“Support the Sport”… What it REALLY means…

It goes without saying…there are things in life whether you ask, like, want, or not that “just are”. Choosing to compete in Motorsports is no different there are responsibilities and duties that inherently “come with the territory”.  Hopefully your choice to compete in Motorsports was one from a passionate liking of the necessary work activities required to be successful…that choice also comes with the inherent responsibility of becoming a representative of the sport by default. So in all actuality “Support the Sport” should really read “Represent the sport” for those competing and “Support the sport” for those who are not, such as race fans. The “Just Are’s” meant here are ones to often forgotten from the loss of perspective while competing…It’s easy to forget that all actions and choices made affect more than just the one who made the choice and that no matter what a person is doing, they are always representing something.  “Actions speak louder than words”…words can destroy by themselves so imagine the absolute power that actions have, yet most thinking is done with hindsight.

Support the sport, Represent the sport…that’s not important, what’s important is the way YOU represent yourself, competitors, sponsors, fans, and the sport.  Do that properly and the sport grows, do it improperly and it declines…If it could just be understood that there is more than enough “Whatever it is” to go around and that representing yourself, sponsors, competitors, and the sport selfishly actually supplies less of what is sought!…Represent yourself, the sport, and all your networking’s with an attitude of gratitude and sincerity, and watch things start falling into place…Here are the “Just Are & Just Do Them” things inherited when becoming a racer.


1. You’re a racer, your job is to race…done with the proper focus and precision there is no time for much else, if there is it’s not being done properly.

2. REAL racers want to beat their competitors when they are at their BEST…so do what you can to help them be just that (Meaning in times of trouble or urgent need, not do their homework)

3. Racers no matter how bad, ugly, stupid or unbelievable something may seem of a competitors find something positive and let them know it, if you can’t then keep your thoughts to yourself. Remember, everybody starts somewhere, understands or learns differently, and makes mistakes

4. Racers race they don’t officiate or race direct, and as a racer if you think that all calls are going to go your way, not be missed or other non-pleasing situations will not occur, you should probably find something else to do, the other option is to DEAL WITH IT, don’t waste time moaning and groaning spend that time calculating how to overcome or better your situation. (NOTE: It won’t be any different at any other track, things get missed and things happen and it will occur again, you don’t win every race they don’t get every call..otherwise quit racing and try officiating guaranteed it’s harder than YOU think it is.)


6. Racers if they must speak up understand that there is a right and wrong time and place to express concerns and when expressing do so in a respectful and tactful manner understanding that everyone has a job to do.

7. Racers keep things in perspective…5 years from now or even a year will it really matter?…If it will, then they understand that THEY are the problem. Racers are grateful that they have the opportunity to be able to do something they are passionate about and realize how lucky they are that they HAVE and CAN make a choice..and could always be worse.

8. Racers know that they are either part of the solution or the problem, that you can disagree without being disagreeable, and realize that to aim for perfection is the goal, but nobody or no thing is perfect…including them.

9. Racers understand that “REAL racers speak because they have something to say…Fools do because they think they have to say something.”


Your always representing something, the actions you choose always have an effect on more than just yourself, so before you say something at an event, THINK!  Is it true, helpful, inspirational, necessary and kind?  If so rip it….If not zip it……So get to Respectin’ and Representin’ your chosen style…Racers lead, they don’t follow!


R- respects his fellow competitor, and races him the same way.

A- Is an Ambassador for the sport and Represents it with integrity

C– Is Cool, Calm, Collected, and Caring

E– Educates and Encourages others

R– races with perspective