NW Gold Cup Round #1…Fun in the Sun!

Dallas, Or-  The Northwest Gold Cup opened up the series April 20th & 21st in Tri-Cities. Although numbers were a  little on the low side compared to last years opener, what was missing in numbers was more than made up for in talent, trust me there was a lot of it.  Wind was the story for Friday practice and again on Saturday morning, but by afternoon the sun was out in full force making for a gorgeous weekend and a great way to kick off the start of the Gold Cup season.

As usual, the race track and facilities were pristine to greet competitors as they arrived for Friday sign-in and practice.  The Tri-Cities Kart Club does an outstanding job and prides themselves on providing a first class experience for not only racers but for those in attendance, your karting experience will just not be complete without a visit to this awesome northwest racing facility.

First out were the JR.1 Gas Animals and the weekend was swept by one of the hottest rising stars Justin “The Bandit” DeMars.  DeMars won the pole both days and was dominate throughout.  Runner up both days was Carson Kunz who was one of the authors picks for last seasons most improved award…Kunz working with former Gold Cupjr1 grid stand out Stan Owsley really made strides the in the last half of the 2012 season, showed that he is continuing  in that mode for 2013.  The surprise of the weekend was a newcomer to the series and cousin of DeMars, Zach Franzke.  In his first Gold Cup Franzke drove the wheel’s off of his ride. Only good things are in store for this promising young driver.  Cam Raymond after battling some troubles getting to the race track, took a negative and made it a positive by picking up U-haul as a sponsor after their tow rig broke down on their way to Friday practice.

 WINNER: #95- Justin Demars  2. 24 Carson Kunz  3. 89 Zachary Franzke 4. Cam Raymond

WINNER: #95- Justin Demars   2. 24 Carson Kunz  3. 89 Zachary Franzke
4. 40 Cameron Raymond    

In JR. 2 Gas Animal it was a battle for the pole between Spencer Kunz and Stafford Smith.  Kunz and Smith going back forth battling for the top spot in qualifying with Kunz getting the edge going a 43.653 to Smith’s 43.683….Pre- Final goes to Kunz with Smith in tow and Tyler Besuyen a close third….The Final was a carbon copy of the pre-final with Kunz and Smith trading the lead with Besuyen in the cat birds seat…With one to

go Kunz gets underneath Smith in turn seven with a daring inside dive and the two spin on exit with Besuyen waving thank you very much as he Adam Smalley ( Kunz’s teammate) and Jacob Gulick, Brock McDonough, and Dylan McKay all going by…and giving Besuyen his first ever Gold Cup win.

Round 2 on Sunday the pole went to Stafford Smith by .5 over Kunz and Jacob Gulick found some speed qualifying third…The Final goes to Kunz and Besuyen taking the runner up spot by staying out of trouble as Gulick, Smith, and Smalley all have issues and finish fifth, sixth, and seventh.

Rd 1 WINNER: #17- Tyler Besuyen  2. 1 Adam Smalley   3. 157 Jacob Gulick
4. 98 Brock McDonough   5. 63 Dylan McKay  6. 09 Stafford Smith
7. 3 Spencer Kunz 

Rd 2 WINNER: #3- Spencer Kunz  2. 17 Tyler Besuyen  3. 98 Brock McDonough  4. 63 Dylan McKay  5. 157 Jacob Gulick     6. 09 Stafford Smith
7. 1 Adam Smalley   

.988 was all that separated P1 through P10 in World Formula Heavy qualifying and  a .249 difference in LO 206.  Idahoan engine ace Tim Lawrence sporting a new Tony Kart chassis took the pole with a blistering 43.527 and Dustin Chiesa (pronounced Chee-es-a) joining Lawrence on the front row.  In  LO 206 it was Jerrett  Cangie grabbing the pole and Jim Lilleberg snagging off pole.  Spencer DeGranpre got a great

start from his outside 4th row spot and lead early in the pre final, it was short lived however, as the veteran clan of Lawrence, Eric Huble, Gabe Kajdy, Dustin Chiesa, Bryan Green and Brett Lucas came storming back after a short tip toe thru the tulips on the start. Lawrence would take the pre-final with a hard charging Eric Huble following second and Canadian stand out Gabe Kajdy rolling up from his 9th starting sport third.

Lawrence made it a clean sweep by taking the final by 3.641 seconds over Chiesa.  Lawrence was on rails with his new ride and drove flawlessly all day. Taking the final podium spot was veteran Brett Lucas, fourth was former junior two ace pilot Myles Pederson in his first senior World Formula event and rounding out the top five was 2012 Grand National Champion Bryan “Rowdy” Green.  

Rd 1 WINNER: #16- Tim Lawrence  2. Dustin Chiesa  3. Brett Lucas
4. Myles Pederson  5. Bryan Green  6. Eric Huble
7.Gabriel Kajdy  8.Bill Gulick  9.Greg Normandin
10. Roger Cathey  11.Spencer DeGrandpre
12.Chris Hatch  13. Steve King  14. Diane Perry
15. Mark Reece  16. Alan Russell

Rd 1 LO 206 Winner: 1.#17 Jim Lilleberg  2. Jerrett Cangie
3. Ben Duclos    

In round two on Sunday, it was a hometown family affair with brothers Dustin and Craig Chiesa taking top front spots in World Formula Super Heavy.  In Medium it was once again 4 Cycle engine ace Tim Lawrence continuing his rampage with his new Tony Kart taking the pole by a mere .292 over one of the most under rated drivers in the series Mike Gutenberger…Gutenberger was going double duty competing in Rotax senior as well…In the Super Heavy final it was Dustin Chiesa taking the win and Gabe

Kajdy separating the two brothers capturing the second spot and Craig Chiesa taking the final podium spot.  Oregonian Greg Normandin was solid all weekend and had an awesome run finishing top five…Bill Gulick and Bryan Green had a little get together with Green drawing the short end of the straw, relegating him to the twelve and final spot.  Tim Lawrence outraced Gutenberger by .755 seconds in the Medium final for his second  clean sweep of the weekend. Veteran Alan Cathey filled the final medium podium spot 

WF MEDIUM WINNER: #16- Tim Lawrence  2. Mike Gutenberger 3. Alan Cathey 4. Brett Lucas  5. Myles Pederson

WF SUPER HEAVY WINNER: #66- Dustin Chiesa  2. Gabriel Kajdy
3. Craig Chiesa  4. Eric Huble 5. Greg Normandin  6. Mark Reece
7. Glenn Young 8. Chris Hatch  9. Steve king  10. Diane Perry
11. Bill Gulick  12. Bryan Green

Rotax Micro Max’s Hayden Hochalter grabbed the pole in first round qualifying but that would be it for Hochalter as he followed front row partner Max Wright under the checkers in the pre-final.  In the final it was Jordan Novota sneaking up from his fifth quick qualifying spot to take the win with Hochalter again in the runner up spot. Third quick qualifier Elle Musgrave finished fifth behind fourth quick “Super Dooper”  Cooper Becklin who finished fourth and Trey Arnzen in his first Gold Cup appearance rounded out the top five in round one.

In round two, fifth quick qualifier from round one Jordan Novota, found some tune-up

during the break and took the pole from round one pole sitter Hochhalter going 45.196 to Hochhalters’s 45.215.  Musgrave again qualified third quick, and newcomer Trey Arnzen taking the fifth quick spot .386 behind fourth quick “Super Dooper” Cooper

Becklin who went a 46 flat.  Come final time fast timer Novota was not feeling well and did not start the final, allowing Hochhalter to take the win over Musgrave who drove an awesome final in second and “Super Dooper’ Cooper Becklin taking the final podium spot.  Max Wright was fourth and Trey Arnzen was fifth but it was a strong fifth as Arnzen showed a big improvement from round one competition.

RD 1 WINNER: #51- Jordan Novota    2. 7 Hayden Hochhacter    3. 25 Max Wright     4. 19 Cooper Becklin     5. 23 Elle Musgrave    6. 3 Trey Arnzen

RD 2 WINNER: #7- Hayden Hochhacter   2. Elle Musgrave  3. Cooper Becklin     4. Max Wright   5. Trey Arnzen


Rotax Mini Max had a unique air in round one, without standout Sting Ray Robb in attendance.  Taking over however was a another standout from the Micro Max division and Gatorz winter series champ from 2011 Black Flag Racing’s Jacob Hudson who took the pole in round one qualifying by a scant .138 seconds over Wicked Fabrication ace Conner “Really Quick” Wick.  Morgan Racing’s Mason Morgan filled the

the third quick spot and wheelman Seth Appel filling the final trophy dash spot…Appel proved to be the one to beat as he got by pole sitter Hudson to take the pre-final and then backed it up with a stellar performance in final besting the efforts of Morgan Racing’s Matt Morgan by just .092 at the checkers…it was a hold your breath final as it came down to the last corner of the last lap and a drag race to line before it was decided…a big win for a fine young driver who had a miserable season in 2012.  Wick wound up third, and in fourth was an impressive driver named Preston Anderson who didn’t qualify to well, and had some issues in the pre-final, but sure stepped it up come final time. Daytona Arnzen (Yes, her name is Daytona!…awesome isn’t it?) struggled a bit finishing an unusual seventh.

Round two brought in a surprise from Boise, Idaho….Red Apple Racing’s Sting Ray  

Robb arrived late Saturday night still putting the final finishing touches on his machine preparing for round two.  Surprise met surprise in round two qualifying as new “step up” driver Jacob “Blue” Hudson ( The Blue is because this kid is cool as ice) out qualified favorite Robb by  .025 to capture his second pole of the weekend.  After barely finishing the pre-final, Hudson called it quits for the final not feeling well.  Robb was dominate in final getting quicker and

quicker as the race went on.  Seth Appel made a late race surge in an attempt to catch  the Red Apple Rocket, to no avail as Robb took the checkers 3.617 seconds  ahead of Appel. Daytona Arnzen was a bit better in the final with her top five finish, but struggled with her set-up most of the weekend. Morgan Racing’s Mason Morgan kept the team in the top five with his fourth place finish as teammate Matt Morgan had issues in late going and finished seventh. 

RD 1 WINNER: #2- Seth Apple   2. Mathew Morgan    3. Conner Wick   4. Preston Anderson   5. Mason Morgan     6. Jacob Hudson    7. Daytona Arnzen

RD 2 WINNER: #316- Sting Ray Robb   2. Seth Apple   3. Conner Wick   4. Mason Morgan   5. Daytona Arnzen   6. Preston Anderson   7. Mathew Morgan   

Rotax Junior made it perfectly clear why it considered one of if not the toughest classes going in karting…Canadian Colton McCaughan took the pole away from hometown favorite Brittany Zamora by .152. Zamora has improved tremendously as a driver on the maturity end and her decision making nothing to sneeze at either..Also new and improved is Black Flag’s Marco Eakins who picked up the aggression he needed to consistently run up front…He looked very good out of the box in round one and was third quick…Wicked Fabrication’s Kyle Wick who in my opinion is in his

groove, is as tough as anybody in the nation…I believe that seat time is all that is missing to make my opinion go from a sometime thing to all time thing. Give the pre-final to McCaughan who was silky smooth and with stood the heat from Zamora who had the heat way up in the pre-final….Eakins was strong taking the final podium spot in the pre-final. In the final, McCaughan looked like he might take it as he eased away from the charging Zamora who looked to be loosing ground… Then out of no where Zamora came roaring back and snuck by McCaughan on the downhill into to turn two with a slick and clean move with two to go and went on to take the win .597 seconds ahead of Canadian. Eakins was third and sleeper Justin Taylor quietly made his way up to fourth from his 7th starting spot. Wick took spot five.

Round two McCaughan swept the pole position for the weekend by taking the pole by .032 over Zamora ( No joke, this girl can roll), Wick was much better grabbing the third quick spot just .132 behind the cool Canadian.  In the final McCaughan was a machine and was in control from the wave of the green…Zamora fell off in the late stages and Wick got by on a slick slide job into turn one and took off after the Canadian…David Schorn had speed all weekend but just couldn’t quite put it all together, got part of it together as he drove his way to fifth…McCaughan finished 5.574 seconds ahead of runner up Wick, Zamora was third and Eakins fourth. 

RD 1 WINNER: #52- Brittney Zamora  2. Colton McCaughan  3. Marco Eakins
4. Justin Taylor   5. Kyle Wick   6. David Schorn    7. Adam Smalley    8. Bryce Peterson   9. Niki Johnston   10.Spencer Kunz

RD 2 WINNER: #202- Colton McCaughan   2. Kyle Wick  3. Brittney Zamora
4. Marco Eakins   5.David Schorn   6. Justin Taylor  7. Adam Smalley    8.  Bryce Peterson  9.Niki Johnston  10. Spencer Kunz

Rotax Senior was awesome and was the most competitive classes of the weekend.  It was hard to believe that this was just a regional race because with the names on hand, this would be considered and National event any where else in the country. Round one qualifying the top eight separated my 6 tenths…with Andrew Zimmer showing why he has to be considered as one of the tops in the country taking the pole with a blistering 39.312.  AC3 Artie Carpenter III is also starting to emerge as a top contender any and everywhere he goes was took the other half of the front row with a smoking 39.361.  Zimmer took the pre-final with AC3 just .334 behind when the checkers fell, and Canadian Chris Glover was third just .682 behind Zimmer. Matt Moniz, and Bryce Choquer were fourth and fifth. (I told you this was a  national anywhere else!).  Come final time, it was AC3 Artie Carpenter out of the gate first on the wave of the green., with Zimmer right there until lap four when at full song  Zimmer lost his brakes and skidded off at the end of the straight and Carpenter went on take the final by 1.467 seconds over Choquer.

Round two Zimmer was back with a vengeance taking the pole with another blistering 39.320, sharing the vacant outside spot was Canadian Chris Glover with a 39.451, Carpenter was third quick with 39.593.  In the pre final it was Carpenter getting by

Glover early…Zimmer checked out from the gate and was gone…Glover fell well back in the field and drove his way back up to third working his power valve by hand!…Mike Gutenberger had a solid run and was fourth behind Glover, and Dayna Ward (Carpenter’s step Dad) was fifth. Huggler Racing Engines newly acquired wheelman Joseph Schwager was sixth.

RD 1 WINNER:  #331- Artie Carpenter     2. 4 Bryce Choquer  3. 146 Max Mulkey     4. 4X Mike Gutenberger   5. 98 Matthew Moniz   6. 6 Joey McGuire
7. 323 Dayna Ward     8. 398 Chris Glover  9. 94 Joseph Schwager
10. 21 Reny Follet  11. 336 Paul Vaccaro  12. 14 Simon Briant
13. 373 Andrew Zimmer

RD 2 WINNER: #373- Andrew Zimmer    2. 331 Artie Carpenter  3. 398 Chris Glover  4. 4X Mike Gutenberger   5. 323 Dayna Ward   6. 94 Joseph Schwager
7. 21 Reny Follet  8. 6 Joey McGuire   9. 146 Max Mulkey  10. 4 Bryce Choquer
11. 336 Paul Vaccaro   12. 98 Matthew Moniz

Tim “The Action Man” Moss made it a clean sweep in Rotax Masters qualifying taking the pole in rounds one and two.  In round one Tim Rice joined Moss on the outside of the front row and in round two it was hard charging Jerry Pitts grabbing the outside spot. The pre-final went to Moss in round one with Pitts .788 seconds back at the checkers. Tim Rice was third and 70 year old (YES, you heard right) Dennis Ward was fourth.  Ward who turned 70 this past year, came out of retirement to race with his son and grandson and has not been able to step away…his last appearance it a kart?…1962!  Tag Senior was won by Anthony Cina. In the final it was again all Tim Moss from flag to flag with Rice second and Pitts third.

Round two had Moss taking the pre-final, but things would be different in the final as Tim Rice and his crew did a major tune up on the chassis and Rice got by Moss just after the half way point and never looked back, Moss had to deal with a pesky Jerry Pitts who gave Moss all he could handle in the late stages, but was just short in closing the deal giving the runner up spot to Moss. Dennis Ward was again fourth, Mark Briant finally got his masters machine up and running for the final and was fifth.  Anthony Cina captured Tag Senior.

RD 1 WINNER: #86- Tim Moss  2. 76 Tim Rice  3. 7 Jerry Pitts
4. 23 Dennis Ward

RD 2 WINNER: #76- Tim Rice  2. 86 Tim Moss  3. 7 Jerry Pitts
4. 23 Dennis Ward  5. 4 Mark Briant   

RD 1 & 2 TAG SENIOR WINNER: Anthony Cina

125cc Shifter Light & Heavy had one of the largest entry list seen in quite sometime.  Justin Walsh took the pole putting down a blistering 38.233 to take light and Craig Sender dusted off the his heavy ride and took the pole with a 40.057 lap. In ICC it was new kart shop owner Ricky Worley taking the pole with a 39.387 on his new Velox chassis.  Worley has been working very closely with Velox importer Jason Hall at

Xcell Racing and they look to be gaining on things with the Velox chassis.  Steve Perdue put his Hammer Nutrition entry on the outside of Walsh in Light and Gene Bircher joined Sender on the front row in heavy.  Ricky Worley was joined by his brother Chris on the front row in ICC.  Both Jason Hall and Brian Nixon experienced clutch problems in ICC qualifying putting them deep in the field.  Young gun Myles Pederson traded his 80 cc power plant for a 125 and was third quick in ICC qualifying..the other surprise was the tough qualifying effort by up and coming standout Andrew Evans who qualified sixth 2.407 seconds off of Walsh’s qualifying pace.

The pre-final was won by Evans after Walsh was penalized one spot for rolling on the start, behind Walsh was an impressive Dustin Myers who put up real decent numbers in qualifying just a tick off of Perdue going 38.843 to Perdue’s .842 and kept Perdue in the fourth spot. Travis Henson and Bill Beutler rounded out the 6 light spots.  In heavy it

was Craig Sender taking the pre final with Doug Taylor second and Bircher third.  The ICC pre final was won by Brian Nixon who was solid after taking care of the clutch issues that plagued him in qualifying with Ricky Worley just .116 seconds back in the runner up spot. Chris Worley and Myles Pederson rounded out the final two ICC spots as Hall retired early with mechanical issues.

Sender would go on to win the heavy final with Doug Taylor second and Gene Bircher third.  Light was a race with Walsh leading most of the way with Andrew Evans in pursuit until in the late going Walsh started to slow with  Evans closing hard…with

three to go and lapped traffic just ahead, Walsh went to the high side out of turn one and so did Beutler allowing Evans to take the low side to get by Walsh going into turn two….from there is was all Evans as he drove to a 5.101 second win over quick qualifier Justin Walsh. Dustin Myers put in another fine performance following Walsh across in third, Travis Henson was fourth, Beutler fifth and Perdue sixth after retiring on lap 3 with mechanical woes.  It was later found later that Walsh who without question was the guy to beat , had sand get into the pilot jet of his power plant solving the mystery of his feature event slow up. Brian Nixon backed up his pre final win by taking the ICC final with Chris Worley second, Jason Hall who solved his mechanical gremlins for the final finishing third and Ricky Worley fourth he too retiring on lap 9 with mechanical issues, and Myles Pederson was fifth after issues crossing the scales moved him back one spot.

Rounds three and four of the Northwest Gold Cup will be the weekend of May 24,25,26 in Boise, Idaho when the series visits one of the remaining few TRUE sprint tracks.  A

TRUE sprint track meaning drivers will be turning laps in the 19 second range and up on the wheel…and the action should be fast and furious.  Thanks for reading the Northwest Race Report brought to you by announcer Terry Bridges and ProSoundAudioServices the best in live race cast coverage!  Please drop by and like us on Facebook and be sure to subscribe to the NWRR to have each report delivered directly to your in box!…Until next time I’m Terry Bridges reporting, safe and successful racing to you all!…See You in Boise!

125cc LIGHT WINNER:.# 27Z Andrew Evans   2. 51Z Justin Walsh  3. 7 Dustin Myers  4. Travis Henson  5. Bill Beutler   6. Steve Perdue

125cc HEAVY WINNER:  1. 45Z Craig Sender  2. 67 Doug Taylor 3. 47 Gene Bircher  

125CC ICC WINNER:  #10- Brian Nixon  2. 5 Chris Worley  3. 64 Jason Hall
4. 3 Ricky Worley   5. 12 Myles Pederson  (DQ-LIGHT) 

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