with Poyner licking his chops as he finally got to finish a complete event in the fourth spot and his teammate David Dean fifth.  To much real estate was left for Groff to cover in order to catch Worley as he crossed the stripe .287 seconds ahead of runner up Groff.

Worley looked to be the favorite as they gridded up for the final as roll to his pole starting spot.  On the gun it was Worley looking like he was going to back up that bet as lead took the point and rolled the first four laps there.  For Carpenter, who had some carburetor issues in the pre-final it was do or die and he knew it as he rolled on by Worley on lap five and never looked back.  David Dean surprises Groff early sneaking by for third, but it’s short lived as Groff goes on back by on lap three.  Dean will stay fourth, with teammate Poyner fifth,  Redemption for Carpenter as he aces post race tech for the win and the Duffy that eluded him a day earlier.  Props are in order for runner up Worley who was solid all day and kept everybody worried right up until the end.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:  “AC3”  Artie Carpenter III

2. Rickey Worley 3. Hailey Groff  4. David Dean 5. Corey Poyner



Ever see one of those kids that can drive the wheels off, has flashes of brilliance and you KNOW that they can wheel, but things that no one would ever dream of happen?  I mean crazy stuff that never happens like running over a glove lost on the track and the rear hub two rear hub studs fall out, or the wheel comes off all together. That is just the kind of luck that Tyler Brown has had the past couple of seasons, but he put that behind him as he out clocks everybody for the pole going a blistering 42.686, with female nemesis Brittany Zamora filling the outside row one spot.

Its Brown on the point after one.  Zamora takes over for laps two, three, and four.  Brown goes by to lead lap five, Zamora back by to lead laps six and seven. Brown back around Zamora on lap eight.  Back a bit Michael Gutenberger takes over third on lap three and Myles Pederson falls to eighth. In a lap Pederson snags two spots to take over sixth, and then on lap thirteen rolls by Adam Smalley for fifth,   Brown does relinquish the lead again after lap eight and goes on to take the pre- final, Zamora is second ( and believe me when I say that this girl can DRIVE!), Gutenberger is third, a quiet Justin Foux goes un passed except for Gutenberger on lap three is fourth and Myles Pederson drove the like Jake the Bear to take the fifth spot.

The Final is some what of a surprise as Tyler Brown goes the distance on the point, with Gutenberger second for the first eight.  Myles Pederson ( who by this point has driven his ever loving fanny off overcoming nothing but obstacles in just about every event he’s run from the front to the back and back to the front again., and all clean as a whistle) gets by Gutenberger for second.  Zamora is fourth and Justin Foux is fifth.  At the other end Stafford Smith picks up seventh from Hunter Thompson on lap three, then its Bryce Petersons turn as he gets by Thompson on lap five. Just as Thompson regroups himself, Canadian Kyle Adams goes by on lap seven.  Adams a usually strong runner has a surprisingly disappointing effort not being to find a set-up he’s comfortable with. 

Once again on lap thirteen a quiet Justin Foux uses his stealth and gets by Zamora and then a lap later goes by Gutenberger for third.  Zamora regroups and marches by Gutenberger for fourth on the last lap.  The checks wave for Tyler Brown, with Myles Pederson in second Foux a very quiet third, Zamora and Gutenberger for the top five,  The huge story is that winner Tyler Brown, third place Justin Foux, and Kyle Adams don’t pass post race tech and are DQ’d.  Giving yet another first time championship and a Duffy to Myles Pederson. The Screamin’ Eagle goes to Zamora for her second fast time award.  It’s heart break once again for Brown, and elation for Pederson who lost his the title the same way on day one as the techman giveth, and the techman taketh away.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:  Myles Pederson

2. Brittney Zamora 3. Michael Gutenberger 4. Adam Smalley
5. Bryce Peterson 6. Stafford Smith 7. Hunter Thompson 
8. Dylan McKay   DQ: Tyler Brown, Justin Foux, Kyle Adams




42.785 was the number that captured Screamin’ Eagle number two for Alan Cathey in day three qualifying, while Hailey Groff continued her impressive performance, qualifying on the outside of row one.  Brett Lucas was third quick, Boise’s Terry Lawrence fourth and Justin Foux closed out the top five.

Groff gets off to a great start in the Pre-Final with Brett Lucas following suit.  On lap five Cathey has recovers from his nap and gets by Lucas and starts off after Groff.  Groff and Cathey have an issue on lap nine that leaves Groff falling to fourth and Cathey retreating to the pit area his pre-final chances done.  Lucas heads to the point with Lawrence following to second, while Keith Foux moves to third.  Foux moves to second and Groff third as Lawrence has problems and throws in the towel.  Pre-Final to Lucas, Foux second and Groff third.  Lawrence was the last of the retirees is awarded fourth.

The Final has Alan Cathey starting deep in the field and goes to work early on the wave of the go flag, picking off one a lap and is third by lap three. Groff gets by leader Brett Lucas on lap three while Lucas gets trained and falls to sixth.  Lawrence follows Groff through and takes over second until lap six when he goes by Groff to take over the point and leads the next four circuits.  Keith Foux bobbles allowing Brooke Poyner to go by on lap seven, and by lap ten Cathey has gotten by both Groff and Lawrence for is the new leader.  Lawrence falls to third where he will stay, while Lucas has regrouped and gets by Foux and Poyner for fourth where he too stays.  When the checkers wave it is Cathey in solid drive from the rear of the field claiming victory, Groff with another Cinderella finish second, and Lawrence taking the final podium spot.. Duffy number two for Cathey as he and the rest of the field all clear post race tech. 

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:  Alan Cathey

2. Hailey Groff 3. Terry Lawrence 4.Brett Lucas 5.Brooke Poyner 6. Keith Foux



Sting Ray Robb added another Screamin’ Eagle to his collection by putting down a 43.827 qualifying effort.  Justin “ The Bandit’ DeMars went a 44.220 putting him next to Robb on the front row.

DeMars jumps Robb into one to take the point in the Pre-Final, Robb motors back by to lead until lap seven when DeMars goes back by to take the point…DeMars can’t hold off the charge of Robb who goes back by on lap nine to snag the pre-final from DeMars, Daytona Arnzen has a strong finish in third while Chalman and Jaime make four and five.

In the final Robb and DeMars check out and are unchallenged in with Robb leading flag to flag with DeMars in tow. Chalman Jumps Arnzen on the start to run third for a lap, Arnzen back by on lap two.  The guy on the move is Enrique Jaime who is fifth on lap three, fourth on lap five and spends the next six laps running down Arnzen finally catching and getting by on lap eleven to take over third.  Jaime makes a valiant effort at catching Robb and DeMars  but comes up short.  Give Robb another national Championship, DeMars with a solid effort comes home second, Jaime third, Arnzen and Chalman.  Chalman from Wyoming, just never did quite find the handle, but was still able to salvage a top five.  Post race tech is issue free and the finish is history.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:  “Sting” Ray Robb

2. Justin DeMars 3. Enrique Jaime 4. Daytona Arnzen
5. Austin Ray Chalman 6. Jacob Gulick 7. Lucas Ashe



Matthias Kattanek captured the Screamin’ Eagle by taking the pole with a 43.398 lap. Crafty veteran Bryan Green was second quick and David Dean having one of his best qualifying efforts of the nationals, clocks in third quick with a 43.916.  Another great effort was by Oregonian Greg Normandin who qualified fourth in his best effort of  weekend.

Kattanek picked up where he left off qualifying by leading the Pre-Final flag to flag. David Dean who found and little “sum-sum” ran every lap in the second spot, as did Green, Normandin (who was fourth) and Poyner. Most of the action was in the area of the tenth where Glen Young, Terry Nash, Greg Wick and Robert Prince were all mixing it up where.  Terry Nash made the final move on lap thirteen to get by Glenn Young for the eighth spot.  Kattanek wins it, Dean, Green, Normandin, and Poyner the top five, Gulick, Robert Prince, Nash, Young, and Wick fill spots six through ten.

In the final it is Déjà-Vue  as Kattanek goes again flag to flag in the top spot and the only change in the top five is Poyner and Normandin trade spots with Poyner having one of this strongest finishes fourth and Normandin fifth.  The slicen’ and dicen’ continue back in spots seven through ten, but when final checkers wave Matthias Kattanek wins well deserved national title.  Post race tech goes smoothly for everybody and Kattanek is awarded the coveted Duffy Livingstone trophy.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:  Matthias Kattanek

2. David Dean  3. Bryan Green 4. Corey Poyner 5. Greg Normandin 6. Bill Gulick 7. Terry Nash 8. Chris Hatch 9.  Robert Prince  10.Glenn Young 11.Gregg Wick 12. Willie Wilds13.Jeff Havens 14.John Shearer 15. Richard James


If anybody needed a little redemption, and to have something go the right way it was Tyler Brown, back after a very emotional day two Brown picked up the pole AND a Screamin’ Eagle for his blistering 41.750 lap.  Newly crowned champ Myles Pederson was the only other driver in the high 41’s with his 41.922 stop of the watches.

But there are times when you just won’t be denied, and the Pre-Final was just that for Brown who jump out front on go signal and never looked back going wire to wire to take the pre-final and ensure himself the top spot for the final. Lap nine Zamora picked off Gutenberger to take second. At the flag Zamora is second, Gutenberger third, Kyle Adams with a strong run is fourth and Pederson again had to do it the hard way and clawed his way back to fifth.

In the final it was ALL Tyler Brown who controlled the pace from flag to flag and was the kart of the field.  Another first time IKF national attendee Andy Anderson was doing one heck of a job in class that was stacked with talent and experience and was impressive the way he raced within his means and didn’t allow himself to get in over his head.  Lap twelve would be it for Anderson when he counter some issues that he didn’t like and headed for the garage.  Eric Pfingston was also a solid performer in his first ever national event drove himself to eighth.  After the checkers waved and post race tech completed, it was an all pass and Tyler Brown got a deserving win and the hardware that all racers dream of owning the Duffy Livingstone trophy.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:  Tyler Brown

2.Myles Pederson 3.Michael Gutenberger 4. Brittney Zamora
5.Kyle Adams 6. Adam Smalley 7.David Schorn 8.Eric Pfingsten 9.  Justin Foux 10. Bryce Peterson 11. Stafford Smith 12.Dylan McKay 13. Andy Anderson



This class was LOADED with talent, it no doubt had drivers that you could take ANYWHERE, AT ANY NATIONAL EVENT, and they for sure would be in contention for a win.  That being said, Lloyd “Daddy” Mack shows up to a track he’s never been too, on karts that he has never driven, and power plants he’s really never worked with before.  Coming into qualifying he had tallied two Screamin’ Eagles and two Duffy’s.  Its hard enough to win either ONE of those but to win two each is incredible, the only other performance that was equally impressive was the one by Tristan O’ Rear in 2010. 

Mack put his machine on the pole AGAIN for a third pole and Screamin’ Eagle award, AC3 Artie Carpenter stuck his ride right next to Mack to complete the front row. Mack put down a 42.655.

The Pre- Final has Mack on the point for the first six laps, on lap seven Choquer tries Mack going down the hill into two and they get together and Mack gets the raw end of the deal, Choquer and Worley both go by. Mack regroups and drives back by.. all the while Gasaway and Agan are just biding their time. Lap five Agan again has issues and Carpenter and Lawrence are waging their own battle for fifth and sixth.  Lap thirteen Mack and Choquer meet again, this time Mack fades back to sixth.  Gasaway gets by Carpenter and Lawrence, and the uses his experience to maneuver around Worley for second..Carpenter and Lawrence try to follow Gasaway through, but Worley gets the door closed just before they get there.  Choquer wins the pre-final with Gasaway runner up.  “Daddy” Mack winds up sixth.

The is underway and Choquer is on the point and in command.  Mack is on the move and picks off Worley, then Agan and sets off after Gasaway..Mack catches and does away with Gasaway on lap twelve, and then runs down Carpenter and Choquer and “Daddy” Mack is on the attack, Mack gets by Choquer to take the point, Choquer has issues and fades to ninth where he stays Worley and Agan do away with AC3 for third and fourth.  As the checkers wave it is once again Lloyd “Daddy Mack getting the win, Gasaway is second and the impressive, hard charging Ricky Worley third.  Its pretty quiet in post race tech as everyone is holding their breath waiting to see if “Daddy” Mack’s win is going to hold up.  Mack is out and gone on his way to the airport to catch his flight back to Cali.  The report from tech is good, no DQ’s.  Lloyd “Daddy” Mack scores a third Screamin’ Eagle AND Duffy to end his weekend.  Mack is not only one heck of a driver, he is a very Class act and impressed just about everyone in attendance.

2012 IKF Grand National Champion:  Lloyd “ Daddy” Mack

2. Burt Gasaway 3. Ricky Worley 4. Tyler Agan 5. Artie Carpenter
6. Brett Lucas 7. Alan Cathey 8. Joey Miller 9. Bryce Choquer
10. Max Mulkey 11. Nick Ferguson 12. Dustin Chiesa 13. Tiffany Brown
14. Diane Perry 15. Luke Pascoe 16. Terry Lawrence

Article written by Terry Bridges of ProSoundAudioServices, race announcer for the 2012 IKF 4 Cycle Grand Nationals, and the 2010 IKF 4 Cycle Grand Nationals.  Contact ProSoundAudioServices for more information on how to get him for your next event big or small by e-mail: prosoundaudioservices@live.com or by phone @ 503-851-3907

**Class finishing Class order courtesy of: AMB/My Laps**


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