Left Rear Spacing-The Great Debate



  By “The Snowman” Wes Snow

This will be the first of what I hope are many technical articles from author Wes Snow, affectionately known as the “Snowman”.  Wes races in the Unlimited All Star series and has kindly offered to share his wealth of knowledge with racers of all experiences.  He does not claim to be a “Know it all”, nor does he expect everyone to agree, but the NW RaceReport where much of his information will be shared on believes that his knowledge will help to make you more competitive.  Everyone has their opinion and not only do we respect that, we promote and encourage racers to think and design a racing routine that works for them, a solid understanding and consistent routine are key to being consistently competitive.  Thanks to the “Snowman” for being one of the NW RaceReport’s technical authors and hope ALL racers will stop here often to pick up tips and tricks that are here to make them more competitive.  Please comment at the end of the article, and like it for us, it’s what keeps us going, Enjoy!  Terry Bridges-NWRR

Left Rear Spacing…. Why do you get 10 different answers if you ask what moving the LR tire out does?  There has been a lot of talk on the internet lately asking this question, with everyone seeming to disagree.  My goal is to shed a little light on what’s occurring when the LR tire is moved out.  Let’s break this down.  Here are 3 simple things that are occurring when moving the LR out:

 1. Moving the left rear (LR) out changes cross weight.  It adds then reduces cross depending on where you start from, and there is a point of no return.  Always scale your kart to see what changed, after making a adjustment.  Don’t go off of what “so and so” told you it would do to your cross, YOU need to check it.  Adding cross generally tightens the kart and reducing cross generally loosens the kart, so changing LR spacing can and will have an effect on your cross adjustments.


2. Moving the LR out changes how quick weight transfer unloads and loads.  Think of the axle as a stick that the wheel is connected to.  The further out you move the LR the quicker the stick will raise it off the ground upon corner entry, also the quicker it will set it down on corner exit.  If your kart is tight in and loose off, try sliding your LR out.  It will unload the LR quicker on entry allowing the kart to turn in better, and load it back quicker on exit,  tightening the kart.

3. Moving the LR out is like reducing rear stagger.  Think of a solo cup.  Put it on its side and roll it.  It turns an arc.  Now think of the cup as being taller or longer.  It now rolls an arc, but not as sharp or tight due to spreading the big end out from the small end.

 A great starting place is spacing the wheel 1″ inch from the frame.  Most karts are set up from the factory to accept this spacing as a good starting point.  Personally start at 1″ most of the time.  Is there a magic place?  No!  Your track conditions, set up, and driving style will decide your best place, being different from mine on any given day.  The 1″ is just a good place to start.  Moving the LR is a great tuning tool if you know what is occurring, just make sure if you’re just starting out, to accurately mark or measure what your changes are and document them, along with the effect it had on your kart and situation. 

Next week we will talk about RR, RF, and LF wheel spacing. In in the future we will come back and get a little more in-depth with LR spacing, & things like how VCG (vertical center of gravity) and RFC (right front camber) can affect it.
Please tune in weekly for more tuning tips.  I hope this was helpful, or at least prompts some thinking.  Please drop me a line and let me know what you think about this article.  If there is anything you would like help with, send the question to the “Snowman” and I will do my best to answer it for you. Until next time, I’m the “Snowman” Wes Snow see you next week.


If Your Race Results Suck, Check These 5 Things…

if your race results suck

In Motorsports it doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a total “Green Horn” newbie to get the good consistent results or repair results that have deteriorated over time, checking these five things and committing to doing them faithfully is the difference between consistently good results or results that suck consistently.  Continue reading

ProSoundAudioServices Debuts Motorsports Excellence “PaceSetter Profile”

The NW RaceReport is pleased to announce that each month we will be recognizing passionate young racing enthusiasts for their outstanding achievements and contributions with our Motorsports Excellence “PaceSetter Profile”. It will be a way for aspiring young racers and their teams, to get the recognition they deserve and a way for race fans to meet, and find out more about their favorite drivers. Our inaugural profile, we are pleased to announce, is “Racin” Mason Smark from McMinnville, OR. Congrats to Mason and his entire Smark Family Racing team. Home club for the team, is the Portland Karting Association.


Name: “Racin” Mason Smark

AGE:   8


HOME:  McMinnville, OR

TEAM:  Smark Family Racing

YEARS RACING:  2   FAVORITE DRIVER:  Lewis Hamilton    FAVORITE TRACK:  McMinnville Raceway Park   LEAST FAVORITE:   Jackson County Medford, OR  FAVORITE FOOD:  Hot Dogs   FAVORITE SHOW:  Modern Marvels  SPONSOR:  DAVIDSON NAPA AUTO PARTS  DRIVING COACH:  Chris Hatch-Blackstar Motorsports  CHASSIS/#: #7 Swiss Hutless ENGINE BUILDER: Tim Lawrence-Lawrence Racing Engines  CREW: Paul Smark- Dad, Jennifer Smark-Mom, “Factory” Pat Munyon

Mason Smark, a young, up and coming racer from McMinnville, Oregon, is working hard at becoming one of the future stars in motor sports. With just over a years worth of experience under his belt, Smark has shown a marked improvement. The 2013 season was Mason Smarks first season in the Kid Kart division. It wasn’t long before it was apparent that he was going to need more of a challenge as he was starting to dominate the division consistently. Smark family Racing made the decision to make the move up to the Junior 1 division which is home to some of the finest junior drivers in the northwest, with many of them older and more experienced. October of 2013 was Smarks official Junior 1 debut, and his expectations were simple…”Don’t get lapped.” Smark accomplished his goal and then some as he finished third, well behind the leaders, but on the lead lap.

It was a bittersweet debut for Smark who pleased with his on the lead lap third place finish, but wasn’t thrilled that his pace was not that of the leaders, and knew he didn’t want to run that far off the pace for an entire season. So Smark, during the time most take off for some well needed R & R, spent his winter months behind the wheel, putting in all the laps he could at his home track McMinnville Raceway Park, and even ran some indoor oval track dirt events just so he could continue to stay behind the wheel…Smark fared well on the dirt bringing home a win and a runner up finish. After school and on the weekends, Smark was an ornament at the track putting in lap after lap preparing for his rookie debut in March with the NW Gold Cup Series, a regional traveling series that hits three different states and Canada. The start of the 2014 season was tough for the Smark Family Racing team breaking two rear axles in consecutive months. It would be just a minor set back for the up and coming pacesetter, because in his next nine races, Smark recorded a second, a third and seven fourth place finishes…Not bad for a driver who’s goal at the start of the season was to run mid pack consistently by season’s end. By mid-season Smark had far surpassed his goal and was as threat to win in every event he entered from mid-season on.

What started off a little rough, ended what could only be called a stellar rookie season. Mason Smark ended up runner up in the NW Gold Cup Regional point standings with two top three finishes at two of the biggest regional events in the series, a second in Tri-Cites, Washington and a third at his home track in McMinnville, Oregon. He finished third in the Oregon State Karting Championship Series point standings in Junior 1 with his shot at the title coming down to the final race of the season.. Mason Smark is a passionate, hard working young racer both on and off the track and looks to be on his way to a very successful racing career if he chooses to stick with it…and has all the makings of a quality champion… making him ProSoundAudioServices inaugural Motorsports Excellence “PaceSetter Profile”

2014 IKF Grand Nationals -‘Sizzlin’ Hot & Smokin’ in Southern Oregon

Grand National staff

August 2014 The Hoosier Racing Tire/Motul Motor Oil 2014 International Kart Federation 2 cycle and 4 Cycle Sprint Grand Nationals showcased karting’s finest drivers and race teams in what is known as the sports “Indy 500”. 2014 would mark year number 57 for the International Kart Federations most prestigious event. The “Grand Nationals” are where the elite compete for bragging rights and to bring home the sports most coveted prize, the “Duffy” named after the sports original founder Duffy Livingstone and given to the Champions in every class and division.

The IKF Grand Nationals took on a bit of a different look, as for the first time the 2 cycle and 4 cycle divisions were combined as they found their way to back to the Jackson County Sports Park and 2014 host club Southern Oregon Karters. For years the 3/4 of a mile, 16 turn, 6 way configuration track, was heralded as the “Super Speedway” of kart tracks in the NW. 1981, 1985, and 1989 were the previous years that the grand nationals were held in Medford.

20140806_194355The Southern Oregon Karters lead by female wonder woman Andrea Jaime, did a fantastic job hosting the event. The track was in pristine condition, newly paved, fresh paint, and an enlarged pit area to accommodate the racers. Both racers and officials a like did a great job of staying composed all week in the scorching 95+ degree heat. All the way around it was just a great event.

Day one started off with CAMBRIAN GO KARTS TaG JR. Gary Lyles was a guy to catch putting down laps in the low 53 second bracket, with Colby DuBato close behind. In qualifying, it would be DuBato’s 53.315 that would take the Screamin’ Eagle, with Jacob Gulick, Stevie Pugsley Jr., Justin Kimes filling the first four spots. Gary Lyles quickest in practice, had problems and qualified fifth quick.

In the pre final it would be a relative unknown, Jacob Gulick taking the”W”as DuBato could only compete two laps due to engine woes. Pugsley Jr. followed Gulick across 1.6 seconds back in second, Lyles, Kimes, and DuBato third, fourth and fifth.

Remember the relative unknown Jacob Gulick?…not quite so unknown anymore as he controlled the final from start to finish 2 seconds over runner up Pugsley Jr. Colby DuBato managed to make the best of a bad situation salvaging a third place finish. Gary Lyles was fourth. Homespun Justin Kimes had issues and called it good on lap 9 took he fifth spot.



FINAL:   1. JACOB GULICK 2. Stevie Pugsley Jr. 3.Colby DuBato 4. Gary Lyles 5. Justin Kimes

APM RACING’S ROOKIE COMER rolled out next and young wheel Tanner Hudspeth was all over it early capturing the Screamin’ Eagle with his 58.700. Carson Mallet was second quick .889 seconds back with a 59.859. Ethan Ho, Mack Motorsports Jalen Mack and Dominic Gordon filled the top five. Female phenoms Geneva Keller and Isabella Jaime were sixth and seventh.

In the pre final Carson Mallet battled Tanner Hudspeth and Dominic Gordon as the three crossed the stripe in that order 1.218 seconds ahead of a charging Jalen Mack whose 58.586 was quick lap. Ethan Ho was a no show in pre-final with mechanical issues, and Keller and Jaime followed Mack across the stripe for fifth and sixth.

In the final it was Dominic Gordon capturing the Duffy 0.293 seconds ahead of a charging Tanner Hudspeth. Ethan Ho fixed his pre final problems and finished third. In her first ever Grand National appearance, Isabella Jaime wheeled to a fourth place finish. Original runner up Jalen Mack, along with Geneva Keller and Carson Mallet all had post race tech issues.



FINAL:   1. DOMINIC GORDON 2. Tanner Hudspeth 3. Ethan Ho 4. Isabella Jaime 6. Jalen Mack (tech) 7. Geneva Keller (tech) 8. Carson Mallet (tech)

In SUPER STEER BRIGGS GAS ANIMAL HEAVY The Instructor Tyler Agan took the Screamin’ Eagle from a stout field of wheel personnel with his 57.918. 4 Cycle Veteran and 12 time Duffy winner Alan Cathey was second quick just 0.332 off going 58.250. Veterans Brett Lucas, “Rowdy” Bryan Green and Justin Faux filled the remaining top five spots. Roger Cathey, “Wild” Willie Wilds and Terri Lynn Wilhemson were sixth, seventh and eighth quick. 

In the pre final it was a close one with the instructor Tyler Agan holding off Alan
Tyler AganCathey in second, Green rolling across third, Brett Lucas fourth, and NW 4 cycle legend Roger Cathey trading spots with Justin Faux fifth.

In the final it was the “Instructor” Tyler Agan backing up his screaming eagle and pre final win, by making a clean sweep and capturing the Duffy almost 10 seconds ahead of runner up Brett Lucas. Lucas inherited the second spot on lap 18 after Alan Cathey retired with a broken header pipe. “Rowdy” Bryan Green was third, Alan Cathey’s Father Roger Cathey was fourth, Justin Faux closed the top five.


SCREAMIN’ EAGLE POLE AWARD:   Tyler Agan 57.918/46.620 mph

FINAL:  1. TYLER AGAN 2. Brett Lucas 3. Bryan Green 4. Roger Cathey 5. Justin Faux 6. Willie Wilds 7. Terri Lynn Wilhemson DNF: Alan Cathey (Header)

IKF President BILL HILGER’S TaG SR. had U.S. and Canadian’s battling for the federations highest honor. Representing the U.S. were Grayson Brown and Gary Roehl. Ron Hyde was the Canadian rep, and both countries were holding their own in morning practice. When qualifying rolled around it was Grayson Brown taking home the Screamin’ Eagle award putting down a 53.664 lap. Canadian Ron Hyde was a mere 0.320 off of Brown in the second quick spot. 

Brown who made the stop after surviving the streets of Lancaster fiasco, appeared to be the guy to beat. However in the pre final Canadian Ron Hyde had other things in mind as he drove 12 flawless laps and went on to take the checkers 0.687 seconds ahead of runner up Brown. Jin Bai finishedgrayson brown 4 second back in third, Gary Roehl in his first Grand National appearance was fourth. Late entry Corey Mack from the Mack Motorsports camp had to use his qualifying session for both practice AND qualifying, did a great job piloting his Mack Motorsports entry to the the fifth spot. Sean Fuller who retired after just two laps with engine issues was sixth.

In the final it was U.S. one and Canada one with Grayson Brown and Ron Hyde on the front row…Brown and Hyde get together as the rest of the field rolls by in turn one. Brown recovers and runs down Jin Bai and goes on to take the checkers 0.951 seconds ahead of runner up Bai. Canadian Ron Hyde takes just a bit to long to recover and follows Bai under the checkers third. Gary Roehl does a superb job in his first ever grand national and finishes fourth, Corey Mack could quite find what he was looking for in the chassis and calls it good 13 laps in. Sean Fuller did not start.



FINAL:   1. GRAYSON BROWN 2. Jin Bai 3. Ron Hyde 4. Gary Roehl 5. Corey Mack 6. Sean Fuller (DNS)

MONSTER X.COM JUNIOR 2 GAS ANIMAL LIGHT was anticipated to be close and close it was as Cheyenne Wyoming’s Austin Ray Chalman and remember the relative unknown from TaG Jr. Jacob Gulick?… Yep, Gulick was the man in practice running in the low 57’s and Chalman not far behind.

Come qualifying time Gulick once again captured the attention of his peers as he ripped a 57.170 quailyfing time to take Screamin’ Eagle pole award. 0.199 back was Chalman to lock up the outside front row spot. Colby DuBato a definite wheel man was yet to find the sweet spot in his ride, as he qualified third quick 3 seconds off the leader Gulick. Cody Adams another first timer to grand national competition qualified fourth, 1408048768757and Dylan McKay was fifth after he had issues in post qualifying tech.

In the pre final it was all Austin Ray Chalman as he broke out early from the outside starting spot after catching Gulick napping on the start. Gulick regrouped and was making his way back but the nap cost him as he followed Chalman under the checkers over 6.5 seconds back. DuBato was putting up some better numbers but was still about .7 tenths off of Gulick and Chalman, taking the third spot. Dylan McKay giving away a substantial weight advantage wanting to tune up for the heavy version was fourth, Colby Adams fifth.

Come final time it was Jacob Gulick using the pre final as a wake up call as he dominated the final. It looked like Gulick was on his way to another Duffy until on the wave of the white flag “Mr. Moves” Austin Ray Chalman put a low, late entry slide job on Gulick as they sailed into turn one…Gulick tried everything he had to get back around Chalman but it was to no avail as Chalman took the checkers 0.101 seconds ahead of a stunned Jacob Gulick to capture his first IKF grand national championship. Colby DuBato, Dylan McKay, and Cody Adams who did not start the final were third, fourth and fifth respectively.



FINAL:   1. AUSTIN RAY CHALMAN 2. Jacob Gulick 3. Colby DuBato 4. Dylan McKay 5. Cody Adams (DNS)

KARTCOVER.COM’S WORLD FORMULA MEDIUM was another field loaded with talent…the Meridian Missile Myles Pederson put up some monster numbers in morning practice and it looked like the Eagle might be his as he laid down 56.443 lap which was over a half second quicker than the rest of the field.

Come qualifying it was a different story as Schorn during the break had the wizards in the Competition Motors Corp camp put a tune up on his Swiss Hutless, and he rolled out laid down a 56.878 lap to take Screamin’ Eagle Pole award and put his ride in the P1
spot on the grid. Schorn was the only qualifier to break the 56 second barrier, and alan catheypractice missile Pederson went the other way mustering a 57.064 lap which was third quick. Ace Allan Cathey took the P2 spot with a 57.026, Brett Lucas and “the instructor” Tyler Agan completed the top five.

In the pre final it would be Schorn and Cathey going at it nose to tail the entire 12 laps with Schorn taking the checkers 0.157 seconds ahead of Cathey…Myles Pederson was third 1.353 seconds back…the top five a carbon copy of qualifying.

In the final Alan Cathey went to work early taking Lucas with him as the duo snuck by Schorn. Tyler Agan and Myles Pederson battled hard for fourth. Cathey lead all 20 laps to take the win and attain is 13th Duffy. Lucas who was originally second did not pass post race tech moving everybody up one putting Schorn in the runner up spot, Tyler Agan third, Pederson fourth and Burt Gasaway who was one of the favorites couldn’t find a set up to his liking and finished fifth.



FINAL:   1. ALAN CATHEY 2. David Schorn 3. Tyler Agan 4. Myles Pederson 5. Burt Gasaway 6. Jonathan Brown 7. Tommy Henderson 8. Robert Henderson (DNS) 9. David McDowell (DNS)

RAMADA MEDFORD HOTEL JUNIOR 1 GAS ANIMAL LIGHT was was one of the final classes winding down the day one events. Oliver Calvo was the man in practice lapping in the mid 58 second bracket with Tomas Mejia (MA-HEE-A) a couple tenths off. Come qualifying it was Mejia who came out throwing down…as he threw down a 57.761 to snag the Screamin’ Eagle pole award away from Calvo.

IKF Expert Myles Farhan put his Motul Oil-K1 Racegear-Mack Motorsports in the P3 spot .576 behind Calvo. Star, Idaho’s Jacob Smith the Region 6 Gold Cup Champ in this class put his JRS Motorsports entry in the P4 spot .388 behind Farhan…Ryan McElwee was .154 behind Smith to round out the top five in qualifying. Home town favorite Enrique Jaime put his CANI Motorsports entry P3 but issues in post qualifying cost him keeping the spot.

In the pre final it would be Mejia taking the checkers 1.780 seconds over Calvo and Jaime driving his way from the rear with a money drive to third, Jacob Smith was fourth as he swapped places with Farhan. Region 6 regulars Cam Raymond was a respectable 8th and Grand National Rookie “Racin” Mason Smark was 11th. Smark is on 20140810_191233the low end of the age bracket just having graduated from a kid kart last season, and may have been feeling the heat..none the less Smark did and outstanding job all week long.

In the final, it was Oliver Calvo getting it done and using some killer late race strategy to take the win and with Farhan finding some speed to follow Calvo across second, Mejia struggled a bit in the final and was third. Smith was his solid self and captured the fourth spot, Jaime would finish fifth. Idaho’s William Ginn did not start the final.



FINAL:   1 OLIVER CALVO 2. Myles Farhan 3. Tomas Mejia 4. Jacob Smith 5. Enrique Jaime 6. Jarod Korth 7. Jalen Mack 8. Cam Raymond 9. Ryan McElwee 10. William Ginn-DNS:  Mason Smark-DNS.

Closing out the Day one events was the JOHN L. SCOTT REAL ESTATE-MEDFORD FORMULA 80 MASTERS Jeff Jarvis lead the way in practice in the 54.2’s with Shane Hines rolling in the 52.3.’s…When qualifying rolled around it was Rick Gutzke out dueling Jeff Jarvis for the Screamin’ Eagle pole award. Gutzke ripped off a 54.204 to Jarvis’s 54.694, Shane Hines was third with a 54.809. Sean Fuller was a bit off the pace with 57.030 and David McDowell qualified but had issues in post qualifying tech, so his effort was negated.

When the pre final rolled around, it was Sean Fuller and David McDowell electing to sit out and wait for the final…Rick Gutzke, Jeff Jarvis and Shane Hines played Deja Vu and finished just like they qualified…one, two, and three. Gutzke crossed the stripe 3.247 seconds ahead of Jarvis who had his hands full with Hines, crossing the stripe just 0.14 seconds ahead of Hines!

In the final it was a regroup by Jeff Jarvis who went on to rule in the final, cruising to a 0.829 second victory over runner up nemesis Shane Hines. Sean Fuller followed Hines across third and speedster Rick Gutzke did not make a lap in final, tough break for the odds on final favorite. David McDowell did not start.



FINAL:   1. JEFF JARVIS 2. Shane Hines 3. Sean Fuller 4. Rick Gutzke



Day two had lots of heat both weather wise and racing wise…MACK MOTORSPORTS KPV 1 CADET was gridded for practice and ready to kick off day two. One of the favorites, home spun and built for speed Enrique Jaime was rolling during morning practice lapping in the mid to low 56’s, strongest of the session, though not by much. 0.313 was all that separated the top four, and .990 the top six raising the temp early. Practice can be a psych job if your not careful, but when qualifying rolled around, Tomas Mejia (Ma-hee-a) rolled up mentally set and captured P1 and the Sceamin’ Eagle Pole award .150 seconds quicker than “The Real Deal” Calvo going 56.392 to Calvo’s 56.542. While running Mejia’s numbers in practice, Jaime’s 56.731 had competitors double checking their watches, with his P4 effort. Myles Farhan put his Motul Oils, Mack Motorsports, High Rev motors entry in the P3 spot. Tanner Hudspeth took the P5 spot.

enrique Jaime 1

Mejia blazes off early leading the first seven ticks…Farhan wants to check the view up front and goes by Mejia taking the “Real Deal” Oliver Calvo with him to take P1. A lap later Calvo wheels by Farhan for P1. “The Real Deal” Oliver Calvo by now is starting to show his skill set…He doesn’t panic under the gun…and is a master late race finisher. Farhan follows Calvo across in P2, pole sitter Mejia takes P3 still wondering where Calvo came from and where he left to…Home town favorite Jaime maintains, starting and finishing P4. Alex Arbuckle picks off Tanner Hudspeth and Ethan Ho early and stays P5, while Alex Diakoumopoulous who started dead last after being in compliance in post qualifying tech, picks off Carson Mallet early then goes by a fading Ethan Ho for P7
on lap three and then catches and does away with Tanner Hudspeth for P6 on lap five where he stays . George Diakoumopoulous was a no start.

At the start of the final, Calvo looks tough for the first five laps as he cruises P1…on lap 6 Calvo gets his bubble popped when Farhan puts his Motul Oils, Mack Motorsports ride in high gear and takes P1 from Calvo, bringing with him the 50 of Mejia and the 48 of Jaime…sending Calvo back to P4…Farhan is on a mission and stays put in P1…On lap eight Jaime who is now starting to feel it takes P2 away from Mejia. Lap twelve the “Real Deal” goes back to work and comes from no where and motors by P3 Mejia then rolls up and sends Jaime to P3 as he takes the P2 spot…Farhan takes the checkers over two seconds over runner up Calvo, Jaime is P3, Mejia P4. Alex Arbuckle and Alex Diakoumopolous don’t budge and finish where they start fifth and sixth. George Diakoumopolous picks up two spots for the seventh, Tanner Hudspeth, Carson Mallet, and Ethan Ho are eighth, ninth, and tenth at the checkers.
BREAKING NEWS…race officials don’t like Calvo’s move getting by Jaime for P2 and penalize the “Real Deal” one position, moving Jaime back to P2 and Calvo is credited with P3.



FINAL:   1. MYLES FARHAN 2. Enrique Jaime 3. Oliver “The Real Deal” Calvo 4. Tomas Mejia 5. Alex Arbuckle 6, Alex Diakoumopolous 7. George Diakoumopolous 8. Tanner Hudspeth 9. Carson Mallet 10. Ethan Ho.

ROUGE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION IKF TAG MASTERS were next up…Another home town phenom Tony Workman was true to his name in practice putting up a session best 53.111…Canadian Ron Hyde was next best .716 back and then veteran Matt Katanek .831 off session leader Workman. Qualifying was no surprise as Workman grabbed the top spot and the Screamin’ Eagle pole award with a 53.299…Katanek ran close to his practice number and joined Workman on the front row. Canadian Ron Hyde was the surprise when he qualified almost six tenths slower than he did in practice with a 54.398. Grand National rookie Gary Roehl (pronounced “Rail”) with no AM practice put up a respectable 54.755, and Jeff Moffet finished out the top five. Gene Pellham did not qualify.

Workman rolls out early leading the first two circuits…Katanek gets Canadian Ron Hyde early for the runner up spot. Lap three Workman’s motor sounds like Fred McMurray’s flubber machine and Katanek and Hyde roll by to fill the top two spots. Meanwhile Jeff Moffet gives Gary Roehl all he can handle in a battle for fourth and fifth…Roehl finally does away and drives away from Moffet…Roehl on the move, rolls by a struggling Tony Workman on lap four…Workman retires with what sounds like ignition issues right after completing only four laps..Katanek takes the win, but issues with post tech compliance cost him the pre final passing “W” down to Canadian Ron Hyde, who thanks Katanek for the gift and will start P1 for the final…Katanek’s gift to Hyde also helps Gary Roehl salvage a front row start spot for the final. Jeff Moffet inherited third, and Gene Pellham got his gremlins to cooperate for the pre final and picked up fourth and Workman fifth.

Canadian made good use of Matt Katanek’s pre final gift as he gets out early on Gary Roehl…Roehl actually showed some real speed and mature demeanor for his youthful experience especially at a Grand National…Roehl was second for the first four laps…It took Tony Workman a couple of laps to get his mojo back..but late lap two Workman rolls by Katanek and is flat flying in pursuit of Roehl in second and the leader Ron Hyde. Workman catches and goes by Roehl on lap four for second and with his mojo in full effect blazes four consecutive high 53 second laps, his best a 53.777 on lap nine and is really reeling Hyde in. Like a good class B horror flick, Canadian Ron Hyde is running for his life, hearing the footsteps of Workman coming…Hyde trips and falls, his crew screaming for him to get up can’t hold back the untiring Workman who is rolling like a mad man and on lap fourteen catches and goes by Hyde for the lead and never looks back going on to take the checkers a little over three seconds over the Canadian sensation. From lap six on, Workman was in clinic mode, and even more impressive was the fact that Ron Hyde was ANYTHING but slow, Workman was just in refuse to lose mode. Gary Roehl followed Hyde across third, Jeff Moffet was fourth…Both Matt Katanek and Gene Pellham called it a day on lap ten. Katanek was fifth and Pellham sixth.



FINAL:   1. TONY WORKMAN 2. Ron Hyde 3. Gary Roehl 4. Jeff Moffet 5. Matt Katanek 6. Gene Pellham

Like a good neighbor STATE FARM INSURANCE was there with KID KART C-51 on the grid and ready to rock. Nick Curry was the early man as he lead the way in morning practice going 1.205 seconds quicker than next best “Super” Cooper Hicks who put down a 71.017…A.J. Matheson was third quickest in practice just a tick off Hicks with a 71.023
Qualifying was a bit of a surprise as “Super” Cooper Hicks found almost a second and a half putting down a 69.636 lap to capture the Screamin’ Eagle pole award. A.J. Matheson put his Sutherland’s McDonald’s Restaurants on the outside of the front row .3 tenths quicker than he practiced with a 70.661. Matheson was also racing to raise money and awareness for the wounded warrior project, and did an outstanding job representing the warriors on their behalf. “Slick” Nick Curry struggled a bit after a ripper morning practice was third quick with a 72.236. Female phenoms Geneva Keller and Isabella Jaime were fourth and fifth quick .

Pre final action has Hicks rolling his Haase/Mack Motorsports entry flag to flag, Matheson puts his Micky D’s ride into back into second after “Slick” Nick Curry jumped him on the start….and that just about it as everybody stayed in postion…at the flag it’s “Super” Cooper Hicks under the checkers 4 seconds ahead of runner up Matheson….Curry finished third, Geneva Keller rolls to fourth, and Vinny DeBenedetti fifth. “Slick” Nick ain’t so slick as he gets popped in post pre final tech moving everybody up one spot.

More of the same in the final as “Super” Cooper Hicks is just that…showing why he won 13 finals thus far in 2014 as he rolled his High Rev/Dave’s Motor works/ Mom & Dad backed Haase to win number 14 and a national championship. A.J. Matheson made ALL the wounded warriors proud putting his Sutherland’s McDonald’s Restaurants/Sanner Racing engines/K1 Race Gear Emmick in the runner up spot. Female phenom Geneva Kellar did a great job running third until “Slick” Nick Curry proved to be to slippery as he slid by on lap 3 to take over third where he would stay with Keller fourth. Vinny DeBenedetti held fifth spot for a couple laps until the second half of the female phenoms Isabella Jaime in her first grand national appearance did a great job getting by Vinny D on lap 2 to take home a top five. DeBenedetti finished sixth and the third half of the female phenoms Danika Adams was seventh.


SCREAMIN’ EAGLE POLE AWARD:   “Super” COOPER HICKS-69.636/38.772 mph

FINAL:   1. “Super” COOPER HICKS 2. A.J. Matheson 3. “Slick” Nick Curry 4. Geneva Keller 5. Isabella Jaime 6. Vinny DeBenedetti 7. Danika Adams

MERCY FLIGHTS AMBULANCE POST #131 BRIGGS ANIMAL MEDIUM. The Mercy Flights Ambulance crew was also the safety safari for the grands and what an outstanding job they did all week taking care of competitors. Myles Pederson probably one of the most UNDER RATED drivers racing today, was quick in practice putting down a best lap in the low 57 otts. Alan Cathey was lapping in the 2’s and Brett Lucas was about .9 off Pederson lapping in the high 57’s.

Come qualifying however, the tide would change and it was Brett Lucas putting down a 56.895 to grab the Screamin’ Eagle pole award away from the “Instructor” Tyler Agan who went a .944 to take the outside front row spot. Alan Cathey and Justin Faux were third and fourth quick, and the surprise was Myles Pederson who traded places with Lucas after practice and qualified .988 slower than Lucas putting him a surprising fifth.

Lucas sneaks by Agan on the start of the pre final and leads lap 1, late lap 2 Cathey gets by both Agan and Lucas and leads lap 2…Lucas back around Cathey mid lap 2 and leads laps 3 and 4, with Agan going by Cathey for second on lap 3. By Lap 5 Agan is on the point and leads the rest of the way with Lucas pursuing. Faux who had no luck retires on lap 2 with issues. Cathey retires on lap 7 with a broken header pipe, and Myles Pederson not happy with his handle retires a lap later. Cathey has speed proving it with his 57.003 quick lap…But at the checkers it’s Agan P1 with Lucas P2, Pederson the last of the retiree’s is credited with P3. Cathey P4, and Faux rounding out the top five.

Alan Cathey comes out with guns a blazin’ in the final. Agan leads the first three trips around. Cathey gets under Agan in the turn one sweeper and “Poof!”is gone. Agan, Lucas, and Pederson stay second, third, and fourth for the final 17 laps. The struggles continued for Justin Faux who retired on lap seven. Cathey goes on to win by over a second to capture Duffy number 13 of his illustrious 4 cycle Career.



FINAL:   1. ALAN CATHEY 2. Tyler Agan 3. Brett Lucas 4. Myles Pederson 5. Justin Faux (Handling)

Following in the footsteps was TWEEDEL’S TOWING FORMULA 80 SENIOR…Practice was rather uneventful with nobody really standing out or making a statement. Qualifying was close with Mack Motorsports star ace Lloyd Mack Jr. doing what he does best, earning Screamin’ Eagles and he captured yet another pole award with his 53.344. He had to earn it though as Adam Booker was right there going a .588 filling the outside front row spot. Rick Gutzke was third quick, Sean Fuller Fourth, and Jeff Jarvis fifth.

No pre final for the Formula 80 seniors as they decide to save their stuff for the finals.

The final rolls out at 8:30 pm and its still close to 90 degrees.
Adam Booker bound and determined to make Mack earn his keep jumps the shifter ace off the start and leads the first 7 laps of the final with Mack in hot pursuit. Lap 8 Mack decides Papa Mack’s wrath is more than he wants deal with after a long, hot day and goes by Booker…with a see ya!, Mack is ghost and unchallenged the rest of the way to20140810_185642 sweep Formula 80 Senior Rick Gutzke comes out of no where and surprises Booker on lap 15 and takes over the second spot and follows Mack across P2…Sean Fuller goes 4 laps before deciding that his ill handling ride after a long, hot day just isn’t worth it and calls it day but still is credited with P3, and Jeff Jarvis who did not start gets his easiest P4 finish ever after Booker has issues in post race tech is bumped to P5.



FINAL:   1. LLOYD MACK JR. 2. Rick Gutzke 3. Sean Fuller 4. Jeff Jarvis (DNS) 5. Adam Booker (Post Race Tech DQ)


Next up was the highly anticipated COMPETITION MOTORS CORPORATION BRIGGS FORMULA HEAVY…and heavy it was load with some heavy hitters in the 4 stroke ranks going at it hard and heavy. Alan Cathey, Tyler Agan, Myles Pederson, and David Schorn were the heaviest hitters in morning practice…Cathey’s 57.372 was top of the time board at the end of practice.

Alan Cathey would strike first with a 57.283 and looked to be the pole sitter until David Schorn who was fourth in the qualifying order would lay down a blistering 57.099 to take the Sreamin’ Eagle pole award away from Cathey as well as the top spot on the grid. The “Instructor” Tyler Agan was third quick, Jonathan Brown another Grand National rookie, was starting to open some eyes with his performance was fourth quick and the “Meridian Missile” Myles Pederson rounded out the top five.

In pre final action it was ALL Schorn going bell to bell with Cathey second .525 seconds back. Tyler Agan and Myles Pederson had a battle for third with Pederson getting around Agan on lap 8. The man on the move was Brett Lucas who drove from his 16th starting spot to 8th. Jonathan Brown followed fourth place Agan under the checkers fifth.

The final is a repeat performance for David Schorn, with Pederson second. Brett Lucas after his great run in the pre final has a clutch explode taking him out on lap 2. Deep in the field Willie Wilds starts a rampage of his own as he goes first goes around Mark Reece on lap 3 and then goes around Jeff Havens on lap 14. Greg Normandin puts his T Plus Steel Fabricators I-Kart into the eighth spot getting by Bryan Green on a lap 5
alan cathey1where he would stay. On lap 9 Cathey goes by Pederson for second and follows Schorn under the checkers there…Also on lap 9 Jonathan Brown gets by Agan for fourth (Brown was using an engine on loan to him from Agan…How’s that for being grateful?!!). The final wave of the checkers has Schorn winning it Cathey second, Pederson third, Brown fourth and Agan fifth. BREAKING NEWS…Schorn does not pass tech, eliminating his sweep of the class giving Duffy number fourteen to Alan Cathey.



FINAL:   1. ALAN CATHEY 2. Myles Pederson 3. Jonathan Brown 4. Tyler Agan 5. Matt Katanek 6. David McDowell 7. Greg Normandin 8. Willie Wilds 9. Jeff Havens 10. Mark Reece 11. Glenn Young 12. Bryan Green 13. Richard James 14. Brett Lucas 15. Zac Potts 16. David Schorn

HUDSON SAW AND TOOL’S JUNIOR 2 GAS ANIMAL HEAVY it was Jacob Gulick aboard his new Swiss Hutless chassis getting it done by a bunch in practice putting down a 57.265 best lap…which was .894 quicker than Colby Dubato’s best of 58.159….it appeared that it might be a run away, but it was only practice and as we all know all to well, the best way to cause your self problems, is to count the wins before they are won. Gulick has been winning everything locally and regionally since debuting his new Swiss Hutless chassis at the start of the 2014 season.

Gulick was true to form, backing up practice by taking the Screamin’ Eagle pole award with a solid 57.339 lap…it was .767 seconds quicker than DuBato who captured the outside front row spot with a 58.106 lap. Austin Ray Chalman was third quick , Dylan McKay running his last events as a junior was fourth and Cody Adams was fifth.
In the pre final DuBato caught Gulick napping and jumped him on the wave of the green…but it was very short lived as Gulick went right back by and that was about as exciting as it got, as everybody held their starting spots and Gulick cruised on to a 8.567 win over DuBato, Chalman was third, Dylan McKay fourth and Cody Adams fifth.

The final proved more of the same as Gulick went flag to flag totally dominating and winning the final by 12 seconds over runner up Colby DuBato. “Mr. Moves” Austin Ray Chalman gave DuBato a quick scare when he aced out DuBato on the start for second spot, but it was only a scare…DuBato went back by Chalman late on first lap and never looked back. Chalman who made the long haul from Cheyenne, Wyoming settled in to third until lap 5, when Dylan McKay went by taking over third until Chalman retook third on lap 9. Chalman was just starting to settle in again when McKay went back by to regain third for good on lap 13 of the 16 lap final holding Chalman in the fourth spot. Cody Adams finished fifth. Chalman’s troubles in tech gave fourth to Adams. Gulick captures national championship number two.



FINAL:   1. JACOB GULICK 2. Colby DuBato 3. Dylan McKay 4. Cody Adams 5. Austin Ray Chalman ( DQ tech infraction)

MERCY FLIGHTS AMBULANCE EXPLORER POST 131 JUNIOR 1 GAS ANIMAL action, practice was dog fight with the top four sports separated by a mere .206 gap…It was “The Real Deal” Oliver Calvo leading the way with a 58.886 session best. Eagle Idaho’s Jacob Smith continued with his solid nationals performance, as the region 6 NW Gold Cup Champion was .062 off Calvo. Hometown phenom Enrique Jaime was only .073 off Smith and .135 off leader Calvo and Tomas Mejia was .071 behind Jaime and .206 off the leader. Ryan McElwee was fifth best in practice .337 off of Mejia and .543 off Calvo… and this was just practice!

When qualifying rolled around “The Real Deal” Calvo was real hard to deal with as he puts a major tune up on and goes eight tenth’s quicker than he did in practice and wins the Screamin’ Eagle pole award with a blistering 58.071…Jaime’s crew puts a nice tune up on his #48 Birel as he takes the outside front row spot with a 58.492. Mejia finds about three tenths and is third…The surprise is Jacob Smith qualifying fourth, .4 tenths slower than practice and 1.252 seconds behind Eagle winner Calvo.

The pre final has third quick qualifier Tomas Mejia starting deeeep in the field after issues in post qualifying tech…Calvo is gone with Jaime in pursuit…Smith sits third. Meanwhile Mejia is working his way up through the field blowing my Jalen Mack, then Jarod Korth…then McElwee on lap 4. Lap 7 Mejia rolls by Smith to take third where he will stay as Calvo are to far gone. Korth and McElwee go at it with McElwee winning the battle…At the wave of the checkers it’s Calvo taking the win 2.159 seconds ahead of the runner up Jaime, Mejia rolling like a monster goes from his eighth spot and follows Jaime across in third….Jacob Smith is fourth, McElwee rounds out the top five.

Come final time Oliver “The Real Deal” Calvo is just to much to handle and he goes basically untouched and cruises to a .675 win to capture the Junior 1 title over a charging Enrique Jaime. Jacob Smith holds third until Mejia again goes by on lap 10 moving Smith to fourth where he stays. Jarod Korth finds a little something in the final and picks up couple of spots to finish fifth, while Jalen Mack does what he can to salvage a tough Junior 1 performance, and battled a no quit Cam Raymond to capture sixth. McElwee fades right from the start and loses four spots finishing eighth. “Racin'” Mason Smark a rookie Junior 1 competitor did a great job for his first national, the heat a bit of factor for the young wheelman he finished ninth…Oliver Calvo sweeps giving the “Real Deal” his second national championship.



FINAL:   1. OLIVER “The Real Deal” CALVO 2. Enrique Jaime 3. Tomas Mejia 4. Jacob Smith 5. Jarod Korth 6. Jalen Mack 7. Cam Raymond 8. Ryan McElwee 9. “Racin” Mason Smark


MACK MOTORSPORTS KID KART C-51 HEAVY kicked off day three’s and it was A.J Matheson on the qualifying clocks first going 71.370, good enough to capture the Screamin’ Eagle pole award. “Super” Cooper Hicks was second quick, Geneva Keller, Isabella Jaime, and “Slick” Nick Curry rounding out the top five. Give the pre-final to “Super” Cooper Hicks who went to work and checked out taking the checkers by five plus seconds over runner up “Slick” Nick Curry. Matheson finished third, Isabella Jaime fourth,  Danika Adams fifth, and Geneva Keller.

In the final, it was A.J. Matheson regrouping from his third spot pre-final finish edging20140810_181542 “Slick” Nick Curry for the top spot by a mere 0.295 seconds. Curry found something for the final as he was lickity split and running hard. Geneva Keller returned for the final and took the third spot, Isabella Jaime for was awesome and ran in the top three for most of the final finished fourth (Pretty awesome for her first ever grand national event) and Danika Adams was fifth. Cooper Hicks had issues in post race tech and was disqualified.



FINAL:   1. A.J. MATHESON 2. “Slick & Quick” Nick Curry 3. Geneva Keller 4. Isabella Jaime 5. Danika Adams DQ: “Super” Cooper Hicks

MOTUL RACING OILS KPV-2 action it was Gary Lyles taking qualifying by .088 seconds over second quick Colby Dubato, earning him the Screamin’ Eagle pole award. Stevie Pugsley Jr. was third quick, Jacob Gulick was fourth quick and Cody Adams took the fifth and final qualifying spot.

In the pre-final Lyles lead early but could not hold off the hard charging Dubato when on lap four Dubato got by the pole sitter and never looked back as he went on to take the pre-final by .434 seconds over Lyles. Pugsley Jr. was third, Gulick fourth and Adams fifth.

The final was uneventful with Jacob Gulick and Cody Adams not starting and Dubato having issues in post race tech giving the win to Gary Lyles who was 2.657 seconds ahead of the Stevie Pugsley Jr. in the runner up spot.



FINAL:   1. GARY LYLES 2. Stevie Pugsley Jr. DNS: Jacob Gulick, Cody Adams DQ: Dubato

SOUTHERN OREGON KARTERS BRIGGS GAS ANIMAL Tyler “The Instructor” Agan took the pole and the Screamin’ Eagle Pole Award by a mere .187 seconds over Brett Lucas. Alan Cathey, Keith Faux, and Terri Lynn Whilhelmson filled the remaining three qualifying positions.

alan cathey1In the pre-final it was the “Instructor” Tyler Agan taking the win and quick lap with a 57.869 on lap five over runner up Alan Cathey who was .523 seconds back but was 3.806 seconds ahead of third place finisher Brett Lucas. Agan lead laps one through six with Cathey getting by to lead lap seven, with Agan leading the final five circuits. Terri Lynn Wilhelmson finished fourth and Keith Faux had some tough luck not completing a lap and finished in the fifth spot.

In the final it was a quick role reversal, with Alan Cathey taking the win and quick lap with his 58.009. Cathey crossed the stripes .342 seconds ahead of the “Instructor” Tyler Agan, and 3.204 seconds ahead of third place finisher Brett Lucas. Keith Faux regrouped from his tough pre-final and finished fourth, Terri Lynn Wilhelmson finished fifth.



FINAL:   1. ALAN CATHEY ” 2. Tyler “The Instructor” Agan 3. Brett Lucas 4. Keith Faux 5. Terri Lynn Wilhelmson

HUDSON SAW & TOOL IKF TAG CADET saw Tomas Mejia take the pole and the Screamin’ Eagle Pole Award over Myles Farhan, Enrique Jaime, Jarod Korth, and Alex Arbuckle. Mejia took the pole by just .240 seconds over Farhan.

Tomas MejiaThe pre final was basically Mejia and Farhan going at it most of the way, hometown hero Enrique Jaime couldn’t quite find the handle he liked in the pre-final and throwing a chain on lap 11 in the final. Arbuckle did not start either the pre or the final and after finishing fourth in the pre-final, Jared Korth would not start the final.

Mejia lead the first two laps of the final until Farhan gets by with a slick inside slide job on the bottom of the roller coaster…Mejia regroups and gets back by Farhan and goes on to win the final by .383 second over Farhan giving him the sweep and the National Championship.



FINAL:   1. TOMAS MEJIA 2. Myles Farhan 3. Enrique Jaime (Chain) DNS: Arbuckle, Korth


KART-O-RAMA’S BRIGGS WORLD FORMULA MASTERS was one of the largest classes of the week and it was loaded with talent. Karting veteran Burt Gasaway from Spokane, Washington took the pole and the Screamin’ Eagle Pole Award by .219 over another 4 cycle veteran “Rowdy” Bryan Green. Matt Katanek was third quick just .273 seconds behind pole sitter Gasaway. Yet another 4 cycle veteran Roger Cathey was fourth quick and rising 4 cycle ace Greg Normandin rounded out the top five.

Give the pre-final to Gasaway. Green was close early but faded back and followed Gasaway across the stripes 3.013 seconds back. Matt Katanek retired early with issues moving Cathey and Normandin up a spot each to third and fourth and the hard charging “Wild” Willie Wilds picked up a couple spots and rounded out the top five. Mark Reese, Glenn Young, and Jeff Havens filled spots six through eight.

1407760625681Gasaway continued his dominance in the final giving him another national championship to add to his growing collection, and a clean sweep, as it was almost deja-vu with “Rowdy” Green close early and then fading this time finishing Cinderella 5.068 seconds behind Gasaway. Matt Katanek with issues resolved, roared back in the final to take the third spot. Roger Cathey and Greg Normandin where fourth and fifth, and another north westerner, Mark Reece was sixth. “Wild” Willie Wilds finished seventh, Glenn Young and Jeff Havens filled spots eight and nine. Quick lap of the race was Matt Katanek’s 57.985 which was 0.006 quicker than he qualified.



FINAL:   1. BURT GASAWAY 2. Bryan “Rowdy” Green 3. Matt Katanek 4. Roger Cathey 5. Greg Normandin 6. Mark Reece 7. “Wild” Willie Wilds 8. Glenn Young 9. Jeff Havens

MONSTER X TOUR.COM’S JUNIOR 2 WORLD FORMULA saw Jacob Gulick ALL business after Austin Ray Chalman’s last lap win over him in Junior 2 Gas Animal as he capture the pole and the Screamin’ Eagle Pole Award by .977 of a second over you guessed it, “Mr. Moves” himself Austin Ray Chalman. Dylan McKay who was competing in his final events as a junior was third quick, Colby Dubato and a real up and coming driver named Mason Buck were fourth and fifth. Mason Buck was competing in his first ever Grand National is without question a driver to keep an eye on.

Jacob GulickGulick continued on his vengeance rampage in the pre-final completely dominating from start to finish and took the wave of the checkers 7.720 seconds over runner up Chalman…McKay, DuBato and Buck filled third through fifth. Buck had to retire after four laps because of mechanical issues.

The final is the same dealing, with Jacob Gulick who by now was kind of the buzz of the nationals with his strong performances running away with it and sweeping the class in dominating fashion. Austin Ray Chalman did step it up in the final, but was still no match for Gulick and rocket Swiss Hutless Chassis. Dylan McKay with another solid performance was third, and Mason Buck traded Mechanical woes with DuBato and went on to take fourth. DuBato made one lap before engine woes ended his day. The win for Gulick made it three “Duffy’s” and “Screamin’ Eagles”… and all were done in very impressive fashion.



FINAL:   1. JACOB GULICK 2. Austin Ray “Mr. Moves” Chalman 3. Dylan McKay 4. Mason Buck 5. Colby DuBato (Engine)


COMPETITION MOTORS CORPORATION’S SUPER SPORTSMAN LIGHT saw Brett Lucas from Spokane, Washington perform another of the weeks sweeps. There were brooms a plenty floating around as the last four classes all ended up with the national champion sweeping qualifying, the pre-final, and the final… This would no different as Lucas won the Screamin’ Eagle Pole Award with his 55.730 effort. Grayson Brown who was coming off just surviving the streets Lancaster destruction derby took the outside front row spot with a 56.122. Jin Bai, Sean Scott, and Jack Adams filled the three through five.

In the pre-final it was all Brett Lucas as he led flag to flag and was really unchallenged.brettlucas It was Grayson Brown who had his hands full with Jin Bai finally getting past Bai late on lap two and never looked back following Lucas across 4.573 seconds back. Bai, Sean Fuller, Jonathan Brown who picked up two spots, Jack Adams, and Sean Scott were third through seventh.

In the final, Grayson Brown made it little tougher for Lucas but still just couldn’t match Lucas’s pace finishing 2.490 seconds behind the new national champion and class sweeper. Jin Bai once again was third, Sean Scott regrouped with a nice tune up for the final and finished fourth with Sean Fuller right on his rear bumper in fifth, and Jack Adams was sixth. Jonathan Brown had some problems making only one lap was seventh. The 55.943 lap time of third place finisher Jin Bai was quick lap of the race.



FINAL: 1. BRETT LUCAS 2. Grayson Brown 3. Jim Bai 4. Sean Scott 5. Sean Fuller 6. Jack Adams 7. Jonathan Brown (Engine).


BRIGGS & STRATTON BRIGGS L0206 SENIOR Picking up where he left off in Gas Animal Heavy, it was the “Instructor” Tyler Agan giving instructions on how to win a class. Agan edged out the Meridian Missile Myles Pederson by .264 seconds to grab the Screamin’ Eagle Pole award.  David Schorn was third quick, Ron Perry fourth quick and Jonathan Brown rounded out the top five.

In the pre final it was no different as Agan continued his clinic by leading every lap, holding off a charging David Schorn to take the checkers by 2.181 seconds.  Schorn followed right behind Agan on the start forcing Pederson to fall in behind for TylerAgan1third…and that is the way it would stay.  Jonathan Brown got by Ron Perry on lap three to take over the fourth spot and Zac Potts followed Perry across in the sixth spot.

It was a carbon copy in the final with Agan leading another eighteen consecutive laps for a total of thirty straight laps led in route to a sweep and his second Grand National championship. Agan was convincing too as he rolled under the checkers 5.026 seconds a head of runner up David Schorn.  Schorn got past Jonathan Brown and Pederson on lap two to take over the runner up spot, with Brown following Schorn past Pederson for third. On lap three Ron Perry takes over the fourth spot from Pederson who obviously was losing his handle…Pederson lasted only four more laps and retires with handling issues on lap 7. Brown followed Schorn under the checkers in third, Ron Perry was fourth and Myles Pederson fifth. Zac Potts did not start.



FINAL:  1. TYLER AGAN 2. David Schorn 3. Jonathan Brown 4. Ron Perry 5. Myles Pederson  DNS: Zac Potts


PRO KART SHOP’S KPV-1 HEAVY would make the fifth “Sweep” in a row! This time it was the “Real Deal” Oliver Calvo giving an impressive performance all day. Calvo took the pole just barely over Enrique Jaime with a 56.827 to Jaime’s 56.830..that’s .003 of a second! Dominic Gordon was .5 back with his 57.349, and George Diakoumaupoulos and Tanner Hudspeth filled out the top five.

The pre-final was ALL the “Real Deal” Oliver Calvo as he drove off to a 4.306 second win over runner up Enrique Jaime, much to the surprise of everyone after the way qualifying went. Myles Farhan and Tomas Mejia who did not qualify worked their way through the 12 kart field in impressive fashion with Farhan going up to third and Mejia to fifth. Mack Motorsports Jalen Mack had issues and did not start.

In the final once again it was the “Real Deal” Oliver Calvo giving another calm and cool performance and goes flag to flag to capture the national championship and the fifth straight sweep. Farhan challenged Calvo for most of the race until with six to go, the olivercalvohis handle went away along with his chance to take the checkers as he fell fourth. Tomas Mejia was the man on the move as the charged from his fifth starting spot to the runner up spot. Jaime who started on the outside of the front row faltered early but still managed to salvage a third place finish. Dominic Gordon was cool under fire as he with stood the relentless Tanner Hudspeth and coolly took home a top five. The win gave the “Real Deal” Oliver Calvo his third national championship.



FINAL:   1. OLIVER “The REAL DEAL” CALVO 2. Tomas Mejia 3. Enrique Jaime 4. Myles Farhan 5. Dominic Gordon 6. Tanner Hudspeth 7. George Diakoumopoulos 8. Jarod Korth 9. Ethan Ho DNS: Mack, Arbuckle, Alex Dikoumopoulos

HONDA RACING KID KART HONDA Nick Curry finally finds some speed on day 4 and takes the Screamin’ Eagle pole award with his 68.396…”Super” Cooper Hicks is second quick and a second off with a 69.405, A.J. Matheson is .423 off with a 69.828. Isabella Jaime is impressing everyone in her very first Grand National appearance and qualifies fourth quick, and Aiden Ho fifth

The pre-final is all Nick Curry as rolls to a .530 second win over runner up “Super” Cooper Hicks and A. J. Matheson. Jaime took home the fourth and Aiden Ho called it day after just three laps.

Isabella Jaime was saving her best for last as she gets a great start and runs a strong second until lap nine when the heat starts to take its toll…Matheson gets by for second going into turn one…Jaime giving it all she has holds off “Super” Cooper Hicks for three quarters of a lap but Hicks gets by in turn seven taking over third…Super Slick and to quick Nick Curry is gone and goes on to win the Honda Racing Kid Kart national championship by 24 seconds. A.J. Matheson is second, and “Super” Cooper Hicks third. Isabella Jaime with her best drive of the week finishes fourth and Aiden Ho fifth.



FINAL:   1. “SLICK-N-QUICK NICK CURRY 2. A.J. Matheson 3. “Super” Cooper Hicks 4. Isabella Jaime 5. Aiden Ho

KARTCOVER.COM BRIGGS WORLD FORMULA SUPER HEAVY Jonathan Brown who has been coming into his own over the past two seasons continued the performance in his first Grand National event by taking the Screamin’ Eagle Pole Award over some very capable and experienced super heavy clientele. Brown snagged the pole by an mere .084 seconds over runner up Matt Katanek. Greg Normandin (who’s initials ironically also stand for Grand National) was third quick .588 off Brown, Glenn Young was fourth and David McDowell rounded out the top five.

Brown in the pre-final was awesome, a mix up on the start gave Brown a sizable advantage, but he continued to run a blistering pace and increased his lead to fourteen
20140810_190319seconds when he crossed the stripe ahead of runner up Matt Katanek and third place runner Greg Normandin. Mark Reece had a strong fourth place finish and David McDowell with a solid run as well finished fifth. Problems in post race tech for Brown and he has his fourteen second win negated moving everybody up one position. Tough break for Brown who doesn’t recover and does not start the final.

In the final its a battle between Albany, Oregon’s Greg “Grand National” Normandin and Matt Katanek, Normandin’s banzai move from the outside of the front row on the drop of the green would be the move of the race. For eighteen laps Katanek went at it with Normandin, but Normandin led every lap capturing him his first ever Grand National Championship .135 seconds ahead of runner up Katanek. Glenn Young had a strong performance as well picking up the third spot but was nine seconds back from the two leaders. Zac Potts was fourth, David McDowell fifth and Mark Reece sixth. Spencer DeGranpre showed up all the way from Seattle, Washington just in time to qualify but ended up with engine woes and did not start.



FINAL: 1. GREG NORMANDIN 2. Matt Katanek 3. Glenn Young 4. Zac Potts 5. David McDowell 6. Mark Reece DNS: Spencer DeGranpre


BRIGGS & STRATTON L0206 JUNIOR couldn’t have been anymore basic. It was Jacob Gulick a name that was well known by the end of the week. Gulick aboard his CMC/Gulick Trucking Swiss Hutless captured another Screamin’ Eagle Pole award by .837 over newly crowned Jr. 2 Grand National champion “Mr. Moves” Austin Ray Chalman. Washingtonian Mason Buck in his first ever grand national competition was impressive with his third quick qualifying effort. Dylan McKay and Cody Adams were fourth and fifth respectively.

The pre-final was very uneventful with every finishing where they started with the exception of Chalman who got aced out of second spot on the start by Buck who BIll Gulickhooked onto Gulick on the wave of the green. Gulick was once again dominate, as he drove on to a 7.057 second win over Buck. Chalman was third, Dylan McKay fourth and Cody Adams fifth. Gulick’s 57.536 was quick lap of the race and .327 quicker than he qualified. Gulick was the unit of measure all week long and was blistering fast in everything he sat in

The final was a carbon copy of the pre-final but you can swap Chalman and Buck for second and third everything else was a ditto. Dominate again Gulick goes on to win the national championship by 13.752 seconds!..Jacob Gulick quite honestly put on a clinic and almost swept everything he entered..Chalman’s last lap pass in Junior 2 cost Gulick a sweep for the week. Congratulations to Jacob Gulick and his entire team for an impressive week long performance.



FINAL:   1. JACOB GULICK 2. Austin Ray Chalman 3. Mason Buck 4. Dylan McKay 5. Cody Adams


RLV EXHAUST SYSTEMS BRIGGS GAS ANIMAL MASTERS lived up to its “Masters” title as several proven veterans were strapping the lid and gloves on, and ready to battle for another Duffy to add to their collections. The first veteran to score was Burt Gasaway as the silky smooth vet took the pole and the Screamin’ Eagle pole award with a 58.226 lap. Veteran Bryan “Rowdy” Green was .071 off with his 58.297…Keith Foux was right there with his 59.232 and legendary veteran Roger Cathey who has been winning grand national events since the early 80’s was fourth quick with his 59.342…”Wild” Willie Wilds filled the top five with his 60.078 effort.

In the pre final Gasaway is off and rolling for the first seven ticks with Green nipping his rear bumper…Lap eight Green goes by Gasaway and takes over the point. Roger Cathey manipulates his way around Foux for third on lap three where he stays..Willie Wilds is fifth….Gasaway makes a couple valiant tries on Green in turns four and six, but the stubborn with stands the heat and goes on to take the pre final by a rear bumper over Gasaway. Roger Cathey was third, Keith Foux fourth, Willie Wilds fifth.

In the final Green gets the jump on Gasaway and leads the first ten laps…Lap eleven Gasaway with a nifty move in the turn 10 chicane takes over the point from Green.. on lap three Roger Cathey again sneaks by Foux for third..Lap four Matt Katanek working his up from his tail end charlie spot, gets “Wild” Willie for fifth…It is short lived though as Katanek calls it a day on lap eight handing back fifth to Wilds. Terri lynne Wilhelmson takes sixth from Jeff Havens on lap six and where she would stay. Green takes one last gasp at Gasaway coming to the flag off turn eleven but is .048 seconds short with Gasaway taking the win and the national championship.



FINAL   1. BURT GASAWAY 2. Bryan “Rowdy” Green 3. Roger Cathey 4. Keith Foux 5. “Wild” Willie Wilds 6. Terri Lynne Wilhelmson 7. Jeff Havens 8. Matt Katanek

HENDERSON RACING EXPERIENCE JUNIOR 1 COMER had another very impressive driver by the name of Oliver “The Real Deal” Calvo take the pole and the Screamin’ Eagle Pole award by .247 seconds over another up and coming wheel by the name of Enrique Jaime…Jaime is a very calculating driver using his very good young intelligence to get every little bit out of whatever it is that he is driving…Calvo as well is a master strategist that is always cool and smooth under the gun. An issue with the first qualifying session prompted a re-do, but the outcome was about the same…Farhan went from second quick to third, Jaime from third to second and Tanner Hudspeth gained the most as he went from eighth quick to fifth.

Pre final Calvo takes the point for the first three laps…Farhan does way with Jaime on lap two and then by Calvo for the point on lap four…McElwee gets by a fading Jaime on lap four, Hudspeth moves Mejia to fourth…then its George Diakoumopoulos taking his turn going by a fading Mejia for fifth… Speaking of fading, Jaime falls to seventh…They both regroup with Mejia making his way back third, and Jaime to fourth…The “Real Deal” Oliver Calvo on lap nine is back on the point and and takes the checkers .316 over Farhan…McElwee is fifth.

The final has a shocker as Tomas Mejia and Ryan McElwee don’t start. Enrique Jaime’s tuner Edrell Jaime puts a nice tune up on the #48 and he rolls and by lap four is on the point, off and rolling…Farhan who you knew had skills, seemed to always be just a tic enrique Jaimes rideoff…Myles Farhan is definitely a wheel and you will for sure be hearing more about this talented young gun…Farhan puts the “Real Deal” back to third for four laps and Arbuckle puts Alex Diakoumopoulos back to sixth…Arbuckle would stay fifth, and Diakoumopoulos would fade to ninth…The “Real Deal” Oliver Calvo goes back by Farhan for second on lap eight and with two to go, decides Jaime has had his brief moment of glory long enough and takes back the point and goes on to win the national championship by .064 seconds…Farhan was third, Hudspeth fourth, and Arbuckle fifth. Mack Motorsports standout Jalen Mack just never could quite find a handle that he liked and finished eighth..Dominic Gordon had a nice roll and salvaged a seventh place finish from his eleventh starting spot. Myles Farhan’s 57.457 was quick lap of the race.



FINAL:   1. OLIVER CALVO 2. Enrique Jaime 3. Myles Farhan 4. Tanner Hudspeth 5. Alex Arbuckle 6. George Diakoumopoulos 7. Dominic Gordon 8. Jalen Mack 9. Alex Diakoumopoulos 10. Ethan Ho 11. Carson Mallet DNS: Tomas Mejia, Ryan McElwee

YAMAHA CORPORATION SUPER SPORTSMAN HEAVY Already an IKF Expert, David Schorn needed every bit of that experience to out qualify Mack Motorsports phenomenon Lloyd Mack Jr. Mack who in 2012 took the IKF 4 cycle Grand Nationals by storm in Tri-Cites, Washington, when he arrived gave everyone in attendance a jaw dropping performance winning three Screamin’ Eagle Pole awards and four Duffy’s driving for engine builder and tech guru Terry Nash. Schorn out qualified Mack by .328 seconds to capture the Screamin’ Eagle Pole award. Jin Bai, Sean Scott, and Jack Adams were finished out the top five. Jonathan Brown did not qualify.

20140810_182819In the pre final it was ALL Schorn as he lead every lap crossed under the checkers .436 seconds ahead of Mack…the twelve lap pre final finished exactly where it started…all the drivers finished in the same spot as they started…Pre final post tech inspection got Mack for an infraction, so move everybody up one…Schorn’s 55.418 was quick lap and .112 quicker than he qualified the main was going to be a knockdown, drag out so it appeared.

At the ring of the bell for the final round, early chaos had Sean Fuller in second behind the “Mack Attack” for two circuits, and Schorn scuffled back to fourth, but it was short lived as Schorn was right back to third on lap two and in the runner up spot and in pursuit of leader Mack…Schorn pounded some ripper laps in the late going in his pursuit of the “Schmoove” rolling Mack. The “Mack Attack” would roll on to another national title by over three seconds with Schorn who lapping as quick or quicker than Mack by race end, but track position was just to much for Schorn to make up. Schorn was another driver who was very impressive all week, and highly underrated when it comes to talking about talented drivers.
Sean Scott had a nice run and finished third, Sean Fuller lost a little handle in the late going and faded to fifth when Jonathan Brown got by on lap eight, but engine issues forced him to retire on lap eleven, giving fourth back to Fuller. Jin Bai gets the hard luck award completing only four laps in the final.

**GRAND NATIONAL NOTE: Jonathan Brown is a quality young man, with a storybook career and has overcome more obstacles both racing and on a personal level that would have most adults throwing in the towel..With a tremendous work ethic and outstanding outlook, Brown has over come them all while funding his entire racing program himself…That’s right I said HE funds his entire race program himself. Racers in general often struggle overcoming obstacles, let alone funding and campaigning an entire race program. You will be hearing a lot more about this fine up and coming driver in the future. **



FINAL:   1. LLOYD MACK 2. David Schorn 3. Sean Scott 4. Scott Fuller 5. Jonathan Brown 6. Jin Bai

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