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Nancy Franklin Stackman:    “Terry cookies on the way. Thanks for saying such nice things about my kids at the race in Salem. Shawn told me some of what you said. They had a blast and I heard that you did also.”

Maddi Egger:   This guy right here, one of my favorites at the racetrack! Thanks for everything Terry!

Bill Hettick:   We have all enjoyed your commitment to the Gold Cup Race season this year. You added a true touch of professionalism to our sport. Racing to all of us is a very emotional sport, and this season was no different. This was a very tough year in not only losing Art, but we lost Larry Kuprieski as well…. Both of these men supported karting in the Northwest and will be missed terribly. Again, Terry, thanks for all your hard work and efforts and we look forward to seeing you next season.”

Bill Manker:  “ Excellent quality, absolutely  Excellent Value, would not be the same without you we would highly recommend you to everyone in our group of racing families If you want the best!  You made my son Trey feel welcome and included. The little bit of time you spent with him made him feel special and I appreciate that immenselly!!!”

Walter Racing:    “ Excellent quality. I listened to the guy that announced the races at the Oregon State Fairgrounds last week, what a joke. Terry’s quality is top!  Excellent value. No offense to Mike but I heard Shorn try to announce the OSKCS Night Race last week, Come on man! Terry Bridges makes the Gold Cup sooo much better. If Kai knows Terry isn’t going to announce, she doesn’t even want her friends and fans to come to the track!”

Daniel Cahill:  ” Excellent Quality! Professional always! Excellent Value! Makes people interested in watching and hearing about the drivers make it more fun because you know who is out there. Just makes it a race like atmosphere.”

Jeff Jessica Portalski:  Excellent!!  Absolutely excellent!!  Service is HIGHLY recommended!!  You get what you pay for!!  You always make the kids feel special, regardless of where they finish.”

Joe Schulz:   “ Your services have an excellent quality. They are also an excellent value.”

Lisa Hinkley Moon:   I’ve enjoyed having you at Austin’s races that I have attended. You really add to the days racing. Hope to see you back”

Brett Bowen:  “ I think I covered this one in my post on the last thread… I can’t think of anything to suggest for improvement… We are lucky to have the best karting announcer in the Country announcing our races here in the Northwest! Keep rockin’ brochacho…”

Myles Pederson:   You are an awesome announcer, and I would recommend your services to everyone”

Doug Huggler:   ” I recommend you for all events that require a professional voice. You make the karting events more exciting to watch and listen to. The best of luck in the 2011 season. The Gold cup series will be crazy if they don’t renew with you with a large pay increase”.

Joe Stackman  Terry I have never met anybody like you. You are a great person who speaks with his heart and your attitude inspires everyone around. I am honored to call you my friend and honored to know you! Thank You!”

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Left Rear Spacing-The Great Debate


  By “The Snowman” Wes Snow

This will be the first of what I hope are many technical articles from author Wes Snow, affectionately known as the “Snowman”.  Wes races in the Unlimited All Star series and has kindly offered to share his wealth of knowledge with racers of all experiences.  He does not claim to be a “Know it all”, nor does he expect everyone to agree, but the NW RaceReport where much of his information will be shared on believes that his knowledge will help to make you more competitive.  Everyone has their opinion and not only do we respect that, we promote and encourage racers to think and design a racing routine that works for them, a solid understanding and consistent routine are key to being consistently competitive.  Thanks to the “Snowman” for being one of the NW RaceReport’s technical authors and hope ALL racers will stop here often to pick up tips and tricks that are here to make them more competitive.  Please comment at the end of the article, and like it for us, it’s what keeps us going, Enjoy!  Terry Bridges-NWRR

Left Rear Spacing…. Why do you get 10 different answers if you ask what moving the LR tire out does?  There has been a lot of talk on the internet lately asking this question, with everyone seeming to disagree.  My goal is to shed a little light on what’s occurring when the LR tire is moved out.  Let’s break this down.  Here are 3 simple things that are occurring when moving the LR out:

 1. Moving the left rear (LR) out changes cross weight.  It adds then reduces cross depending on where you start from, and there is a point of no return.  Always scale your kart to see what changed, after making a adjustment.  Don’t go off of what “so and so” told you it would do to your cross, YOU need to check it.  Adding cross generally tightens the kart and reducing cross generally loosens the kart, so changing LR spacing can and will have an effect on your cross adjustments.

2. Moving the LR out changes how quick weight transfer unloads and loads.  Think of the axle as a stick that the wheel is connected to.  The further out you move the LR the quicker the stick will raise it off the ground upon corner entry, also the quicker it will set it down on corner exit.  If your kart is tight in and loose off, try sliding your LR out.  It will unload the LR quicker on entry allowing the kart to turn in better, and load it back quicker on exit,  tightening the kart.

3. Moving the LR out is like reducing rear stagger.  Think of a solo cup.  Put it on its side and roll it.  It turns an arc.  Now think of the cup as being taller or longer.  It now rolls an arc, but not as sharp or tight due to spreading the big end out from the small end.

 A great starting place is spacing the wheel 1″ inch from the frame.  Most karts are set up from the factory to accept this spacing as a good starting point.  Personally start at 1″ most of the time.  Is there a magic place?  No!  Your track conditions, set up, and driving style will decide your best place, being different from mine on any given day.  The 1″ is just a good place to start.  Moving the LR is a great tuning tool if you know what is occurring, just make sure if you’re just starting out, to accurately mark or measure what your changes are and document them, along with the effect it had on your kart and situation. 

Next week we will talk about RR, RF, and LF wheel spacing. In in the future we will come back and get a little more in-depth with LR spacing, & things like how VCG (vertical center of gravity) and RFC (right front camber) can affect it.
Please tune in weekly for more tuning tips.  I hope this was helpful, or at least prompts some thinking.  Please drop me a line and let me know what you think about this article.  If there is anything you would like help with, send the question to the “Snowman” and I will do my best to answer it for you. Until next time, I’m the “Snowman” Wes Snow see you next week.

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