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Hi!…I’m Terry Bridges, owner of TerryBridges.com, thanks for stopping by. I don’t want to bore you with all the life history stuff, but it’s important that you know a little about who I am and what I’m about. I’m ALL about announcing Motorsports, I’m addicted.

I’m all about landing a radio or TV gig so I can expose “grassroots” Motorsports. Racers at the grassroots level are just as passionate, work just as hard as the superstars they watch hoping someday to become. I want to bring “grassroots” racers the exposure they need and DESERVE. Every racer uses the “grassroots” route as a step to the big time. It’s inexcusable to me for a driver at ANY level to forget where they came from and the people who helped get them there.

One of the purposes of TerryBridges.com is to offer “grassroots” Motorsports events a service to make the event more professional, more informative for the fans, and to feel more like the “Big-Time” for the racers. A large focus is placed on engine tuning and chassis set up, and nothing toward driver “Media” skills. I want to offer racers a way to practice & improve their driver “Media” skills along with those other skills. Learning to interview, talking in front of a crowd, mentioning sponsors, & communicating under pressure, all things taken for granted, but vital for success. Driver “Media”, now more than ever, can make or break a racer’s chance to make the “Big Time” regardless of their driving skills. I plan to change that by offering the atmosphere to learn & practice these vital skills early at a level that won’t intimidate them.

My love for Motorsports started in 1972 as a young fan watching Stock Cars at the Portland (OR) Speedway. In 1979, I started my racing career in karting eventually making it my career in 1983 as head tuner for karting legend Phil Pfau. In 1987, I became a crew member for Dave Goulet’s NASCAR NW TOUR Stock Car racing team. In 1990, I built my first Dirt Late Model Stock Car from the ground up and started TBR Enterprises campaigning weekly until 1999. After departing Stock Cars in 2000 to watch my daughter pursue her love of horses, I decided announcing was my way to stay involved in Motorsports. In 2008, I started TerryBridges.com and it has taken off beyond my wildest dreams! Currently, things have slowed forcing me to re-think what I needed to bring to the table. In late 2014, I started a new weekly Motorsports podcast called the Northwest RaceReport, which provides weekly news, results, topics, and entertainment of happenings and racing personalities from around the Northwest and beyond. I also started RaceStream Live, a live internet stream that racers, race fans, and followers of me can listen to live play-by-play action of the events that I’m announcing, or large events that I’m strictly there to stream. It allows fans and followers the chance to hear that big event that they otherwise would miss. I stream everything from Kart racing to late-model stock cars. The goal of TerryBridges.com is to offer racers of all facets a place that to get quality and useful information that they can use and apply to help both themselves and their race teams, as well as keep abreast on the happenings in the grassroots racing world.

Motorsports is our area of expertise, however, TerryBridges.com also does sports event public address venues, parties, dances, & special get together’s. We host/M.C. weddings, banquets, just about any kind of special event. While here please “LIKE” our blog page & please check out and “LIKE” the NW RaceReport Facebook page www.facebook.com/nwracereport. We love hearing from ALL racers regardless of status or style and we’re here to help ALL racers in any way, so please don’t hesitate to ask. Our e-mail is prosoundaudioservices@gmail.com so feel free to drop us a line for more information, a quote, or just to say Hi! Thanks again for stopping by, enjoy! & the site! Safe and Successful racing to you all.


3 thoughts on “About PSAS

  1. hey, just wanted to say thanks for all your support and all that you do, you make the sports bigger and better and everyone has a part in that. keep it up and i look forward to you announcing for the races to come. p.s i cant believe i beat the old man hahah nick Ferguson #54


  2. Terry,
    Thank you for making these races fun and exciting. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you this summer. Looking forward to next summer already. I had a great time at the few races I ran, especially the night race. What a race to give it a go for the 1st time!! Now if I can get a few of my buddies to bring out thier shifters, we could have a decent size field. Great race report as well. You should submit it to Go Racing magazine as well. Keep up the great work!!
    See you soon,
    Mitch Kirkpatrick


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