How to acquire racing Sponsorship…FREE CLASS!!! Check this out!!!

For those of you trying to understand the art of getting funding for your race program, here is a free class coming up that can help you get the answers and information that you need to have when you go to acquire funds for your race program. I don’t care what anybody says, FREE is a damn good price and who know’s you just might learn something!!…For the price it is definitely worth a look!…So be sure you check it out!….


UPCOMING FREE Events and Classes From Marketing At Full Speed With Annamarie:

1/27/13: Q&A SUNDAY LIVE – 6pm to 9pm

Q&A Sunday is going LIVE – ONLINE the last Sunday of the month! I have something very SPECIAL planned for you all for Q&A Sunday! I have decided to GO LIVE AND INTERACTIVE for 3 hours for you all!! I am going to be giving out tons of FREE sponsorship, marketing and career advice and tips and you can CHAT and ask questions all through LIVE STREAMING VIDEO through A SPECIAL LINK!! We are going to start at 6pm and go until 9pm. Sign up BELOW so I can email you the special link for this FREE SUNDAY Class and Q&A session!! I can’t wait to see you all! – Annamarie
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Feel free to share this with any racing friends who you think could benefit from this class. Sign up to attend the class here —>



Annamarie Malfitana-Strawhand
Motorsports Marketing Mentor and Sponsorship Attraction Coach
Creator of the Sponsor Attraction System™ Where we help racers succeed and provide guidance and solutions to advance your career and attract all the sponsors and opportunities you need.

Marketing At Full Speed



No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helps you.” – Wilma 
Rudolph, via Althea Gibson (Olympic Athletes)
“Knowledge is like horsepower, you can never have too much of it” – Annamarie Malfitana-Strawhand (Motorsports Marketing Coach and Mentor)

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