NW Unlimited All-Star Regional 1/4 Point Featured at 1st Annual “Spring Fling” In Spokane

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5/6/13 Dallas, Or-  The Northwest Unlimited All-Stars took their speed show on the road for regional quarter point action as the featured event at the first annual “Spring Fling” Saturday night at Sunset Speedway in Spokane, WA.  The NW UAS is part of the Nationally sanctioned Unlimited All- Star Series which is a wide open, run “What cha Brung” series, featuring some of the best open engine speedway kart drivers in the nation.  With a few basic safety and level playing field rules, the series gives hard core speed lovers a place to use their imagination and showcase their ideas as well as a place to try and compete against fellow speed demons. From Chassis to engine imagination, some of the finest works of handcrafted “Racecraft” in existence is at any UAS event in the nation.

Sunset Speedway is gold mine and with the right backing and little TLC the facility could easily be right there with any race facility in the nation.  Big, wide and fast the All-Stars were putting down numbers in the high 12 and 13 second range during qualifying on a track that was still a little green.  Mike Storer and his Sunset Speedway group along with a little input form ALL-Star competitors did an amazing job in getting the race track ‘Raceable’.  For you old schooler’s who remember Digatron, the pioneers in engine data acquisition, sponsored the tracks lighting system which is second to none and providing that ambiance that ONLY oval track night racing can give.

In NWUAS qualifying, Wayne Felch and his Stohr Cars ‘Frankenclone’ entry looked like they were going to grab yet another pole as he ripped off a very quick 12.9…until Shane Smith and his JAWA powered One Time Motorsports entry snatched the pole away from Felch with a 12.6.  Smith who struggled most of Friday practice with jackshaft issues in his first outing with the new power plant.  We knew that there would be a learning curve and just tried to do all we could back at the shop to engineer everything to eliminate as many variables as we possibly could…and with no real track time sometimes you just don’t know until you actually run it” Said pole sitter Smith, “There were some things we never even thought about until we got to talking to Wayne who knows all about learning curves and I’d like to thank Wayne for giving us some insight on some of that stuff, Now we can go back to the shop and work on it”

Renee Angel, one of the toughest competitors you will find anywhere, was up and down early trying to get her new Steve Gannon Chassis in the sweet spot, had an ace in the hole with tuner Shane Biles who is a master at always giving his driver a shot at the win no matter what the circumstances. Angel got turned early in the heat race, but still managed to driver her way back to third.  By the end of heat race action, there was no doubt that Felch was the target even though playing Russian Roulette with his drive chains.  “It’s something we been struggling with” said Felch, “The engines don’t break anymore, we’ve got that figured out…Now it’s all about finding out what these chains want to stay happy” 

With ten lap heat races, the question come main event time was could Fetch’s chains stay happy for 25 laps…On the drop of the green it appeared that the answer was yes they could as Felch ran away and hid for over the first half of the feature…Felch was in complete control with Angel second.  Stansberry and Rocket Ronnie Cox had their own battle going on for third and fourth.

At just over the half way point things went sour for leader Felch as he had noticeably slowed and Angel closing…Felch doing all he could to nurse his ailing ride (once again the chains are not happy) and still hold onto the lead going into turn one.  Angel goes

to the high side of Felch off of turn two and Cox in fourth goes to the low side of Stansberry for his bid at third off of two…Angel gets hung out, Cox out of no where gets by Stansberry, Angel AND Felch down the back chute to take the lead going into three.  Angel and Stansberry regroup and get back by Cox on the exit of turn two…with Angel checking out Stansberry in second, and Rocket Ronnie Cox in third.  First time and new UAS member Aaron Elton has a spectacular drive and is behind Cox in fourth.

At the the checkers its Angel taking the inaugural “Spring Fling” win (she has a thing for inaugurals, because she won the first ever BK1) with Stansberry (with brakes

now) second, The Rocket third, Aaron Elton fourth, and Sean Karr with a fantastic salvage in fifth running a Yamaha KT 100 after breaking his big motor…(The race goes to the sturdy, not to the speedy)…Felch would hang on and finish sixth, and pole sitter Shane Smith experiencing more learning curve issues broke a jackshaft and finished seventh.  Dan “The Man” Watkins with mechanical gremlins did not start.

In other “Spring Fling” action Alex “The Ace” Bartlett aboard his Bartlett Motors backed JR. 1 entry out dueled hard charging Dan ‘The younger man’ Watkins for the win.  These two young guns put on a show with Watkins looking like he may have a

slight edge as favorite to win the feature….Bartlett would soon put an end to that thought as he was just to strong for Watkins in the feature winning it handily.  “Sponge Bob” James King was third doing an outstanding job, but just not quite finding the set up that he liked.

In Adult Clone it was a total run away as Jared Storer put on a driving clinic all night long sweeping everything only to have the win taken away after rolling through post race tech.  That gave the win to Adult Clone defending champ Rusty “The King” King who

was as close as anybody got to Storer when the checkers fell, Storer was the unit of measure all night long driving for Home Specialties Motorsports.  Crew Chief Mike Storer was elated even after finding out the win would go to King…”Thank you Home Specialties-Motorsports for putting Jared Storer behind the wheel of such a fine ride. DQ’d or not, that HSM was the class of the field once again…thanks Shawn..YOU DA MAN….” Corey McGuire also did a fine job all night long, actually leading the early going but lost the handle late, but make no joke about it,

McGuire was right there all night and is for sure a wheelman.  Also on hand keeping his reflexes in shape, was Super Late Model standout Breaden Havens who also was right there in feature finishing second behind King after the post race DQ of Storer.  The adult clones was right there for my vote of race of the night…Good, clean, side by side hard racing and it is pretty obvious why this is one of the up and coming classes.  With less expense and engine management costs and the closeness of the competition that

carries deep into the field, this is way to go for those wanting to racing on a budget and still allowing them to compete.

In the Yamaha KT class it was once again very close competitive racing with one of the best young female phenoms, Anna Singleton in attendance, Hometown favorite Rob Flat and rising star Tyler Homestead putting on a heck of a show that gave the crowd one of the best finishes you will see anywhere in heat race

one with a three wide photo finish at the checkers that went to female sensation “Savannah” Anna Singleton.  It was great to see Singleton get the win who has been racing as of late with a very heavy heart after losing her mother unexpectedly from surgery complications. Betty Singleton was a racers kind of woman and was a icon in speedway dirt racing in the state of Washington and without question her death will leave a large unfillable gap in NW speedway kart racing.

The feature had everybody wondering if Singleton could repeat her heroics, but it was not to be as Tyler Homestead was in complete command for the entire feature, and was getting quicker and quicker as the feature wore on.  Homestead was on rails and handily took the feature. 

For more information about Sunset Speedway racing schedule, classes, and rules and regulations stop by Sunset Speedway on Facebook, or on the web at www.sunsetspeedway.org

For the NW Unlimited All-Stars the next stop is June 1, 2013 when series is at the “ROCK” Castle Rock Raceway on the fast and furious 3/8 mile clay “RocketDrome”…if you have never witnessed karts at speeds of over 105 miles an hour at the end of a straight away, then you NEED to see this, and it will become obvious why UAS drivers are touted as some of the best in the biz and why these are not just your grandpa’s go-karts.

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NW UNLIMITED ALL-STARS FEATURE:   1. Renee Angel   2. Eric Stansberry  3. “Rocket” Ronnie Cox  4. Aaron Elton  5. Sean Karr  6. Wayne Felch  7. Shane “One Time” Smith  8. Dan Watkins (DNS)       Quick Qualifier: Shane Smith  12.626