As racers we all know that there is nothing in racing that is free…and if it is most of the time it is either wore out or no good…but K & K  Motorsports is a HOT, NEW, and Exciting racing driver development program suited for younger up and coming racers…No, its not free but if you are looking to invest in your racing future you seriously need to take a look at this program…it has all the bells and whistles that you need to be trained in as well as some answers to that 64 million dollar question we all have, how do I attract sponsors?

I have had the honor to be asked to be a field rep in finding prospective clients for the program…if your interested in more information, please contact Terry Bridges at psaudioservices@gmail.com or phone me at 503-851-3907.  Below is an outline of what K & Motorsports can offer you.  I encourage you to look this over, these are quality people that are offering a quality service. You owe this to yourself if you or your racer is wanting to “Take the next step”…So your great new journey starts with this one step!..Enjoy!…

Thank you for your interest in K & K Motorsports. The following outline provides an overview of our career consulting and driver development programs. K & K Motorsports is not a driver school or rent-to-ride program. Our goal is to provide racers an avenue to attract potential funding sources by assisting with Marketing, PR, Media, career guidance and Sponsorship management. We also provide driver development and field competitive race teams from USAC Ignite Midgets and Legends up through NASCAR sanctioned stock car racing series.

We understand all drivers are at different levels in their race programs. We offer several different types career consultation packages to accommodate the entry level drivers up to fielding our own race teams to develop professional racing careers. Our Career Consulting and Driver Development Programs are as follows: 

Taking the Wheel
Full Throttle
K & K All Stars
K & K Race Teams and Development Drivers

Taking the Wheel-
This program is perfect for the younger driver, driver’s just getting started in racing, or driver’s racing on a local level seeking small sponsorship opportunities. The K & K Team assists the driver to effectively brand their unique personality in a professional manner to fans, media, and potential funding opportunities. K & K assists with marketing materials, web campaigns, driver promotions, and public relation strategies.

Package includes the following:

• Discounts for K & K off-season training classes and workshops
Website Design and updates
• Marketing package to distribute to potential funding opportunities
• Driver resume
• Driver cards
• Newsletter template, content and distribution guidance
• Career Guidance

Full Throttle-
The Full Throttle program is for driver’s seeking marketing and PR assistance with their established racing career. Specifically for drivers ready to take their racing programs to the next level and begin developing long term corporate sponsorships. The K & K Team assists the driver with effective branding, public relation strategies, marketing materials, web campaigns, driver promotions, negotiations, deal closings, social media and trackside campaigns.

Package includes the following:

• Discounts for K & K off-season training classes and workshops
• Website Design and updates
• Marketing package to distribute to potential funding opportunities
• Driver cards
• Newsletter template, content and distribution guidance
• Press Releases
Social media guidance
• Apparel design (shirts and hats)
• Courses on marketing, branding, and managing a racing career
• Fitness Program
• Career guidance

K & K All Stars
This program is specifically for K & K team drivers and driver’s racing competitively in other series outside of our stable seeking direct assistance with corporate sponsorship management. To become a K & K All Star, you must submit a resume and go through an interview process. K & K All Stars receive all the same benefits as our team drivers and are featured in all K & K marketing materials, website, social media, and work closely with the K & K sponsorship management team. K & K Race Teams and Development Drivers
Our philosophy at K & K Motorsports is to train our drivers to become competitive racers and provide an avenue to a professional racing career. We assist them to build a resume that impresses teams. However, upper tier teams typically won’t look at a drivers resume unless the driver is bringing money or sponsors. K & K assists each driver to develop marketing partners and B2B relationships within the professional racing arena to get them to the next level in their racing career. We are the “racer’s connection” for teams and sponsorship.

The K & K race team develops drivers primarily in Legends, USAC Open Wheel, AND Modifieds & Late Model types of race cars and series, most successful drivers entering professional careers come from these particular areas.

K & K Motorsports – 2014 Racing Series (subject to change):
NASCAR K & N Pro-Series East (some West); alliance with Biagi-DenBeste Racing
Lucas Oil Series – Modifieds
NASCAR All American Series – NorCal Whelen Modifieds
USAC Ignite Midget Series – East Coast
Legends – Lucas Oil and Southern and Northern California

K & K works with the All Stars and team drivers to generate sponsorship. We have team sponsors assisting to offset our typical racing costs. Some sponsors provide in-kind product and some provide cash, or both. These funds are allocated to each driver’s programs accordingly.

All Star and Team Driver’s – Career Planning:
Each driver comes into our development program at a different stage in their racing career. We work with the All Star and team drivers to establish three and five year career plans. The K & K team monitors progress to ensure the driver is getting the training needed in all areas to succeed. All areas including, but not limited to: driving ability, speaking skills, interaction with sponsors, social media skills, people skills, and marketability.

Attracting Sponsors:
The ability to attract sponsors is imperative to a successful racing career. At K & K, our All Stars and team drivers develop a brand around their own personality. Each driver has something unique about them and we work to capitalize that uniqueness into a trait that appeals to sponsors. Corporate sponsors look for a story and a personality that fits their goals and company image.

Sponsorship Management and Promotions:
When managing sponsorship’s, the work doesn’t stop with a decal on the race car. K & K develops promotions and events for each or our partners and All Star and team driver’s sponsors. We work hard to create new business to business opportunities, increasing sales and bringing a measurable return on investment. This ensures continued relationships and marketing partner’s long term.

Seminars, Workshops and Cup Team Tours:
The K & K Team hosts seminars, workshops and Cup Team tours. We also provide marketing, sponsorship, and chassis tuning classes. The seminars and workshops are held in the off-season in January and February. Workshops focus on the following areas:

Driver Development/Sponsorship
• Proven strategies to land sponsors
• Connecting a sponsor with the right driver
• Transitioning from amateur to professional athlete
• Fitness training
• Driver interviews, speaking skills and public relations
• Working with a spotter
• Fan interaction and networking with sponsors
• Networking with key career contacts

Motorsports Marketing – Value to a Sponsor:
• Channels for business-to-business (B2B) networking
• Established methods to drive measurable sales to consumers
• Demonstrated ways to expand distribution
• Powerful brand building concepts
• Proven ways to engage company employees, customers, vendors & prospects

Racing Connections:
Bill Lyons (William Lyons Associates) and K & K Motorsports have formed a business alliance. Bill works with NASCAR and most of the major Professional race teams and has managed professional athletes for over thirty years. Bill also managed the Yellow Transportation award winning NASCAR sponsorship for over eleven years. Bill has the ability to make connections and manage corporate relationships with prospective teams, NASCAR officials, co-sponsors, the media, and much more. Bill monitors all of the All Star and team drivers. Bill provides guidance as our drivers make the transition from amateur to professional athlete. Bill will introduce a driver to a professional team when he feels the driver is the “real deal” and ready to make the next step in his/her career.

All Stars and Team Drivers – Media, Driver Marketing and PR Management:
The K & K team assists our All Stars and team drivers with managing existing marketing partners and attracting new sponsors, developing long term relationships and a brand identity for the driver. K & K manages and utilizes professional alliances and firm(s) to create a brand image and related marketing materials for our drivers in the most professional manner possible. This includes the following:
• Driver Web-site Layout and Design
• Web-site domains and hosting
• Driver Web-site updates and changes
• Professional Driver Resume
• Marketing presentation package
• Driver Hero card design
• Driver business card creation
• Press releases
• Press release web-site postings
• Social media management
• Monthly newsletters
• Team and driver apparel

Next Steps to become an All Star or Team Driver:
• Submit Driver Resume to Kim Walmer: kim@kkmotorsports.com
• Schedule conference call with Kim to discuss driver’s career path and goals
• Discuss options and determine if K & K Motorsports is a good fit for the driver and K & K race team, if it appears to be a good fit…
• Discuss series to race over next to three to five years, create marketing and PR plan, establish goals and milestones.