“And the Survey Says..” BK5 will kick Off National Western Region Point Battles



Dallas, Or-  The Unlimited All-Stars Series national office announced that the fifth annual “Buddha Kinser Memorial” or “BK5” will start the point season for the Western Region of the Unlimited All-Star Series.  Every year the UAS series provides an Excellence Awards Survey in which the competitors can give feed back, which in turn the series uses to determine and make any necessary changes from the results of the survey.

One of the questions on the survey asked where the first 1/4 point event charged to the National UAS series office would kick off the the Western Series point season.  Prior to this season the point season would kick of in Arizona at the holiday “Winter Thaw” Classic.  For the 2012-13 season it was decided that fifth annual Buddha Kinser Memorial event would kick off the point Pictu 350X124season on the west coast.  Started in 2008 by a group of devoted racers from the Cascade Kart Association as memorial event to honor fellow association member Jeff “Buddha” Benson who passed while racing the feature at one of the associations events.The event has since caught fire and has developed into one of the largest indoor speedway karting events west of the Mississippi, and making it a very sought after event to win.

It was also decided that season opening national 1/4 point event would alternate between Buddha Kinser event and the Holiday Classic.  Which means that 2014 belongs to the Holiday “Winter Thaw” Classic in Arizona and 2015 will be back in the northwest for BK7.  UAS Western Region director Roger Freeborn was very pleased when he heard the announcement. “I thought that our indoor open class series was very good, but needed to something to keep things in check without taking away what the class was all about which is quality, use your imagination racing. The Unlimited All-Star series was a perfect fit, it has brought a little law & order to the class.”

Series director Roger Freeborn along with a “Competitor Board of Directors” have done a fine job of getting the series in place and up off the ground. “I was working on a plan” said Freeborn, “We were revamping our indoor series after things had fallen off a bit because of the economy and figure it would be a five year deal to get things just the way we wanted them.  For the this first year to explode on the West Coast like it has is just awesome!”  Awesome indeed, as it has caught the attention of series owner Mark Bergfeldt enough that he wanted to give a “Kick Off” event to the West Coast to include them along with the East Coast who have been “Kick Off” event for years.

“It is a real compliment and shows the quality of competitors we have not only in the series, but here in the northwest. They have worked very hard on making this event what it is because it means a great deal to them. It’s more than racing, It’s caring about a friend and fellow racer.-Roger Freeborn-UAS Western Region Director

Every region in the series gets two 1/4 point events which count nationally and one national 1/4 point race which is charged to the UAS Series National Office.  If it sounds confusing don’t worry about it…What you should worry about is NOT and yes I said NOT missing any of the these Unlimited All-Star Series events. They are BIG, FAST, and “BUDDHA BAD”… You will see some of the best speedway racing on the planet, some of the most innovative and well engineered equipment in motor sports…PERIOD, add to that one of the finest indoor racing facilities anywhere and you have the recipe for awesomeness. Come see why since the 2008 inaugural event in a little bullring in Roy,Washington… has become one of the biggest, toughest, and most sought after indoor championships in speedway karting…Satisfaction guaranteed.

There is “Slidways Saturday” and “Slingin’ Sunday” racing just about every weekend through the end of January at the Salem Speedway. For more information you can check out the Salem Speedway page on Facebook or Salem Pro Boards on the web.  There you will find all the up to date info on the both the track and the series. Another addition in the books…as always it’s been a pleasure.  I’m Terry Bridges and until next time safe and happy racing, and thanks for reading the Northwest Race Report!

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